The 5 Best Ladder Rack For Ford Transit

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Are you in desperate need of some extra storage space in your Ford Transit? Well, Ford Transit is one of the most popular work vehicles or commercial vans out there. However, users face difficulty while hauling large cargo inside the van.

The solution to this is adding a ladder rack to your van. The best ladder rack for ford transit will essentially double its cargo space. Moreover, the risk of hauling heavy items will be minimized.

Because of the popularity of ladder racks, hundreds of ladder racks have popped up on the market. Hence, finding one that’ll be compatible with your Ford Transit can be difficult.

Don’t worry! Our review of the 5 top ford transit ladder racks will inform you of everything you need to know to find your ideal ladder rack.

Our Top Picks:

Product Name MaterialLoad CapacityCompatible With
AA-Rack AX302 Van Ladder RackAluminum, Stainless Steel500 lbs2013-Onwards Ram ProMaster, 2015- Onwards Transit
Prime Design AR1904 Ladder RackAluminum, Alloy Steel350 lbs2014 & Newer Ford Transit Connect
AA-Racks DX36 Ladder Rack SystemAluminum, Alloy Steel350 lbs2008-13 Ford Transit Connect
Vantech 2 Bar Rack SystemAluminum500 lbs2010-13 Ford Transit Connect, NV200, Chevy City Express
Weather Guard 2295301 Ladder RackAluminum100 lbsFord Transit, Mercedes Sprinter, Nissan NV, Ram ProMaster

Why should you use a ladder rack on a Ford Transit?

ladder rack on a Ford Transit

If you’re looking for a way to increase the cargo you can carry with your Ford Transit, a ladder rack is a great option. A ladder rack allows you to safely transport ladders, lumber, and other long, bulky items on the roof of your Ford Transit. Here are some of the benefits of using a ladder rack on your Transit:

Increased cargo capacity

A ladder rack gives you the ability to transport longer and larger items on the roof of your Transit, freeing up space inside the vehicle for other items.

Improved safety

When properly installed, a ladder rack can help prevent items from shifting around and falling off the roof of your Transit while in Transit. It can help you avoid damage to your vehicle and your transporting items.

Enhanced durability

A ladder rack can help protect your Transit’s roof from scratches and dents caused by transporting ladders or any other heavy items.

Top 5 Best Ladder Rack For Ford Transit

Every new cargo van model is a little different than the one before. Therefore, to identify whether a ladder rack is compatible with your Ford Transit, you need to know its details.

So, let us go through all the important features and specifications that make these the best ladder rack for ford transit.

1. AA-Rack AX302 Aluminum Van Ladder Rack

Technical Specifications

  • Brand: AA-Racks
  • Color: White
  • Material: Aluminum, Stainless Steel
  • Weight: 23.6 lbs
  • Load Capacity: 500 lbs

In the first place, we have a heavy-duty ladder rack for hauling your large cargo safely. Let’s check out the features that make the AA-Rack AX302 Van Ladder Rack the best transit ladder rack.


Durable Construction

This ladder rack is built using high-quality extruded aluminum that makes it long-lasting.  Also, an aluminum body means your ladder rack will stay rust-free even during harsh weather. On top of that, the stainless steel hardware adds to the longevity. Overall, its heavy-duty construction makes it a great quality ladder rack for a transit van

High Load Capacity

The powerful AX302 roof rack can hold up to 500lbs loads. This means you can transport more cargo at once and avoid the hassle of making multiple trips.

No Drill Installation

Yes, the no-drill installation design takes the ease of use of this transit ladder rack to the next level. You can simply install the rack using the C clamps provided with the package. Another benefit of this feature is that you can take off the rack easily when needed.

High Security

While carrying ladders on the rack, ensuring security is extremely important. And the 72-inch crossbars of this ladder rack come with ladder stoppers. You can secure the ladder to the rack using a tie-down or bungee.

2. Prime Design AR1904 Ford Transit Ladder Rack

Technical Specifications

  • Brand: Prime Design
  • Color: Silver/Grey
  • Material: Aluminum, Alloy Steel
  • Weight: 43 lbs
  • Load Capacity: 350 lbs

Next, we have a versatile Ford Transit Connect ladder rack. Yes, the Prime Design AR1904 Ladder Rack is compatible with all the newer models of Ford Transit Connect vans.


Wide Compatibility

This ladder rack is compatible with Ford Transit Connect vans with a 121-inch wheelbase. That’s not all; it will fit all the models of Ford Transit Connect that have come out since 2014. So, you can enjoy this ladder rack with the newer compact Transit Connect vans too.

Aerodynamic Design

The unique aerodynamic design makes this rack weigh 30% less than steel racks. The lighter weight means no more excess fuel consumption. Also, you’ll be able to enjoy noise-free drives.

Ease of Use

Another great feature of this ladder rack for ford transit connect is its rear rollers. With this, you can safely load and unload cargo from the ladder rack. Moreover, this ladder rack can transport up to 350 pounds of cargo at once.

Hassle-Free Installation

If you don’t want to drill holes in your truck, this rack is a good option for you. Installation can be done using mounting points and gutters. So, you can install and take off the ladder whenever you need it without any hassle.

3. AA-Racks DX36 Compatible Ford Transit Ladder Rack

Technical Specifications

  • Brand: AA-Racks
  • Color: Sandy Black
  • Material: Aluminum, Alloy Steel
  • Weight: 20.5 lbs
  • Load Capacity: 350 lbs

Meet another excellent ladder rack from AA-Racks. The AA-Racks DX36 Ladder Rack System is a combination of strength and functionality.


Universal System

This DX36 ladder rack is a universal rack system. That means you can install it on any van. Moreover, it can be used with vehicles that don’t have drip rails. However, it’s especially compatible with Ford Transit Connect models from 2008 to 2013.

 Adjustable Crossbars

You will get two crossbars with a 1.2-inch diameter. What’s great about these crossbars is that they are adjustable.

You can extend them up to 57-inches. And they can be retracted to 32-inches. So, this rack can be used with both small and large vans.

Weather Resistance

This steel rack system is built using galvanized steel. That’s not all, the entire ladder rack is powder-coated for enhanced protection. Therefore, your rack will stay rust-free and protected from weather conditions for longer.

Superior Strength

The 17 gauge steel crossbars and 11 gauge steel mounting bases make this rack extremely sturdy. Moreover, the mounting base utilizes an interior plate and a polyfoam gasket for securing the rack to the vehicle. As a result, the rack stays tightly connected even while carrying 350 lbs of cargo.

4. Vantech 2 Bar Rack System Transit Ladder Rack

Technical Specifications

  • Brand: Vantech
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Weight: 8 lbs
  • Load Capacity: 500 lbs

Up next, we have a brand that has been providing professional-grade ladder racks to contractors for years. It’s none other than the Vantech 2 Bar Rack System. This rack is known for the ultimate combination of performance and reliability.


Classy Design

If you are someone who wants a ladder rack that’ll add elegance to your van, definitely check out this one. It has sleek 50-inch long crossbars that are only one inch wide. On top of that, the entire system is anodized black.

Lightweight Construction

A bulky ladder rack can decrease your van’s mileage and add extra pressure on the engine. But this aluminum rack weighs only nine pounds. So, you’ll not notice any diminish in your mileage with this on top.

High Versatility

You can use this ladder rack with Ford Transit Connect vans from 2010 to 2013. Moreover, the Nissan NV200 and Chevy City Express vehicles are also compatible with this rack. Therefore, you’ll be able to use it with multiple vehicles.

Improved Safety

This roof rack has four sides support on the crossbars. The aluminum side supports include eye hooks. You can securely tie down your ladder or kayak using these hooks.

5. Weather Guard 2295301 Ford Transit Ladder Rack

Technical Specifications

  • Brand: Weather Guard
  • Color: White
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Weight: 56.5 lbs
  • Load Capacity: 100 lbs

If you want a ladder rack for transporting lightweight cargo like ladders or kayaks, this is the one for you. This highly functional Weather Guard 2295301 Ladder Rack will keep all your gear secured while you are on the road.


Multi-Purpose Rack

This excellent ford transit pipe rack can fit both extension ladders and podium ladders. You can carry 6 to 10 feet podium ladders safely. Moreover, extension ladders of up to 40 feet in length can be carried too.

User-Friendly Design

This ladder makes the task of loading and unloading ladders effortless. It comes with soft rollers and hydraulic dampers that reduce the chances of injuries. Now, you can lower and raise the ladders safely without getting exhausted.

Enhanced Security

Long ladders need to be secured to the rack tightly for avoiding accidents. For ensuring safety, this rack features an interlocking ladder support system. So, your ladders will stay secured in place while driving.

Protective Finish

This lightweight aluminum ladder rack comes with a powder coat finish. The Brite ARMOR-TUF finish makes it weather-resistant. Therefore, your ladder rack will stay spotless even after years of usage.

Buyers Guide Of Ladder Rack For Ford Transit

ladder rack on a Ford Transit

A ladder rack will improve your van’s functionality to a manifold. However, buying the wrong one will only mean a waste of money.

To make sure you don’t make such mistakes, we’ve brought to you a comprehensive buying guide on the best ladder rack for ford transit.

Van Model

The first and most important thing to consider is your van model. Not all Ford Transit vans are of the same height and build. In fact, there are three different models, a variety of heights, and wheelbases just in the Ford Transit vans.

Therefore, check carefully if the ladder rack you are considering matches the specifications of your van. You can check Amazon or the respective ladder rack websites to check the compatibility too.

Load Capacity

Next, you need to think about how much and what type of load you’ll be carrying on the rack. The required load capacity depends on the width, height, and weight of the cargo you’ll transport.

Buying one with minimum load capacity doesn’t make sense because you may need additional space in the future.

Build Material

Many ladder racks have high load capacity but they can’t withstand frequent usage. Therefore, if you need to carry heavy loads frequently, go for steel racks.

However, if having a lightweight truck and better mileage is a concern, aluminum ladder racks are the best option for you. These are not only lightweight but also rust-resistant.

Installation Requirements

If you are going to install the ladder rack yourself, go for one that’s easy to install. Some racks require drilling while others can be attached using C clamps.

Decide which option is preferable for you and choose a model accordingly. Also, make sure the ladder rack comes with the necessary mounting accessories and instruction manual.


If a ladder rack doesn’t offer proper safety and security, even the highest load capacity doesn’t mean anything. So, check user reviews to make sure the rack doesn’t bend or move around during transport. Also, make sure it comes with a good locking mechanism.


Some ladder racks can be lowered and raised using built-in mechanical systems. These are easier to use and reduce the risks of injury. However, models with such features tend to be expensive.

So, if you are on a budget, get ones that can slide down the side of your van. Otherwise, get a step ladder to access the ladder rack.

How do you put a ladder rack on a Ford Transit?

  • Start by making sure the rack is the correct size and weight capacity for your Transit.
  • Before you start, remove any items stored in the area where the ladder rack will be mounted. This will simplify the process and help prevent any damage to your belongings.
  • Next, locate the mounting points on your Transit. The specific location will vary depending on the model, but they are typically located near the roofline. But you can also mount it on the side or rear of the vehicle if you want a ford transit side ladder rack.

Finally, test the rack to ensure it’s properly secured before loading anything onto it. You’ll want to make sure the rack is level and secure.

How do you install a ladder rack on a Ford Transit?

Installing a ladder rack is a pretty simple process if you have some basic knowledge about using the tools. It can be done in just a few steps, as we have detailed here.

step 1:

First, you’ll need to gather all of the necessary materials. You’ll need the ladder rack itself, of course, and some bolts, washers, and nuts. You’ll also need a drill, a tape measure, and a friend to help you out. Once you have everything you need, it’s time to get started.

step 2:

Now, measure the width of your Transit’s roof.  Mark out the locations for the holes that you’ll need to drill. It’s important to be precise here, as you don’t want your ladder rack to be off-center. Once the holes are marked, drill them out.

step 3:

Now it’s time to bolt the ladder rack into place. Start by threading the bolts through the holes you just drilled, and adding the washers and nuts. Finally, tighten everything down nice and snug.

Frequently Asked Question

Having queries after going through the reviews is normal. And to clear out your doubts, we’ve answered some of the common questions regarding the ladder rack for the ford transit van.

Question: Is a ladder rack worth it?

Answer: Installing a ladder rack allows you to transport heavy cargo safely without having to take multiple trips. As a result, much of your fuel and time is saved. All these make ladder racks worth it.

Question: How much weight can a system one ladder rack hold?

Answer: System one ladder racks are the most heavy-duty rack available on the market. These can hold up to 1250lbs without bending.


Anyone from contractors to small business owners and even campers can benefit from adding a ladder rack to their Ford Transit. Moreover, transporting large cargo without a ladder rack can be dangerous.

But it can be difficult to identify which ladder rack is compatible with both your van and your cargo needs. The hundreds of choices available in the market only make this task harder.

And here, our list of the best ladder rack for ford transit should become in handy. Best of luck!

Therefore, we reviewed the 5 best ladder racks for ford transit. All of these ladder racks are perfect for Ford Transit vans. So, choose the one that’s suitable for your van and enjoy the amazing benefits.

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