The 5 Best Boots For Climbing Ladder – Safety and Comfort!

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According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, 18.7% of all types of jobs require a ladder, scaffolds, or rope climbing to complete the task. I think as a worker, climbing ladders or ropes in working sites, we rely upon our feet a lot. And for this, having the best boots for climbing a ladder seems very important.

A few days ago, I was looking for a boot which can help me to have a strong grip and secure feet to stay safe on my job. So why not share my thoughts and suggestions with you all?  

So, in this article, I’m going to help you to choose the most comfortable ladder shoes for your job. Here, I outlined the product features and added a buying guide in the end. Check it out.

Comparison Chart

Product NameHeightMaterialSole
Thorogood Men’s American Heritage Toe Boot6 inch100% leatherPolyurethane
Timberland PRO men’s Gridworks6 inchLeather and textileRubber
KEEN Utility Men’s Davenport Mid Composite Toe5.5 inch100% leatherRubber
DRKA Men’s Steel Toe Work Boots10.5 inchNubuck leatherPolyurethane
Thorogood Men’s Logger Series9 inchRubberRubber

Top 5 Best boots for climbing ladder

Climbing a height using a ladder requires strength, creativity, and safety boots. Secure and tight footing is mandatory to have a good grip while standing for a long time on a ladder. Without wasting any more time, let’s do a deep dive into choosing the right footwear.

1. Thorogood Men’s American Heritage Toe Boot

With no doubt, Thorogood American Toe Boot is nothing but a monster in firmness. Nothing will break or smash its toughness. Although it’s very rigid from the outside, it will let your feet breathe all day long. Read more interesting features below and it will amaze you.


100% full-grain leather

Thorogood definitely focused on the construction and materials of the shoe which will definitely make your feet comfortable. Hence, don’t worry, if you are working late for hours using ladders. The tobacco oil-tanned pure leather makes space for your feet to breathe well.

Built with electric shock resistance

With the latest technology, this particular boot is equipped with shock-resistant heels and soles. And it can withstand 18,000 volts for 60 Hz for a maximum of 1 minute with no leakage of current. Now you might realize that it’s the best boots for ladder climbing electricians.

Maximum slip-resistant sole

Premium leather quality and polyurethane wedge slip-resistant outsoles have made it stand out from other boots. So, for any outdoor activities in slippery places or climbing any kind of ladder, you can easily pass your day without any discomfort.

Built with a fiberglass shank

A good boot must be rigid and lightweight as well. And here this fantastic ladder boot is paid off. The fiberglass composite shank included in the construction helps to keep the boot lightweight in extreme conditions. Therefore, this footwear will never make your way down while climbing a ladder with heavy tools. 


  • Brand: Thorogood
  • Color: Tobacco
  • Material: Leather
  • Height: 6”
  • Outsole: Polyurethane Maxwear wedge

2. Timberland PRO mens Gridworks

For climbing ladders, extra support or rigidity of the boots is necessary. But at the same time, we need boots that can keep our feet dry. And that’s exactly what Timberland PRO boots offer us.

With the high build quality and anti-fatigue technology, Timberland can be your favorite ladder boots.


Anti-fatigue technology

When it comes to comfort, Timberland boots come in the front line due to its anti-fatigue technology. It’s designed with geometrical technology that allows you to have full energy on your feet all day long. So, no matter if you are working all day long. This shoe will definitely make you feel energetic and comfortable.


This imported rubber sole construction with gridworks protects the shoe against shock, abrasion, and rust. Hence, for those who work in craft workshops or climb ladders every day, it’s definitely a great choice.


The waterproof membrane with premium quality leather and sole help to keep your feet dry all day long. In fact, in any extreme environment, it will first protect your feet and will then provide comfort. Yes! It has such amazing protective features.

Prevents electrical hazards

This soft toe boot comes with extra support and features that enhance the performance and is resistant to electrical hazards and shocks. The shoe sole absorbs the shock which helps you to move anytime without any problem. Also, the shank provides the most demanding arch support.


  • Brand: Timberland
  • Color: Brown
  • Material: Leather and textile
  • Height: 6”
  • Sole: Rubber

3. KEEN Utility Men’s Davenport Mid Composite Toe

With the latest waterproof features and top-end leather quality, this work boot will blow away your mind. This top-rated boot is water-resistant, provides better ankle support, and is comfortable for long toes and feet. Let’s jump to other important features that will definitely impress you.


Non-metallic construction

The shoe is built with 100% non-metallic construction, adds a classic style, and is suitable for both ladder climbing and walking. Moreover, the sole works fantastically to absorb shock and resistance and keeps your foot away from fatigue and stress.

Breathable system

The extra membrane not only makes the shoe water resistant but also keeps your feet completely dry. Furthermore, this shoe makes extra room for your feet to breathe well all day long. The leather material used for the construction makes the boot both rigid and breathable.

Asymmetrical design

Keen ladder boots are well known for their asymmetrical composite toes. Due to the separate design for the left and right toe, you will get maximum space to let your feet comfortable. Undoubtedly, the best climbing work boots you will ever get.

Ultimate comfort and long-lasting

The materials, rubber sole, breathable membrane, asymmetric composite toe, 90-degree heel, etc. features made the boot too comfortable to wear. Besides, the footwear is designed such that the ladder rungs will never hurt you. Of course! A great yes to Keen boots for working on long active shifts using ladder.


  • Brand: Keen
  • Color: Shitake/Forest night
  • Material: 100% leather
  • Height: 5.5”
  • Sole: Rubber

4. DRKA Men’s Steel Toe Work Boots

With a rugged and stylish design, these DRKA steel toes work boots come with a polyurethane sole and keep the toe safe and sound. In fact, the American standard ASTM F2413 marked this amazing boot safe for hiking, climbing, and other activities. For all types of occasions and stressful work, you’ll enjoy wearing DRKA shoes all day long. Let’s check out the other important features.


Steel toe cap

To keep your toes safe from cuts and injuries, DRKA features steel toe caps. And all the safety boots of DRKA passed the American standard ASTM F2413. On top of that, the quality leather and fine stitching made the boot stand out from others.

Durable & eco friendly

A thick polyurethane sole keeps the shoe safe from years of stress and rust. Also, the double stitches running on the surface and the lace tightening mechanism are really appreciated. Lastly, the comfort and environment friendliness make it worth buying. 


This shoe can be carried in any environment, temperature, and weather. Starting from hiking, and climbing ladders to warehouse works, DRKA boots are highly suitable anywhere. Just one strong boot and you are ready to go anywhere.

Oil & slip resistance

The quality polyurethane outsole and tread patterns provide extra support in slippery or wet places. Even on an oily and uneven surface, this boot would never fail to provide extra grip and support. Also, it helps to alleviate pressure and stress while climbing or walking up a ladder.


  • Brand: DRKA
  • Color: Black950/Brown950
  • Material: Nubuck leather
  • Sole: Polyurethane

5. Thorogood Men’s Logger Series

Selecting a tough rubber rug outsole along with a composite safety toe will definitely be the right choice for keeping your feet safe and warm. And Thorogood Logger series is surely effective to keep your feet safe from tough conditions. To know more, check out its features and specifications.


Zero foot sweat

In many boots, the high thickness of the rubber sole provides long-lasting durability but makes the boot unbreathable and inconvenient. But the advanced construction will offer you toughness and zero foot sweat as well. It helps to flow air inside the boot and keeps your feet dry.

9-inch boot style

Without rigid toe protection, climbing ladders is very challenging. And here the logger series of Thorogood is considered the best boots for climbing ladders. The fully loaded 9-inch long composite toe boot helps to get a perfect fit without any trouble. Again, the single-density polyurethane footbed is simple yet effective for easy movement.

Excellent waterproof ability

The boot is engineered with elements that will keep your feet dry and offers good flexibility and balance. Due to the rubber sole and its durability, it offers incredible electrical insulation. Also, the rubber outsole helps to disperse shock immediately.

The effective grip on rough surfaces

No matter what, Thorogood men’s boots never compromise the quality. During climbing ladders, there can be many rough or uneven surfaces. Holding a grip is necessary otherwise it’s risky. But Thorogood with its triple ladder steel shank can make your way super easy and smooth. From all its specifications and superior construction, it’s one of the best work boots for climbing ladders.


  • Brand: Thorogood
  • Color: Black
  • Height: 9”
  • Material: Rubber
  • Sole: Rubber

Buying Guide: Best Safety boots for climbing ladder

Best Boots For Climbing Ladder

Just buying a random shoe from a store and using it for climbing ladders is not safe at all. Many injuries or severe accidents might take place for using inappropriate boots. Hence, you should first look for proper climbing work boots before starting your job.

Now, I will show some particular features that you must check before buying work boots for walking up the ladder.

Structure & construction

If you are constantly using your boots every day for a longer period of time, then you can’t ignore the boot’s built quality and structure. Manufacturers use several techniques, materials, soles, and stitches to improve the quality and performance. Apart from this, for extra support, the midsole, steel shank, and heel cushion matter a lot.

Protective toe caps

Strong toe caps are really useful to protect your toes from falling heavy tools and objects on your toes. Despite using metal toe caps is not recommended for ladder climbing electricians but many manufacturers use toe caps between the rubber layers for safety.

Slip resistant & strong grip

During ladder climbing, one needs to have a strong grip on the uneven and slippery surface. So, selecting a work boot with a strong grip for slippery surfaces is necessary.

Supportive shanks & comfortness

A good insole, midsole, and shanks can give you the ultimate comfort to your feet while wearing any boot. And if the boot doesn’t make our feet comfortable and flexible while standing or moving, it’s not worth buying. So, make sure you get a comfortable ladder boot.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: What type of shoes should you wear when climbing a ladder?

Answer: Slip-resistant, waterproof, and comfortable shoes with strong soles and shanks should be used for climbing a ladder.

Question: Can you climb a ladder easily with a walking boot?

Answer: To climb a ladder with a walking boot is not that easy. Moreover, walking boots it’s not safe as any accidents or injuries might occur from slipping.

Question: What’s the function of a shank in boots?

Answer: The basic function of the shank is to lessen the load or stress from the arch. Thus it enhances flexibility and reduces foot strain.


Hopefully, from the above information, you got enough ideas regarding the best boots for climbing the ladder. It’s not mandatory to select any boots immediately after reading this article. Take your time, do more research and get the one that makes you feel comfortable and safe.

To reach the power lines, telephone lines, or for other activities, climbing ladders is a common task everywhere. Many accidents also occur frequently due to inadequate measures and carelessness. And one of them is not choosing the ideal ladder boots.

Therefore, wear the best ladder boots at your job place and keep yourself safe and secure.

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