Aluminum Vs Steel Ladder: Which Is Better For You?

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No matter the height you want to reach, a ladder is always there to help you through. The real hassle is choosing the right ladder. Not only do ladders come in different sizes and styles, but they are also made from different materials- aluminum, fiberglass, wood, and steel.

Let’s explore aluminum vs steel ladder in this article. Each comes with its features, pros, and cons. You will choose one depending on your budget and how you want to use the ladder. Still, you must consider height, weight, strength, and durability.

Here is more information on how to differentiate aluminum and steel ladders.

1. Aluminum Ladder Overview:

Aluminum Ladder

Aluminum ladders are common in many homes. Also, they are favorites on construction sites. Indeed, they are ideal tools when it comes to reaching higher heights. The aluminum ladder got impressive features. Again, the advantages are many with a few disadvantages. Keep reading to learn more.

Features of Aluminum Ladders

You must be keen on the many features when shopping for an aluminum ladder.

  • Fire-resistant: Aluminum ladders are the best for fire extinguishers. The reason is that they don’t catch fire.
  • Weather friendly: Aluminum ladders are climate-friendly, so you can store them outside for some time if you have limited space in your garage. They do not rust or corrode easily when exposed to moisture, and they are not affected by UV rays.
  • Square-shaped rungs: You can be sure of stability due to the square rungs on aluminum ladders. They give stable footing to prevent falling.
  • Light in weight: These ladders are light in weight, enhancing portability. You can carry it to any place you want when working outside.


Aluminum is a metal used to make ladders. Here are the advantages of aluminum ladders.

  • Portable: Aluminum is a light material that keeps ladders light. With an aluminum ladder, you are sure of convenient mobility. It’s the best ladder if you are working on a task requiring you to position it frequently.
  • Durable: Aluminum ladders can serve you for many years. The reason is that these types of ladders can survive in harsh weather conditions. So, leaving it outside for some days should not worry you.
  • Inexpensive: Aluminum is cheap compared to other materials like steel. This can save you a lot of money that you can use to add more ladders to your garage.


  • Good conductor of electricity: An aluminum ladder can conduct electricity, which means it can complete a circuit between you and the live wires. So, an aluminum ladder should not be an option if you are working along live wires.
  • Can reflect extreme temperatures: It is not good to expose your aluminum ladder to the hot sun and extreme cold. The metal can reflect your ambient temperature without our knowledge. Avoid aluminum ladders during the winter and summer seasons. If you have to, it should be indoors only.

2. Steel Ladder Overview:

Steel Ladder

Steel ladders are primarily found in warehouses or construction sites. They come with several features to distinguish them from other types of ladders.

Features of Steel Ladders

  • Higher load capacity: Here is a heavy-duty ladder. You can trust your steel ladders if you are worried about load capacity. This ladder can safely hold you together with any tool you are carrying.
  • Heavy: Though heaviness is a disadvantage, it’s also an advantage. Its heaviness enables stability when one is climbing. You can be sure of safety with this type of ladder. That is why it is found around construction sites.
  • Non-slip feet: Most steel ladders come with non-slip feet. This is where the feet are covered with rubber to prevent slipping off.


  • They are durable: You can use your steel ladder for the longest time possible. They don’t rust so quickly when exposed to moisture unless left for a long time. And because steel ladders are heavier, this is an assurance of longevity.
  • Best for heavy tasks: Steel ladders are heavy, which is why they are preferable for industrial and commercial use. They can hold your weight with any load you carry while climbing the ladder. This ladder assures sturdiness.
  • Cheap: Steel ladders are the cheapest compared to aluminum and fiberglass ladders. And so, they can save you lit if you are on a tight budget.


  • Conducts heat and electricity– If you are working around electric sources, you should not use a steel ladder. These ladders can conduct electricity, and you can get electrocuted in the process. You can consider a fiberglass ladder.
  • Heavy: Steel ladders are heavy, so it can be hectic to move them around.

Which ladder is best, aluminum or steel?

aluminum vs steel ladder

When comparing aluminum vs steel ladder, it is good to be keen on each feature, pros, and cons. Every ladder got its own advantage. Aluminum ladders are best for home use because they are lightweight, strong, and cheap. Not forgetting the aluminum extension ladder that can help you reach your ceiling and rooftops.

Steel ladders are for industrial and commercial use. They are heavy, stable to accommodate any load capacity, and do not so easily rust when exposed to moisture. So, they can be part of the outside ladders.

What is the best material for a ladder?

For people who love light ladders, go for aluminum materials. Aluminum ladders are also strong, only that they do conduct electricity. Fiberglass is another material but a bit heavier compared to aluminum. Its ladders are strong and stable but not more than aluminum. Besides, they are long-lasting.

The better part is they don’t conduct electricity. Steel material is the heaviest. Stability is a guarantee but conducts electricity. Wood is another material that is not long-lasting as it rots quickly. Aluminum wins.

Which Ladder Is Best For Home Use?

Aluminum ladders are the right choice for home use. They are light in weight and hence highly portable. You can move with your ladder when performing light tasks around your home. Besides, they are strong and long-lasting. Steel ladders are not the best as they are heavy, and you can experience ladder rust.

What Is The Safest Type Of Ladder?

Fiberglass is the safest type of ladder you can buy. Ladders don’t conduct electricity, and you can safely work near live wires. Additionally, they are strong, flame resistant, and extremely weather resistant.


Aluminum and steel ladders are both of importance when reaching higher heights. They are ideal when cleaning gutters, doing hedge trimming, changing light bulbs, and more.

We’re hopeful this article elaborating more on “aluminum vs steel ladder” will help you know what you want. The advantages and disadvantages of each type of ladder are clear. Also, we have discussed the features of each. Make a decision depending on your needs.

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