The 7 Best RV Bunk Ladders For Safety And Comfort!

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If space is something that you value in your home, then bunk beds are the best space-saving solution. Also, it enhances the beauty of the room and makes your time more enjoyable with your family members or guests within a small space.

The best RV bunk ladder is a must to keep your dear ones safe. But what do we look for before buying ladders for RV bunk beds? Of course, it’s material, construction, height, dimension, reliability, and many more. But considering all the features at a time and choosing one RV bunk ladder can be very overwhelming.

To reduce your pain, I’m here with the top 7 bunk bed ladders including all of their features and specifications. So, let’s get started.

Best RV bunk ladder – Comparison Chart

Product NameHeightMaterialWeight capacity
Top Line BL200-05 Bunk Ladder60”6063-T6 Aluminium alloy  300 pounds
RecPro RV Bunk Ladder60”Aluminum200 pounds
Quick Products QP-LA-466B RV Bunk Ladder66”Rubber250 pounds
Stromberg Carlson LA-466-B Bunk Ladder66”  Rubber250 pounds
ECOTRIC 60″ Bunk Ladder60”Aluminum 125 Pounds
Blantex Hook-On Bunk Bed Ladder40”Alloy steel 200 Pounds
KUAFU 60” Aluminum Bunk Ladder60”Aluminum, Rubber250 pounds

What is an RV bunk bed ladder?

A bunk bed ladder is a ladder used to access the top bunk of a bunk bed. Most bunk beds come with a ladder attached to the bed frame, but standalone ladders can be purchased separately. 

A bunk bed ladder is a great way to access the top bunk of a bunk bed. Some bunk bed ladders even have handrails to help you keep your balance as you climb. When it comes to safety, a bunk bed ladder is a must-have. If your bunk bed doesn’t come with a ladder, add one so that your child can safely get in and out of the top bunk.

Why should you use an RV Bunk bed ladder?

If you enjoy camping or spending time in your recreational vehicle, you know how important it is to have a comfortable and convenient sleeping arrangement. Here are some reasons why a bunk bed ladder is a great option for a cramped RV:

  • If you have a small RV, the RV Bunk bed ladder can be much more convenient for you as it takes up much less storage space than a traditional bunk bed ladder. Also, They can be easily removed when not in use, freeing up more space in your RV.
  • An RV bunk bed ladder is much easier to use than a traditional ladder as they have a wider and more comfortable step. This is why RV bunk bed ladders are a more convenient option for getting in and out of bed for children and adults.
  • RV bunk bed ladders tend to be sturdy and well-built. They also offer more support and stability when climbing up and down.

The 7 Best RV Bunk Ladder To Keep You Safe And Comfortable

If you have a bunk bed in your home, you’ll need a quality and safe RV bunk bed ladder. Unreliable or broken ladders can be dangerous to you and your family members. Hence, check out the following ladders, and then you can easily make your choice.

1. Top Line BL200-05 Bunk Ladder

Being durable and lightweight at the same time is something that we always look for. And Top Line bunk ladder will offer you both of them. Apart from this, check out the other interesting features of this ladder.

Padded steps

To prevent slipping from the stairs, the ladder steps are padded with light foam. It enhances the beauty of the ladder and allows a warm and comfortable feeling every time you step onto it. And at the same time, it will protect you from wounds and cuts.

No physical danger

Every part of the ladder is well finished which ensures no physical accidents or scratches while stepping onto the ladder. It eliminates all types of obstacles and snagging as well. And this can be the best option if you want your children to climb the bed safe and sound.


This ladder is super lightweight and easy to carry without any issues. Although it’s lightweight, it’s highly strong and sturdy. No need for any installation. Just open the package put the hook on the bed and you are ready to climb the ladder.

Handles heavyweight

This compact ladder made of aluminum alloy can bear up to 300 pounds easily whereas the ladder weighs 5 pounds only. Amazing! Right? Its firm construction and stable steps are safe for anyone without the tension of any breakage. Aside it comes with a 1.5-inch opening with no shaking or wobbling.


  • Brand: Top Line
  • Material: 6063-T6 Aluminium alloy
  • Height: 60”
  • Weight capacity: 300 pounds

2. RecPro RV Bunk Ladder

With a simple setup and compact design, you can easily save a lot of space and make your room cozier. With respect to it, classy design and more attractive features have made RecPro the second-best RV bunk ladders on our list.

Easy mounting system

If you have limited space, then storing the ladder away when it’s not necessary can be the best idea. Right? Yes, and that’s exactly what the RecPro RV bunk bed ladder will do for you. Using the mounting brackets, you can simply install them and make the best use of them depending on your need.

Comfortable rubber foot pads

With the help of rubber foot pads on the steps, you can always have a steady and balanced grip while walking up. As kids tend to have accidents while jumping to the bunk bed using a ladder, well-detailed footsteps are the best option for them. You can be tension-free while having this ladder in your home. 

Durable & long-lasting

This stable ladder made of solid aluminum will certainly offer you the best service for years. Although it weighs only 3 pounds, it has the capacity to handle up to 200 pounds. Again, in any weather, temperature, or humid climate it won’t lead to rusting and corrosion.

For interior usage

This ladder is basically designed for any interior use. You can simply use it in your home or dormitory as a bunk ladder for RV. But for any exterior purpose, this ladder is not suitable.


  • Brand: RecPro
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Maximum height: 60”
  • Weight capacity: 200 pounds

3. Quick Products QP-LA-466B RV Bunk Ladder

One best things that made it into the top three of my list is it can be adjustable with any RV without any installation process. In a small space, this heavy-duty RV bunk ladder can be mounted over the bed frames and complements the look of the room as well. If you want to know more, just look forward to its fantastic features and specifications.

Minimal wobbling

The reliable construction and safe wrapped rubber steps lead to effortless climbing without any shaking or wobbling. You will never have to worry about damage to the bed frames, rug, or carpets. Undoubtedly, the well-furnished design meets high-security standards to keep your dear ones safe.

Holds up to 250 pounds

This lightweight ladder can carry up to 250 pounds without any damage or breakage. So, don’t worry if you want to give a goodnight kiss to your kids. It features wide and non-slip rungs that make it suitable for both adults and children.

Easy setup

You will be glad to know that it comes with hooks that allow easy and quick installation. And at the same time, you can take it down to save space when it’s not necessary. Other than this, you will be glad to know that this ladder kit provides secure mounting brackets to screw the ladder to the frame permanently. So, you are getting the advantage of both temporary and permanent installation.

Easy climbing

Most ladders come with an unstable grip that becomes a problem while climbing onto the bed. But due to its premium quality, you will never feel any inconvenience for climbing the ladder.


  • Brand: Quick Products
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Rubber
  • Maximum height: 66”
  • Weight capacity: 250 pounds

4. Stromberg Carlson LA-466-B Bunk Ladder

The quality hooks of the Stromberg ladder hold the edge of the bed firmly. Certainly one of the prominent bunk ladders with a hook. Furthermore, its design, quality, materials, and every other feature will surely impress you. And that’s why I kept this well-known brand on the top list.

Easy to carry

You will be shocked to know the weight of this ladder. It weighs only 1 pound. Unbelievable, right? Yes, you can’t get better than this. Anyone can pick it up and store it away when not needed. Also at the same time, it’s super easy to assemble, and no need for any extra tools.

Features wide and slip-resistant rung

No matter what, Stromberg always ensures the safety and comfort of your little ones. And that’s why, the steps, rungs, and all other parts are well finished with rubber to prevent slipping.

Maximum stability

Stromberg is a well-known brand that always tries to give the best quality to their customers. And in the case of bunk ladders for rv it’s no different. The quality and durable construction will definitely allow you to have a good balance and stability on the ladder. Moreover, if you still want to secure 100% safety, you can tightly install the mounts to the bedside.

Perfect height

You can easily adjust this versatile ladder based on the RV bunk bed. It’s super easy to control and provides unlimited comfort. In addition, it includes bunk ladder tubing with a 1” diameter and a length of 66”.


  • Brand: Stromberg Carlson
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Rubber
  • Maximum height: 66”
  • Weight capacity: 250 pounds

5. ECOTRIC 60″ Bunk Ladder

The high-quality material and slim design are the most amazing features that attracted me to this ladder. Apart from this, this 60-inch ladder can help you climb the top bunk of your RV without any struggle. Of course! The best ladder for bunk beds that anyone would love to buy again and again.

Two styles of attachment

Depending on your need and choice you can set up the ladder by both hooks and extrusions. If you want a permanent installation of the ladder to the rv, follow the instructions and assemble using the hardware. Otherwise, just by using the hook you can easily attach the ladder or store it away any time you want.

60” long bunk ladder

One can easily reach the top of the bunk using a 60” ECOTRIC ladder. Also, for a small height bed, this can be used by keeping it in an inclined position. Though it might take some space but still worth it. Anyone would love to use this product due to its versatility.  

No weak points

The sturdy framework and excellent details of the steps remain no weak points on the ladder. Also, for proper arrangement, the kit includes safety hooks and other hardware. So, every penny spent on this RV bunk ladder is really worthy.


Most bunk ladders are sold at a high price value at several stores. But after a few months of usage, it gets damaged or broken. But ECOTRIC does not compromise its quality. Because of its strict quality standards and heavy-duty materials, this ladder stands out from others.


  • Brand: ECOTRIC
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Maximum height: 60”
  • Item weight: 7.01 pounds

6. Blantex Hook-On Bunk Bed Ladder

For any outdoor activities or exterior purposes, this Blantex ladder can be utilized perfectly. In fact, it can be the best bunk ladder for campers as this does its job so well at any position and height. It’s not over yet. This ladder has many more to offer. So, check the following features.

Heavy-duty steel ladder

Undoubtedly, you can consider this ladder one of the best ladders for bunk beds. And why not? It’s a heavy-duty steel construction that works with all 1-1.5” angle iron frame bunk beds is really appreciable.

No tools required

Anyone would love this ladder because it requires no complex setup. Not only that, you don’t have to use any tools or screws to attach the ladder to your bunk bed. Just take it out from the box and hook it up onto the bunk and you are all set.

Suitable for any blantex bunk bed

With a 40” inch length, it will perfectly fit any medium blantex bunk bed. By placing it at different angles, you can fit the ladder to any type of bunk bed. Aside, the compact dimension won’t take any additional space from the floor.


Won’t it be great if you get a ladder that can be used for both internal and external purposes every time? Yes! You can modify this rack to attach it to the back of your camper. Again, to reach the top of the roof or for any other purpose, this multifunctional hook-on bunk ladder won’t disappoint you.


  • Brand: Blantex
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Alloy steel
  • Maximum height: 40”

7. KUAFU 60” Aluminum Bunk Ladder

When it comes to saving space in a small room, you need to be creative to organize all the staff efficiently. And that’s where the KAUFI 60” bunk ladder will help you.

Quality material

This ladder is proudly made of top-notch high-strength aluminum that provides full service to users for years. Besides, the accurate width, height, and diameter of the ladder tubing provides a stable grip and handles heavy weight.

Sturdy footing

Like other mentioned ladders on our list, this KUAFU bunk ladder includes rubber padded steps and end caps to avoid injury and damage to the floor.

Easy cleaning

Cleaning this aluminum ladder will never become a problem in your place. Take it off and use a damp cloth to clean every part smoothly. Also, you can store it in the storeroom when it’s not needed.

Easy to take off

With two types of attachment options, you can attach or detach the ladder to the bunk bed effortlessly. And surely it won’t consume the precious space of your home at all.


  • Brand: KUAFU
  • Color: Silver
  • Material: Aluminium, Rubber
  • Maximum height: 60”
  • Weight capacity: 250 pounds

Best RV Bunk Ladders – Buyer’s guide

Just buying a ladder randomly can’t help you to get the best one. However, you should judge its quality, look, and many other factors before buying a bunk ladder. And that’s why I am here to suggest to you what you should consider deciding which the best one is.


Getting a ladder that doesn’t match the height of your bunk bed is useless, right? So, you must match the height of the ladder to your bunk bed before buying.


What type of material is used to construct the ladder really matters to its performance. A good ladder must provide solid and stable support when you use it. Here is a breakdown of what different materials have to offer when it comes to bunk bed ladders.

1. wood

Wood RV bunk ladders are much more lightweight than their stainless steel counterparts. This makes them much easier to maneuver and install, and also means that they take up less space when not in use.

2. stainless steel

Stainless steel bunk ladders are typically made with thicker, more durable materials than wood bunk ladders. This makes them sturdier and more resistant to wear and tear.

Also, stainless steel bunk ladders typically have a higher weight capacity than wood ladders. That is because stainless steel is a much more thicker and durable material. Its stainless steel bunk ladders are ideal for larger RVs or for those who frequently have heavy loads.


Climbing a ladder which has thin or unstable steps can be very inconvenient for anyone. So, make sure you purchase a bunk ladder which always offers you an effortless climb or you can add bunk bed step grips for extra comfort.

Safety standard

The most crucial factor for buying a ladder is to ensure the safety features to avoid accidents and injuries. Hence, check its stability, maximum weight capacity, strength, etc. while making any decision.

How do you secure a ladder to a bunk bed?


One of the best ways to properly secure a ladder to a bunk bed is by using L-brackets. L-brackets are metal brackets that are L-shaped and have holes drilled in them. You can attach these to the side of the bunk bed using screws and then attach the ladder to the brackets.


Another way to properly secure a ladder to a bunk bed is by using dowels. Dowels are small pieces of wood inserted into holes drilled in the side of the bunk bed. You then attach the ladder to the dowels using screws.

Corner brackets

You can also secure your bunk bed ladder by using corner brackets. Corner brackets are metal brackets attached to the corners of the bunk bed. You then attach the ladder to the brackets using screws.

Velcro strips

The fourth and final way to properly attach a ladder to a bunk bed is by using velcro strips. Velcro strips are velcro strips attached to the side of the bunk bed. You then attach the ladder to the velcro strips using the velcro.

Can you move the ladder on a bunk bed?

If you have a bunk bed with a ladder attached, you may be wondering if you can move the ladder to either end of the bed. The answer is yes! Depending on your preference, you can easily move the ladder to either end of the bunk bed.

However, when moving the ladder, there are a few things to keep in mind; otherwise, it won’t be properly attached to the bunk bed.  

First, make sure that the ladder is the same length as the bed frame. 

Now, do check whether the ladder is properly fastened to the bed frame or not. Otherwise, your family members are exposed to the risk of falling while getting up or down from the bunk bed. Lastly, make sure that the ladder is positioned so that it is safe and easy to use

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can you move the ladder on a bunk bed?

Yes! You can change the position of the ladder to the other end, head or foot.

How do you measure a bunk bed ladder?

You can measure the size of the bunk ladder using its height. Basically, the average height of the bunk bed ladder remains between 58-66 inches.

What angle should a bunk bed ladder be?

Firstly you have to decide at how many angles you want to lean the ladder with your bunk bed. Generally, a floor angle between 15-30 degrees fits perfectly with the bunk bed.

How high should a rail be on a bunk bed?

The height of the rail must be greater than 5 inches or at least 6.8 inches taller.

Are all bunk ladders the same?

No! The size and features of the bunk ladders vary depending on the model and brand.


With so many models and a variety of features, exploring and then choosing the ideal one is very difficult. Hopefully, this article will save you time when you want the best RV bunk ladder.

However, every model on my list might vary in quality, color, height, and weight capacity but they all come with standard safety features.

So, choose any ladder from the list and sleep peacefully while your dear ones are completely safe in the bunk bed.

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