The 6 Best Little Giant Ladders For Home Use (Most Popular)

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Doing your job safely and effectively requires the right ladder. You can reach your desired heights through a stepladder, staircase, or a Trestle and Plank. But not all ladders promise what they deliver.

The Little Giant Ladders are the most glorified for any climbing job around you. They are known for being lightweight, sturdiness, and versatile.

This high technology brand comes with a higher load rating, is convertible, and has a variety of designs. You will reach considerable heights when you pick the best little giant ladders for home use.

The ladders are easy to carry around, clean, and stash in limited spaces. They are metal (aluminum) and are generally excellent for home use. But how do you pick a suitable little giant ladder to suit your situation?

Check here, but first things first!

Quick Product List:

#Ladder Name
1Little Giant Velocity Multi-Position Aluminum Type 1A Ladder
2Little Giant Professional King Kombo A Frame Fiberglass Type 1AA Ladder
3Little Giant Epic Multi-Position Aluminum Type 1A Ladder
4Little Giant Revolution 300 lbs weight rating Type 1A Ladder
5Little Giant SkyScraper Step Aluminum Type 1A Ladder
6Little Giant Step Aluminum Type 1A 300 Lbs weight rating Ladder

What Is The Best Size Little Giant Ladder For Home Use?

When purchasing a ladder, there are several considerations that you will weigh. One of those is the size. The precise ladder should stretch any height you desire to perform your tasks, whether on the rooftop or on the shelves in your kitchen.

Retraction to a small size that fits your storage space will be on your list. So, 12 feet or 26 feet Little Giant Ladders should fold to a quarter of their full length. That’s just an example.

When deciding the size to pick for your Little Giant Ladders, consider your needs, durability, and lightweight, among other factors. That will ensure that you have a desirable ladder for home use.

Is There A Lightweight Little Giant Ladder?

Not all Little Giant Ladders are heavyweight. Some are lightweight. The aircraft-grade aluminum and velocity ladders are ultra-lightweight, but you will find the commercial grade quite heavy. The Fiberglass is lighter, but it sacrifices durability and strength.

Like the heavyweight Little Giant ladders, their lightweight counterparts still hold high load capacities. Some will hold over 350 lbs. A perfect example in our list is King Kombo, a Professional 6 Ft ladder made of Fiberglass and holds up to 375lbs.

Our Top Pick Or Recommended Product 

One of the best products on our list is the SkyScrapper M15. this Little Giant ladder has a stunning height of 21 feet and is foldable to a storage height of 8’7″. Unbelievable! The ladder can serve as an industrial or home tool. It is sturdy, stable, heavy-duty, and valuable.

The 6 Best Little Giant Ladders For Home Use

The Little Giant Ladders are trustworthy and tested for safety. They are expandable, hold higher load capacities, and reach any height you desire. Have a look at our list below and pick the precise ladder for your home use;

1. Little Giant Velocity Multi-Position Aluminum Type 1A Ladder

Key Features

  • 35lbs Ladder weight, 17 ft size
  • 300lb maximum load capacity
  • Rachet levelers
  • Palm buttons
  • Scaffolding
  • Tide and Glide wheels
  • Patented Rock lock
  • Aluminum material


  • Versatile.
  • Sturdy design.
  • Compact storage.
  • Easy to configure.
  • Wide legs for optimum stability.


  • No safety stops.
  • Has recall parts. 

Product Description

Velocity Ladder by Little Giant Ladder Systems ensures that you focus on your tasks without any tension that you might slip. Climb short and high heights as the 17 feet length is foldable to a quarter of its full height. Storage is a breeze!

The ladder is multi-position. Thanks to its Rock Lock adjusters that adjust the inside section to your preferred height. It is also lightweight, and you can multiply it to fit a step ladder, scaffolding, A-frame, and an extension. If you need a 90 -degree ladder, you also got it in this Little Giant stepping unit.

The heaviest member of your family will mount with the Velocity with maximum stability and confidence. The Velocity ladder has wide legs for maximum stability and can bear up to 300lbs.

Another great feature about this ladder is the integrated Ratchet leg levelers, which resolve the issues of uneven grounds. In addition, it prevents wobbling and leaning on slanty terrains. All you will do is adjust the Ratchet leg levelers to the ground.

Lifting a ladder to shift to a new position when working is tedious. You don’t need to carry Velocity. The ladder comes with Tip & Glide wheels to make it easier to roll. You will not regret this purchase as the ladder reaches soaring heights and moves with less effort.

2. Little Giant Professional King Kombo A Frame Fiberglass Type 1AA Ladder

Key Features

  • Fiberglass material
  • 0.01-ounce weight
  • Rotating wall pad
  • Maximum loading capacity: 375lbs
  • Dual-Purpose Legs
  • Multi-Position
  • Ground Cue


  • Lightweight. 
  • Well-built.
  • Excellent flexibility and stability.
  • Easy to set.
  • Extension capability.


  • No cargo holds or work platform.
  • Squeaky ladder.

Product Description

The Little Giant Ladder Systems King Kombo makes your climbing tasks easy and safe. The design includes the latest technology that offers a variety of benefits, including versatility, extension capability, and durability.

It is a three-in-1 ladder with a multi-position for reaching different heights. You can use the unit indoors and outdoors. For uneven outdoor grounds, the wide flared legs help boost stability. The bottom rung mechanism allows you to descend confidently without worrying about falls.

You can set King Kombo as an A-frame or extension ladder to fit your situation. The V-bar feature firms its extension configuration on the inside grip and outside corners. Making a leaning configuration and reaching corners, tight spaces, wall studs, and trusses is also easy.

King Kombo is a durable ladder with fiberglass material, which is lightweight and non-conductive. The ladder’s fiberglass material does not conduct electricity, so you can set it at any corner without minding about open electrical wires. Its color is green, luminous enough to prevent accidental bumping.

And if your greatest concern is the load capacity, anyone can use the ladder. With a maximum load capacity of 375lbs, even the heaviest fellow will accent and decent comfortably.

King Kombo is a top model it scooped the 2019 OH&S New Product of the Year Award and won the 2019 Pro Tool Innovation Award. So, with the ladder, you are assured of safety and confidence in all your climbing needs.

3. Little Giant Epic Multi-Position Aluminum Type 1A Ladder

Key Features

  • Aluminum material
  • Maximum load capacity 300lbs
  • Weight 38lbs
  • Rachet leg levelers
  • Palm buttons.
  • Tip and Glide wheels
  • Cargo Hold and work platform
  • Patented rapid lock


  • Extra-versatile.
  • Durable.
  • Extra stable and well built.
  • Sturdy.
  • Safety rails for maximum protection.


  • Heavyweight.

Product Description

You would agree with me that the best ladder for home use should be stable, sturdy, versatile, and easy to use. The ladder should meet your needs, including reaching soaring heights without instability and warping. That’s what Epic from Little Giant Ladders does.

It is an adjustable ladder with a multi-position capability to tackle any project. With multiple configurations requiring you to tap a button, you can extend, scaffold, or set it up as a staircase or 90-degree ladder.

The Epic extension ladder has guard rails to offer maximum support and protection. You can place the rails vertically in a walk-through position. The position ensures that you have a strong handhold feature for maximum support. Equally, you can position the rails horizontally.

Suppose it is a painting, masonry, carpentry, plumbing, and other loft jobs, you don’t have to carry your tools or gallons while working. The Epic ladder has a work platform or cargo hold to hold your items and reach them when you need them.

This ladder comprises aluminum, durable, rustproof material, and does not warp in prevailing weather conditions. You will also love the Rachet Leg Levelers that make it easy to work on rough terrains. Adjust the wheels to access the grounds, and for easy mobility, the Tip and Glide wheels roll smoothly on uneven ground.

The maximum load capacity is 300lbs, plus you can hold up double the weight on both sides of the ladder when it is on an A-frame configuration.

4. Little Giant Revolution 300 lbs weight rating Type 1A Ladder

Key Features

  • Palm buttons
  • Tip and Glide wheels
  • Patented metal rock lock
  • Wingspan
  • The cargo hold and work platform
  • 31.5lbs weight
  • Height 17 feet
  • 300lbs Maximum load capacity


  • Safe and comfortable.
  • Easy to roll around.
  • Sturdy and stable.
  • Leveling adjustments for uneven grounds.
  • Excellent for soaring heights.


  • Loud leveler ratchet springs.
  • Heavyweight.

Product Description

If you have never felt safe on ladders before, try Revolution M17 by Little Giant Ladder Systems. The extension ladder is sturdy, stable, and safe, thus excellent for both low and soaring heights.

Its rungs are wide, meaning no fatigue or foot pain. Any user can balance effectively on this ladder. In addition to the rungs, your feet are well guarded with anti-slip deep treads that increase traction while climbing. Also, the wide-flared legs and its four pinned Quad-Lock hinges lock the parts intact.

Once you set Revolution M17 up, it does not budge. You can try it as a conventional stepladder, staircase, or even a 90-degree ladder where you lean one side against your wall). Use Revolution as an A-frame or trestle $ plank, whichever suits your situation.

Installation instructions and features are clear, and you will never confuse its configuration. Use the palm buttons to configure your ladder. You can extend the levelers easily, and the side’s D-ring pulls it in tightly to lock the extended position. Once you pull the D-ring, the ladder’s weight retracts the leg leveler.

Another crucial feature of this folding ladder for home is the Rock Lock System. The detail is relevant for quick and fast length adjustments. To make any length adjustments, press the lock to release. Adjust your ladder and then tap it to relock.

Body-wise, the Revolution M17 is safe and sturdy. It has aerospace-grade aluminum construction, which is lightweight but doesn’t compromise on robustness. This ladder can hold 300lbs on an A-frame, and the Tip and Glide wheels roll its new location effortlessly.

5. Little Giant SkyScraper Step Aluminum Type 1A Ladder

Key Feature

  • Height: 21 feet
  • Storage height: 8’7″
  • Weight : 66lbs
  • Aluminum material
  • 300lbs maximum load capacity 


  • Sturdy design.
  • Easy setup.
  • Great length to reach high lights.
  • Easy to move the ladder.
  • Collapsible to fit small storage spaces.
  • Comfortable to use


  • Heavyweight.
  • Non-durable plastic legs.

Product Description

This unit is a long ladder to reach the church, gymnasium, and stadium ceilings? Undoubtedly, the SkyScrapper M15 is the ideal choice for such heights. The great ladder reaches up to 21 feet and comes in a stepladder style. It can be a scaffolding, extension, stepladder, or A-frame ladder.

SkyScrapper M15 is perfect for home and industrial use. Though gigantic and heavy, you can roll the ladder around and set it up on uneven grounds. The ladder comes in handy in places where lifts and scaffolding can’t reach.

The SkyScraper M15’s body is heavy-wall and comprises 6005-T5 aluminum, a common material in aerospace engineering. A weight of up to 300lbs is safe on the ladder and will the weight on an A-frame adjustment but on both sides. On this frame, it forms an 8 feet ladder and adjusts at 1-ft increments to a 15-ft stepladder.

No more worries about storing this giant ladder. It can retract to a height of 8’7″ and fit in your garage or other storage space. Assembly and usage are easy. Once you lock and set up the SkyScrapper M15, you will use it confidently and comfortably as it is safe and stable to work with.

6. Little Giant Step Aluminum Type 1A 300 Lbs weight rating Ladder

Key Feature

  • Weight 35.4lbs
  • Maximum load capacity 300lbs
  • Height: 6 feet
  • Handrail
  • AirDeck workstation
  • Select Step 6-10


  • Lightweight and sturdy.
  • Compact and great for indoor use. 
  • Comes with a wide base and adjusting positions for extra stability.
  • Ideal for older persons as it has extra safety features.


  • The shelf design doesn’t work perfectly. 
  • Not ideal for high heights. 

Product Description

Are you seeking a ladder that will help you reach your shelves, hang pictures, change bulbs, or reach your top cabinets? Select Step is the right folding ladder for home. You will never feel uncomfortable again. This stepladder, again, is easy to set up, lightweight, and sturdy enough to carry up to 300lbs.

The first thing you notice with Select Step is the ease in adjusting its height. You cannot ignore the stop feature that keeps your ladder from collapsing. Climbing is easy, plus you have the stability that ensures you are safe and confident while doing your tasks.

Another feature is the work platform. When standing on it, you are comfortable and safe when working on the upper decks of your ladder. In a horizontal configuration, multi-position the AirDeck so that it is easier for you to hold your tools without struggles.

Equally, your movements will be safer in a vertical configuration as the AirDeck allows a perfect holding point.

While working, the stepladder offers comfort and stability through a handrail available on the workstation. Though the ladder is perfect for indoors, it can also perform exemplary outdoors to help you access your gutters, high windows, and other heights between 6-10 feet.

With this heavy-duty Select Step, you can work on stairs, rumps, and uneven surfaces. Make use of the two telescopes for confidence, stability, and safety.

Buyers Guide For The Best Little Giant Ladders For Home Use

Best Little Giant Ladders

When purchasing the best Little Giant Ladder for home applications, there are several factors to consider;


The size of the ideal ladder should meet your needs. High heights require a lengthy ladder. If you are looking for a stepladder to reach your shelves and windows, a 21 feet SkyScrapper M14 will be an exaggerated choice. If you select wisely, the size ladder will match your needs.


The material composition of a ladder spells its durability and weight. Fiberglass will win the race if you need a lightweight and non-conductive material. Little Giant Ladder Systems offers both materials, so you should check before placing an order.


A ladder that will function as a scaffolding, extension, A-Frame, 90-degree staircase, etc., is ideal than one that functions as a stand-alone. Though the cost will be higher, you can use the ladder for other tasks in the future.

Weight capacity 

The load capacity is significant when purchasing a ladder. The higher the capacity, the better. You won’t like it when you bring in a mason whose weight threatens to crumble your Little Giant Ladder.


Little Giant ladders are all durable, but you have to listen to users you have tested the unit before. A ladder that looks flimsy is not worth your attention. It will compromise safety and stability.

Safety features

Handrails, rachet levelers, and sturdy legs are some features you will factor in while searching for a new ladder.


Let the cost not sway you into buying a dummy ladder that you won’t use for long. Consider other features like durability, size, material, application, etc., to guide you into getting the perfect ladder.

frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Aluminum Vs. Fiberglass Little Giant Ladder, Which Is Better?

Comparingly, Fiberglass is more durable than aluminum. It is also lighter and does not conduct electricity. Aluminum leaves your hands painting work dirty, so if you can afford it, go for Fiberglass.

What Is The Best Load Capacity For A Ladder?

A high ladder load capacity is perfect as any person can use it comfortably regardless of their weight. The build should be strong enough to carry the weight and stable enough to hold you at any height.

Are Little Giant Ladders Safe?

Undoubtedly, the Little Giant ladders are safe for industrial and home use. They come with a tough build and have certifications by OSHA, an assurance that they are stable and safe to use.


Little Giant Ladders for home use should be strong, stable, flexible, versatile, and safe for every user at home. The Step should be easy to use, storage, durable, and match your requirements.

The household tool’s purpose is to support you and your tools as you go up and down whichever height you desire. And more preferable will be a multi-position Little Giant ladder that takes the shape of an A-frame, Scaffold, extension, stepladder, and more.

Our list is all-inclusive. You can pick the best little giant ladder for trimming trees, painting, changing bulbs, accessing vaulted ceilings, et cetera. Don’t borrow a ladder. Buy yours! Good luck.

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