Best Roof Ladder Hooks For Safe And Secure Climbing

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A roofer’s job involves a hive of activities around different kinds of roofs. The toughest is working on a steep roof. Besides doing the work flawlessly, your greatest concern will be safety.

Anchoring yourself on the roof is crucial, and that’s where roof hooks step in. The ladder accessories secure the tip across the roof peak. In addition, they have rollers for smooth movement, so you won’t have to push your ladder across the roof.

Best roof ladder hooks have precise weight, length, duty rating, and sturdy material that are also lightweight. With the right ladder hooks, you are set to climb up for your roofing tasks. But what’s the best ladder hook, and how do you select the right one to suit your needs? 

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Are Roof Ladder Hooks Safe?

Some roofers have debated the safety of roof ladder hooks. The reason would be because someone got a substandard ladder hook or didn’t secure them firmly on the ladder. Ladder hooks can slip and get the ladder falling in seconds.  

Building experts list ladder hooks as the safest accessories if you select wisely and use them articulately. Beware that the holders get loose and become a hazard to you and others on the ground.

If you must climb up your roof, we recommend using ladder hooks. The accessories will help grip the ladder tightly on the roof pitch. The accessories are safe but remember to stick to the installation instructions to ensure that the hooks secure your ladder firmly. 

Can You Use An Extension Ladder With Roof Hooks?

Extension ladders have two sections that function in brackets to allow for length adjustment. The ladders require extra stability and leaning as they are not self-supporting. For additional security, an extension roof ladder requires roof hooks and rolling wheels to allow for a smooth push on your roof.

Our Top Pick

We have a winner in our list of the six best roof ladder hooks. Tie Down Engineering Roof Zone 65005 Ladder Hook crowns it all. The ladder’s aesthetics and ergonomics are superior. It is heavy-duty and comes in handy when doing a sketchy roof job. With its cushioned ends, you won’t have to worry about any damage to your roof.  

The 6 Best Roof Ladder Hooks 

You need robust hooks to attach yourself to the top of your roof. You keep off accidents and do your work confidently. Below are ladder hooks that are worth your cash.

1. Tie Down Engineering Roof Zone 65005 Ladder Hook

Key Features

  • Two hooks
  • Measures 27″ x 11.5″ x 8.5″
  • Weight capacity 250lb per hook
  • Weight 8lls
  • Zinc plated steel
  • Rubbery Grip T-Bar


  • Excellent quality.
  • Heavy duty.
  • Perfect for sketchy roofs.
  • Easy installation.
  • It has cushioned ends that protect the roof.


  • The pair is challenging to position on the roof peak because of the heavy weight. 
  • The hooks add weight to the ladder and require an extra hand to lift. 

Product Description

Safely access your steep roof with Tie Down Engineering Roof Zone 65005 Ladder Hooks. The kit is a pair weighing 8lbs and a weight capacity of 250lbs per hook. The accessories come with wheels for easy and smooth maneuverability that involves rolling the ladder without lifting.

With the wheels in place, your work is easier and effortless. In addition, the wheels spin but the hook’s metal piece connection is fixed, so no worries about rolling over with your tools.

That ensures stability and prevents roof damage. The bar safely secures the hook on the opposite side of the roof peak.

These hooks are extra durable. They consist of Yellow Zinc-plated steel that gives them a longer life. They do not rust, plus you can use them in any weather. 

Although the hooks are not light, they balance perfectly on the rooftop. The weight is not a challenge as the rollers on the other side work for you. You can choose to use the hooks separately because they are sturdy. In addition, the clips are deep, and the top screw locking mechanism works perfectly.

This pair of roof ladder hooks are reliable and valuable for your money. It is reasonably priced, safe, well-made, and strong. 

2. Rluii Telescoping Ladder Hook Stabilizers Standoff/Roof Hook Kit

Key Features

  • It comes as a pair
  • Weight 1.78lbs
  • Measures ‎9.33″ x 5″ x 2.28″
  • Aluminum alloy material 


  • Easy installation and use.
  • Tight grip.
  • Guarantees safety.
  • Durable ladder hooks
  • The hooks are not heavy.


  • There are no user instructions and guide work.
  • Susceptible to rust. 

Product Description

Convert ladder to roof ladder with this pair of hooks. Working a Telescoping ladder hook kit on any roof is a breeze. The clips double as a surface guard and a stabilizer for extension ladders. The stabilizer provides securing grip for the tip of a ladder while a rooftop while the surface guard takes care of your roof not to get damaged. Sharp hooks cause more harm to rooftops by boring holes in shingles and metals. But thus ladder hook is smooth and has its edges with a rubber grip. 

This kit is straightforward and fits perfectly. Fixing the hooks involves drilling holes in your ladder top and bolting the clips. It may seem hard work as the hardware comes separately and at a cost. But once you order the appropriate bolts, you get the best outcome.

 Its packaging comes with a pair of hooks inside. That’s unlike some brands that sell you a single unit. It signifies you can fix the clips on both tips and work comfortably. The hooks fit perfectly over the ladder top and grip on the opposite side. 

You will notice the hook’s sturdiness, which adds to your confidence and make you feel secure when working on soaring heights. The kit is safe for use on any ladder material, including fiberglass and aluminum ladders.  

Still, on sturdiness, this pair of hooks is durable. It is made of aluminum alloy, one of the most rigid materials for making ladders and accessories. 

These hooks come fairly priced, are safe to use, and are a must-have for safely accessing your rooftop. 

3. Qualcraft 2481 Ladder Hook with Wheel 

Key Features

  • Powder-coated steel material
  • Single unit
  • hook wheel
  • Measures 22″ x 13″ x 2″
  • Weight 4.7lbs


  • Perfect for single and extension ladders
  • Versatile ladder for home and industrial applications.
  • Durable construction.
  • Lightweight. 


  • You have to buy two pieces as pairing is necessary.

Product Description

Unlike the ladder hooks we just examined above, this one doesn’t come in a pair, but the pairing is necessary. Qualcraft 2481 is a single unit. That fact doesn’t compromise on quality, safety, and durability. The hook is well articulated and will function when paired. 

First things first; the material! Qualcraft ladder clip comprises of Powder Coated Steel. Its material is one of the top-rated in the industry as it is powder-coated steel. The metal is known for its sturdiness and superior durability. It is also compatible with wood, aluminum, and fiberglass ladders. 

For extra stability, you have fall protection on this ladder hook. The unit attaches itself perfectly and secures your ladder on the rooftop with a tighter grip. The seller recommends two pins for more grip. The pair will hook ideally on the two rungs of your ladder and match your roof edge with optimal stability.

Roof work is hazardous and requires minimal lifting of tools while up the roof. With Qualcraft, you won’t have to lift your ladder to place it in the next locality. It has a ladder hook wheel for rolling the tool smoothly atop your roof. You can shift the ladder back and forth as you require with minimal effort.

It is easy to install Qualcraft 2481. Tighten the wing nut on the hook to hold your ladder securely in place. The hook can fix round-styled ladder rungs or D-style rungs.

Qualcraft Ladder Hook is a versatile and worthwhile ladder accessory. It fits in both industrial and residential jobs. Use it to fix roof shingles, the solar panel works, and any task you may need to perform on your roof.  

4. ACRO BUILDING SYSTEMS 11084 Roof Ridge Ladder Hook  

Key Features

  • Weight 6lbs 
  • Measures ‎28″ x 10″ x 10″
  • Caster wheels
  • Swivel head
  • Single unit
  • Weight capacity 300lbs


  • Easy to use
  • Sturdy design.
  • Caster wheels allow flexibility.
  • Tighter grips and extra stability.
  • The longer crook fits perfectly on ridge vent roofs.


  • Slight Arc that may not fit well on some roof peaks.

Product Description

ACRO Building Systems offers a heavy-duty ladder hook that matches your roofing needs. The accessory bears all the weight of your ladder and the user. 

There are two significant features, the swivel head, and the fixed caster wheel. The swivel head angles across the roofing contours assure you of an optimal contact surface. 

The roof zone ladder hook with a wheel is the safest choice for climbing icy surfaces, weak decks, and steep pitches. It comes with instructions, so installation or removal is a breeze. Attach the hook to the ladder and flip it over on the opposite side of the pick. 

For easy storage, it has a collapsible crossbar. So, you don’t have to worry about carrying the accessory around or keeping it in squeezed spaces. The point is pivoted to guard your shingles and metallic roof from damage. Plus, the yellow color makes the hooks visible at a distance. 

ACRO ladder’s reinforced hook holds up to 300lbs combined weight, so even the heaviest climber will find it safe and comfortable. The wheels will roll you around with your tools, so you will not lift or carry your ladder on high heights.

This product works as advertised and is an excellent value for your money. You do not need to buy two 11084 ridge hooks. A single pin is enough!

5. Tie Down 1-Pack Heavy Duty Zinc-Plated Steel Ladder Roof Hook 

Key Features

  • Weight 8lbs
  • Capacity 500lbs
  • Single unit
  • Rubber Grip T-Bar


  • Longer life
  • Proven quality.
  • No scratches on metal and shingles roofs.
  • Perfect for steep pitches.
  • Solid construction


  • Some users find the brackets too wide for panel ridge.

Product Description

Throw this hook on your ladder and climb smoothly on your rooftop with the perfect grip. It offers a quick and safe solution to steep ridges. The unit’s design involves a high level of engineering. With the zinc-plated steel metal composition, you have an assurance of perfect durability.

Its design concept considers the user’s weight, tools, and that of the ladder combined. It will hold the heaviest ladder and its user, so with a holding capacity of 500lbs, you have a heavy-duty hook to roll you over your roof. 

The weight is 8lbs, quite heavy, but the hook matches the quality and durability. You will never damage your metal or shingle roof with this hook. It comes with a Rubber Grip T-Bar.  

This hook is an easy installation. The steps are super easy, and the unit is compatible with fiberglass, wood, and fiberglass. Safety comes at the forefront. Always install the hook as per the directions on the manual. Use the appropriate tools to tighten the clips on your ladder. 

With Tie Down Manufacturing, you have a Zinc Steel Plated hook that has a longer life and is worth every coin. 

6. Werner 15-1 Roof Hook Kit

Product Description

  • Measures 12.09 x 9.49 x 4.61
  • Weight 5.52lbs
  • 1 unit
  • 90-degree pivot


  • Foldable and easy to store.
  • Easy installation and user-friendly.
  • Durable.
  • Stable and offers a tight grip.
  • Versatile.


  • You have to purchase bolts and nuts separately. 
  • Not suitable for high heights and extension ladders.
  • Sharp points can destroy shingles.

Product Description

Forget sliding from your rooftop by fixing the Werner roof ladder hook. The 15-1 hook ladder kit is easy to install and gives your ladder a tight grip on your roof peak. You can use a single unit alone on your ladder top. For enhanced performance and tighter grip, use a pair. But you must adhere to the installation instructions to ensure that the hook holds perfectly.

Werner 15-1 hook is a lightweight unit. It weighs 5.52lbs, so it doesn’t make your ladder super heavy. The unit will fit in any fiberglass, wooden, or aluminum ladder. 

This hook is rounded above the swivel, and its thickest point is 7 1/8″ on the inside so that you can use the unit on any rounded peak, including thin walls and blocks. In addition, you can opt to leave the hook permanently on your single section ladder, that is if the use is regular. Drill the holes and fasten the separately acquired nuts and bolts. 

It is an affordable option and moderately priced, but that does not compromise on quality and durability. The strength and stability are perfect. Storing these hooks is easy as they are foldable, thanks to the 90-degree pivot trait.

Carry around the hook in your car and stash it in the smallest spaces in your store. Stay safe.

Buyers Guide For Roof Ladder Hooks  

Working on your rooftop with a wobbly or shaky ladder is similar to gambling with your life. It is a dangerous task, but with roof hooks on your ladder, it is safer, stable, and easy to maneuver on extreme pitches. Hooks are hardy and temporarily allow you to use them on your ladder top. Picking the right ladder hook can be difficult, but not any longer with this guide;


You will get many roof ladder hook designs while window shopping. The design is as crucial as other factors when making your decision. Get a customizable, flawless design and appealing to your eyes. A design with additional features like rubber grips is user-friendly. It guards your roof against damage. Equally, wheels are a plus when choosing the perfect design. They are convenient and help you to shift your ladder with less effort.


The size includes the length of the ladder hook. Some are long and wide enough to fit perfectly on top of your extension roofing ladder and will hook ideally on a single section ladder for low heights. In addition, the rounded portion should fit perfectly on your roof peak. Stay alert to the size while making the decision.  


Any complicated roof ladder hook will make your installation work and operation difficult. Look at the hardware, where to drill, and how to use the clips. User instructions on paperwork and videos can help you to set up your ladder accessories.  


A roofing ladder’s sole purpose is to hook safety while climbing up and down your ladder. A flimsy ladder hook that does not grip perfectly on the roof or attach firmly to the ladder should not stand in your way.

Get the material composition specifications and ensure the accessory meets quality assurance. The most durable hooks are made of aluminum and steel. The aluminum hooks are lighter than steel, but the latter is more durable.


Your wallet determines what type of roofing ladder hook will take home. You are not bringing home a souvenir, so it shouldn’t cost you an arm. The price should be reasonable, depending on how many similar but different brands of gadgets are selling.

But you shouldn’t consider price and compromise on quality and sturdiness. Additionally, check whether the item is trading as a pair or single. A cheaper single unit that you will require to spend more on an extra hook will be more costly than a pair.

Type Of Ladder Hook 

This consideration should come first on your list. What type of ladder hook do you intend to purchase? You can choose between Flat steel and Captain Hook design. The former is made of flat steel and flushes against your roof so that it doesn’t break your shingles. 

Captain hooks have a round-shape hook like a fishing rig. The issue with this round shape is that it can damage your roof, but engineers have found a way of curbing this problem. Captain hooks are distinct as they come with rubbery material on their ends to cushion your roof.  

Flat steel hooks are a common style and measure between 6” and 8”. The step accessories’ recognizable feature includes a flat steel bar that lies flat on your roof.  A significant benefit of these hooks is that they offer you safety and at the same time do not destroy your roofing material.


You would rather have lightweight hooks on your step ladder than heavy ones. But never compromise on durability. An average ladder hook weighs between 4.7lbs to 7lbs, but there are heavier ones that weigh over 8lbs. heavy ladder hooks add more weight to your ladder and reduce the holding capacity. It is also difficult to lift a heavy ladder alone.

 How Do You Install Ladder Roof Hooks?

Installation ladder roof hooks should not be difficult if you have the user manual. Each model has specific accessories, including wheels and hardware. The most crucial is to assemble the accessories using the installation instructions. Be sure to tighten as the hook requires. You can follow the below prompts to get an overview of what to expect.


  1. We are assuming that your ladder roof hook comes with a wheel. Position your spin on the outside hook and insert the bolt. The bolt should go through the wheel spacer. 
  1. Secure the bolt with a washer and a nut but take care, not to over-tighten. Follow the same procedure on the other hook.
  1. Position the complete roof hook on one side of the ladder. Let the wheels on the clip face outward.
  1. Secure a U bolt with a nut and washer around the lower thread and use another one around the upper tread
  1. Fix the roof hook with the hardware provided, then tighten the slide hook across the treads.
  1. Follow steps 3, 4, and 5 to fix the other hook on the opposite side of the ladder. 
  1. If the ladder is heavy, get someone to help you roll up the ladder atop the roof. The wheels should help you reach the ridge easily.
  1. Turn your ladder over to make sure that the T-section on your hooks rests evenly on the other side of the roof.

The above instructions may not fit your roof ladder hooks. Be sure to follow our installation manual to avoid flaws. Stay safe!

Safest Ladder Hooks For Ladder (FAQ)

Which Are The Safest Hooks For Roof Ladders? 

The safest hooks for roof ladders should be made of durable material, have a higher load capacity, and be heavy-duty. Heavy-duty doesn’t mean heavy weight. The clips should not add excess weight to the ladder. These accessories should also be compatible with common ladder materials, including wood, fiberglass, and aluminum.

What Is The Perfect Weight Capacity For A Roof Ladder hook?

Hooks for Roof ladders have different weight capacities depending on the model and brand. For example, 1-Pack Heavy Duty Zinc Plated Steel Ladder Roof Hook is on our list.

It comes with 500lbs maximum holding weight. If you use two hooks, that weight will double, but follow the manufacturer’s guide to be safe.

Is A Roof Ladder Hook Necessary? 

Visualize a situation where you must climb a ladder on your roof. With no support, the unit would slide and fall over. That’s dangerous, but you can solve the puzzle by investing in sturdy hooks in your hardware store. Climb your roof safely by using roof ladder hooks. 

How To Use Wheels On A Roof Ladder Hook?

Roof ladder hook wheels are the easiest to use. You need to position your ladder flat on your roof while the wheels are facing down. Roll your unit onto the ridge of your roof. When the hooks are slightly above the roof ridge, fling the ladder over and secure it on the top with the attached clips. Easy! 


Climbing on your rooftop requires a safety guarantee. A fall from a high height can be fatal. Many homeowners and roofers have lost their limbs and lives while stepping on unstable and non-durable ladders.

Besides durability and stability, Comfort and convenience while on the roof are also essential to safety. The best roof ladder hooks offer you a safety guarantee. In addition, the clips on our list do not budge and remain securely in place when you are working.

Some have wheels for flexibility across your roof. We selected hooks that do not damage your roofing material, whether shingles or metallic. In addition, our ladder hooks can hold between 250lbs and 500lbs maximum weight. That accommodates the heaviest climber with the heaviest load.

With our simple buyer’s guide, you cannot lose it when picking the right ladder hooks. Stay safe on your roof.

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