The 8 Best Ladders for High Ceilings

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Stacking furniture to reach heights to get household chores done shouldn’t be an option anymore. Taking such risks can cause instability and result in serious accidents as well. Why go through such hassles when you have a better option of getting the best ladder for high ceilings instead?

Getting a ladder for high ceilings will help you to get painting works done, clean gutters, or fix lights with ease and comfort.

You can work worry-free around powerlines using the top fiberglass ladders. More so, you can work on great heights with high stability too.

Hence, we have handpicked a list of the top ladders in the market to make your household chores easier as well as safer.

High Ceilings Ladder Comparison Chart:

1Little Giant Ladders (15422-001)300 poundsAluminum22 feet
2Little Giant Ladders (12022)300 poundsAluminum22 feet
3Werner D6220-2 Extension-ladders300 poundsFiberglass20 feet
4Little Giant Ladders M21300 poundsAluminum21 feet
5Louisville Ladder FM1412HD375 poundsFiberglass18 feet
6Little Giant Revolution M26 Ladders300 poundsAluminum26 feet
7Little Giant 10101LG 300-Pound Duty Ladder300 poundsAluminum20 feet
8Werner T7416 300-Pound Duty300 poundsFiberglass20 feet

8 Best Ladders for High Ceilings

Although there are plenty of products in the market, it can still be daunting to get the right product. Hence to make your decision easier, choose from the list of the bests that we have come up with for you.

1. Little Giant (15422-001) Multi-Position Ladder

Top Features

  • Aluminum material
  • Weighs 39 pounds  
  • 5.6-9.6 feet long
  • Storage depth of 8 inch
  • Rock lock adjusters

Have you been searching for a ladder that is easy to operate? If so, consider your search to be over as we have the best high ceiling ladder for you. This one is a great product to work with, especially for beginners, since it is very easy to operate.

Using this, you will be able to reach your ceiling with ease since it offers a great height. Furthermore, this multi-position ladder comes with rock lock adjusters, which ensures to alter it to meet different configurations such as an A-frame, 90 degrees ladder, extension, and scaffolding system.

You can also easily move this ladder around without any issues due to its flexible tip and glide wheels. It can hold up to 300 pounds of weight; hence you are assured of stability while working with it. So now, you will be able to work with no worries while using this ladder.

This product comes with a storage depth of 8 inches and a height that ranges from 5.6 to 9.6 feet. It is made up of aluminum which helps to give it a 20 percent lighter weight compared to those on the market. Made up of high-quality aerospace-grade aluminum, this one is a strong ladder that will be at your service with great safety. Undoubtedly, it is the best ladder for painting ceilings for both DIY and professional persons.

2. Little Giant (12022) Revolution Ladder

Top Features

  • Offers work platform
  • Tip & Glide wheels
  • Cargo hold
  • Wingspan
  • Palm buttons

While working on the ceiling, we might have to carry extra tools. Carrying the equipment all the way up at a higher altitude itself can be hard and risky. However, that problem is no longer an issue with this ladder since it features a cargo hold.

You will now be able to carry your tools and equipment with comfort using the cargo hold which is a nylon and steel sturdy tool pouch. Using it, you can store and easily grab your required tools while working.

This product also features a wingspan you can work on rain gutters and around the windows with great stability. Furthermore, this one also offers a work platform to help lower foot fatigue when you are working on the ladder.

Along with that, the integrated wheels help to move the ladder from one spot to another easily. Using the palm button of the ladder, you can change it from A-frame storage to an extension ladder in a matter of seconds.

Let’s talk about the height adjustment feature this item has to offer. Using its patented rock metal lock, you can very quickly position and adjust the height you will need.

The ladder’s rails regulate the required height with ease. So, without any further delay, buy this item which is one of the best ladders for tall ceilings you will ever find!

3. Werner D6220-2 Extension-ladders

Top Features

  • Fiberglass side rails
  • 300-pound load capacity
  • Rugged gravity locks
  • Durable rails
  • Easy installation

Are you looking for a ladder to help you with all the heavy-duty work? If that is the case, then you should consider this product on our list. It is a 300-pound fiberglass product that is ideal to use while working on heavy-duty jobs. It also comes with a hassle-free installation process; this is also a great choice for beginners.

Furthermore, you can use it around electricity as well since the fiberglass ensures safety. The rugged gravity locks operate smoothly; hence you do not have to worry about the ladder sliding from side to side while in use.

The rails are also very durable and help the ladder to withstand high weight as well. Ladders are very prone to sliding. It is even worse if the surface you will be keeping it on while working is smooth, it can be very dangerous. Not being stable might cause serious accidents and might put the user at risk.

Moreover, this one also offers a slip-resistant pad and spur plate to ensure the user a safer use. It is an ideal ladder for both commercial and residential construction uses. Make sure to add this to your cart before it runs out of stock or else it will be a great miss!

4. Little Giant M21 (10121) SkyScraper Ladder

Top Features

  • Adjustable steps
  • High-grade aluminum Ladder
  • Precise lock tabs
  • Height reaches 21 feet
  • Easy to transport

With the advancements that came along with increasing centuries, life for us humans has become very easy. There were times when simple stools were stacked to reach heights in order to get various jobs done. Ladders were introduced much later but didn’t have the options that feature today.

It is easier to reach different heights easily and with safety using advanced ladders such as this product. This one offers a lock tab that helps to adjust the ladder to different heights very quickly. You can now reach chandeliers, ceilings, and skylights using this product. Furthermore, it works better than any other model including velocity ladders from the same manufacturer.

This one allows it to reach heights ranging from 11 to 21 feet and holds up to 300 lbs. of weight. Furthermore, it is very sturdy and causes you any worries about falling while using it on higher heights.

Not only is this an amazing adjustable ladder, but it is also a great easy-to-use ladder that will help you to get complicated tasks done without any issues. You will also be able to store it with ease in your storage room when not in use without having to make a lot of space for it.

If you are an inexperienced person looking for a ladder, know that this is what you should get. We assure you that it will be worth your investment and will provide you with the best service.

5. Louisville FM1412HD Fiberglass Ladder

Top Features

  • Fiberglass ladder
  • Heavy gauge steel hinges
  • Has SHOX system
  • Extra heavy duty
  • Protected spreader braces

Are you looking for a heavy-duty ladder? Consider your search to be over if you are — since we have exactly what you have been searching for. This is a very reliable ladder that comes with an elegant design and gives it a classy look.

This one can withstand heavy weight and has a capacity of 375 pounds. Besides having a smooth finish, it is a durable product that will last you a very long time. It comes with a spreader inside braces which ensures to keep your ladder protected from the time it is transported.

Furthermore, it consists of a SHOX system, which helps with extra durability. Besides assuring your safety, this ladder also makes sure about safety. It is slip-resistant and will make sure you get the proper grip while being on it as well.

This one also offers a double-step feature which means you will be able to use the ladder both ways according to your preference. Moreover, it is also ideal for getting if your work requires two people to simultaneously work on a certain task.

Hence both of you can reach the heights and work together using the double steps. So do not miss out on this amazing product and add this to your shopping cart before it gets too late! Surely, it’s a good ladder for painting high ceilings and fixing interiors.

6. Little Giant M26 (12026) Revolution Ladder

Top Features

  • Metal rock adjusters
  • Integrated wheels
  • Wing rungs
  • Offers cargo hold
  • Reliable build

Safety, as well as comfort, should come first when it comes to a ladder. Woking on great heights itself is a risky job. Despite how experienced you are, having a ladder that is comfortable to use and safe should be your priority.

It is why we have added this product to our list since it ensures to reduce foot fatigue due to its wing rungs and will help to increase stability along with balance when you are on the ladder. Its flared legs provide optimal stability as well as safety.

Using its fast rock lock system, you will be able to adjust the height according to your requirement easily. You will now be able to reach hard areas, including vaulted ceilings, spaces above the stairways, etc. Its gliding wheels help move around the ladder easily and carry it from one place to another.

Holding up to 300 pounds, this one is an amazing product made up of aerospace-grade aluminum that assures a long life span. Its high-grade quality will make sure to be at your service for a long time with great safety.

This is the best multi-position ladder for vaulted ceilings and also features a cargo hold for you to store your tools when you are working, along with a wingspan to help work around windows without causing any damage to the property.

7. Little Giant 10101LG 300-Pound Duty Rating Ladder

Top Features

  • Good stability
  • Heavy duty
  • Adjustable height
  • Less bow
  • Easy transportation

This one offers unmatched stability, and it is safe to give all the credit to its aircraft-grade aluminum material. Using this ladder, you will be able to get all the complicated work done with ease and comfort.

With the use of these indoor ladders for high ceilings, you can work on great heights stably using either side of the ladder. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about carrying heavy tools either as this is a heavy-duty ladder that ensures to bear heavy weight too.

Adjusting the height is also very easy; hence you don’t have to worry about its ease of use.

Sometimes you might need to move your ladder around from one place to another and from one task to another. In such cases portability of the tool plays a big role. Having a ladder that can easily be carried around is essential especially if you must take it outdoors and indoors constantly.

This ladder allows you to move it around with no issues due to the flexible wheels that it comes with. You can easily push the ladder from place to place and get those works done much faster now. Furthermore, you can store this trouble-free as it is a good space saver.

8. Werner T7416 300-Pound Duty Fiberglass Ladder

Top Features

  • Twin stepladders
  • Non-conductive rails
  • Heavy aluminum spreaders
  • Double rivet rungs
  • Anti-slip

If you are looking for a good ladder for a ceiling with a height of 18 feet, then this is the product for you. This one is compatible with houses with such heights and is ideal for getting various work done trouble-free, including painting high ceilings and cleaning.

Stay worry-free as this one is safe to use for great heights and is designed out of heavy-duty aluminum material. Its heavy aluminum spreaders also ensure to keep the ladder unfolded safely when in use. Furthermore, it has a long life span and is a very durable product.

To ensure further safety, we are happy to let you know that the rung of this ladder is designed with fiberglass and is anti-slip too. You won’t have any problems setting your ladder on grounds that are uneven surfaces both at indoor and outdoor locations. It is because the rubber feet help prevent it from slipping.

It is ideal for working around power lines since the ladder is non-productive and is safe from electrical hazards. The rungs are double riveted to help support weights as well.  

This is a twin stepladder that allows you to climb both sides of the ladder. Add this to your cart before it runs out of stock!

Buyer’s Guide For High Ceiling ladders

Before you buy a ladder, there are a few factors that you should consider looking into so that you can make the right purchase. Ensure to keep these vital points in mind before purchasing to end up with the best ladder for high ceilings that will be worth the investment.


Ladders are usually made up of three types of materials, and they are aluminum, fiberglass, and wood. Ones made up of Aluminum are known widely due to their great strength, flexibility, and durability. These ones are light weighted and are the best option if your work requires constant moving.

In contrast, fiberglass material is safer to use since it doesn’t conduct electricity, unlike aluminum ones. It is also great to use for outdoor work, especially in ambient temperatures. Furthermore, they are durable as well.

Lastly, a wooden ladder is common and a traditional type that provides good stability, but can be heavy to move.

Height of the Ladder

One of the major factors to keep in mind is the height that your ladder will allow you to reach. The height of the ladder itself is measured from the last step on the ground till the primary step of the ladder.

However, it is better to get ones that provide some extra height so that you can stay on the safe side. This way, you can also use the product when higher altitudes are required to be reached.

Type of Ladder

There are various ladder options available to use for painting or cleaning ceilings. Among them, step ladders with platforms on top are the better choices to use.

Apart from them, you can find some A-frame ladders with adjustable height systems. These ones would work well too. Especially, the multi-position ladders are preferred mostly for having the height adjustment feature.

Besides, some multi-use ladders, not dedicatedly made for ceiling works, can also be useful. Like, the extension ladders with padded legs and scopes for adding ladder stabilizers do the job pretty well.


The weight of the user plays a vital role, too, when it comes to using ladders. Hence the capacity the ladder is able to hold is an important factor as well. Besides the user’s weight, the weight of the tools that will be carried is also a concern too.

Usually, the capacity ranges from seventy kilograms to one hundred fifty kilograms. Furthermore, some companies also offer tool baskets for putting various types of equipment. Hence, choose one which you think will offer you the capacity that will suit you the best.

Why should you use a high ceiling ladder?

The main reason one should use a high ceiling ladder is it can let a user reach any height pretty quickly. Also, the setup of a usual ladder doesn’t take too much time. All you have to do is place the ladder in the right position and make it stand firmly.

You can find several options to use instead of ladders for high ceiling works. But still, experienced DIY enthusiasts are preferring traditional or step ladders as the best options available. Recently, scaffold systems are being used in some interior works by experts. However, scaffolds also aren’t as efficient as ladders in many cases.

Scaffolds are for Jobsite or construction works. They aren’t something that commoners use to do some fixings on the ceiling. Even so, this system has some facilities that come in handy. But not much like heavy-duty ladders.

Here’s a chart showing the key difference between ladders and scaffolds. You can also know why we’re suggesting ladders over any other options from here.

 LaddersScaffolding systems
PriceBudget-friendly optionDon’t come cheap
Safety Standards PerformanceBasic safety assured; some models even come with side rails and platformsFull safety of the worker assured
Work AreaCongestedPretty wide
Weight CapacityModerateHigh
StabilityCompletely stable if placed firmlyStability is assured when all the equipment is attached well
Space RequirementDon’t take a noticeable amount of space at allSetting up a scaffolding system requires some space
PortabilityPortable in most casesNot portable, require the dismantling of the setup for carrying elsewhere
MaterialsAluminum, Wood, Fiberglass, Stainless steel, etc.Metal tubing with wooden or plyboard aa the work surface
UsageBoth interior and exterior worksMostly Exterior works
Overall Preference Score8/106/10

As you see, both options have some advantages and disadvantages. But judging from a DIYer’s point of view, ladders are the most efficient ones to use. However, for professional workers having work to do in large constructions, something like scaffoldings is pretty handy.

Overall, you aren’t wrong if you pick ladders to reach high ceilings. The flexibility of working you get by using ladders is the biggest advantage you can have while fixing or painting a ceiling.

Safety when using high ceiling ladders


Even while using the best ladder for tall ceilings, you need to be careful and follow the primary safety guides. Without maintaining the basic cautions, you can risk your safety while working on top of a ladder. Although there are platform ladders with side rails that can keep workers safe, you must follow the least safety measures before you climb on.

To help you out, here are what we think should be followed. It’s better to be cautious before than take any step after getting hurt. So, try maintaining this fact while you’re on a ladder.

  • Always use a ladder at least a meter shorter than the ceiling height.
  • If the ladder features adjustable heights, then lock the height properly before climbing up.
  • Every single ladder has weight capacity; you should never go up carrying extra weight. If possible, keep a helping hand aside that can pass you all the essentials you need every time.
  • Never try to step on the top of an A-frame ladder. Avoid using the top and two upper steps.
  • Carry tools and instruments using a pouch or waist belt. Keep your hands empty while taking steps on a ladder
  • Never try to overreach any area while standing on a ladder
  • If possible, ask anyone to hold the ladder while you’re working when the ladder has no padder secured bottoms.
  • The ladder angle should be locked while working. A big accident can occur when the placement and angle aren’t in favor of the worker.

What can I use to reach the high ceiling?

There are several things you can use to reach the ceilings and higher ends of walls. Among them, the best thing you can use is the ladder for double-height ceilings. A ladder for ceiling work usually features a higher weight capacity that allows users to climb at any height along with essential tools.

However, you can also use Extension poles with brushes, rollers, or some other tools to reach the ceiling without climbing a step ladder. But somehow, it can cause you to lack precision in your work.

Suppose, you intend to paint your home’s ceiling with rollers and poles. Using a large pole to send the roller near the surface is a good idea. But are you sure you can control the movements of the roller precisely and fully coat any complex areas with fresh paint when you’re not holding the roller with your hands?

The answer would be no, right? When you are closer to the ceiling, painting or repairing becomes easier than before. That’s why any extension ladder or step ladder is the perfect choice to use for reaching higher ceilings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which material is the best for a ladder?

A ladder made up of fiberglass is great as it has more benefits. Not only is it physically strong, but it also has high resistance to elements like the ones made up of wood. Moreover, they don’t conduct electricity and are very safe to use too.

How much weight can a ladder withstand?

Most ladders come with a capacity of 200 lbs to 375 lbs. Choose accordingly to match your weight preference before purchasing.

Is an aluminum ladder safe to use?

Aluminum ladders are great to use when it comes to stability and weight. However, it is not safe to use around electricity as it can conduct electricity. It can cause the user to get electrocuted if it ends up conducting electricity from the surrounding.

How far should I keep my ladder away from power lines?

You should keep your ladder at least 10 feet away from the power lines as well as service lines from all directions. If you are using an aluminum ladder, make sure you maintain safety from electrical lines at all costs as it can be very risky.

Final Words

We hope this article has helped you with all the necessary information in order to purchase the best ladder for high ceilings. Ensure to keep the key points in mind so that you can end up with a product that is going to be worth your investment.

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