Can you store Aluminium ladders outside?

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A ladder is an essential tool that gives you a platform to reach higher heights. You can consider purchasing an aluminum ladder if you have some DIY projects around your home or construction site. But remember to take good care of your ladder to enhance durability.

Can you store aluminium ladders outside? No, you shouldn’t. It is good to find a place in your garage. But, if you don’t have any other option, you can consider building a shade for your aluminum ladders. Your ladders should be protected from the intense UV rays and rainwater.

Unless it’s a rust-proof ladder, rainwater can cause rusting, whereas sunlight can weaken the ladder. This article provides more information on how to take care of your aluminum ladder.

Where Do You Store A Ladder After Use?

Can You Store Aluminum Ladders Outside

There are so many places you can store your aluminum ladders. You shouldn’t drop your ladders anywhere on the floor, which may injure you when walking around. Also, they may get damaged. Check the common ladder storage options.

Ceiling ladder storage

You can opt to store your aluminum ladder on the ceiling. When lifting the ladder to the ceiling, you can use a pulley system, step ladder, or a stool.

You can buy hooks to install them on the wall lines of your garage. This is where you will hang your ladders. But to save more space, you can hang them horizontally. Placing them horizontally, you will be forced to have two hooks for a single ladder. When buying the hooks, you must go for quality ones to ensure your ladders won’t fall back.

Also, you can install a rank on the ceiling to store your ladders. You can call a professional to help you build a strong rank. Place your ladders there using another ladder or a pulley system.

Again, you can build a loft if you have a high ceiling. This is a way of creating a floor for your aluminum ladders.

Outside ladder storage option

Still, you can build a shade if you want to store your ladders outside for outdoor use.

Why Are Ladders Made Of Aluminum?

Aluminum is a trusted material that can produce durable and sturdy ladders. Moreover, this material is lighter compared to fiberglass. So, the aluminum ladder conveniences outdoor tasks. Additionally, aluminum doesn’t catch fire, that is why aluminum ladders are ideal for fire-fighters.

Again, aluminum is an affordable material, and that is why it’s the most preferred for ladders.

Types of Aluminum Ladders

There are different types of aluminum ladders you can get in the market. You will get from A-shaped, extensions to multi-purpose ones. Let’s get down!

Step ladders

Step ladders are the most common type of aluminum ladders. They are self-supporting so that you can take them anywhere you wish. It has two sets of rungs that are connected by a cap at the top. The step ladders are stable and evenly spaced.

Also, some step ladders got one climbing side, and the other is for support.

Extension aluminum ladders

As the name suggests, these are ladders that can help you reach higher heights than you can reach with a simple step ladder. Besides, an extension ladder can be the right choice when reaching the ceiling, changing light bulbs, hanging chandeliers, and other tasks.

An extension ladder is flexible and can extend to your preferred height. The feet are covered with non-slip rubber for safe footing. Unfortunately, it’s not self-supporting, so you must have a wall or something to lean against.

Multi-purpose aluminum ladders

You can still get a multi-purpose ladder that offers versatility. You can extend it to be an extension ladder and lean it against something. Or, you can turn it into a step ladder that is ever self-supporting. Multi-purpose ladders can even stand as scaffolding to enable you to reach corners you can’t with a step or extension ladder.

Are Aluminum Ladders Safe?

Aluminum ladders are safe when climbing as they are strong and sturdy. Also, they are durable and resistant to any weather condition. Again, they don’t catch fire. Unfortunately, they conduct electricity, so you can’t safely use them near live electric wires.

Do Aluminum Ladders Expire?

No, ladders do not have an expiry date so long as you take good care of them. You should not carelessly drop your ladder if you want it to have a longer lifespan. If you have an aluminum ladder make sure you store it safely away from the hot sun and rainwater. You can consider keeping your ladders on racks installed on the ceiling. Also, you can store them around your garage’s wall line using quality hooks.

Inspect your ladders regularly to ensure they are in good condition always. Handling them with care is still vital to enhance durability.

Can You Store Aluminium Ladders Outside?

Here is the question; can you store aluminium ladders outside? Yes, but you can consider purchasing waterproof ladders covers. This is to protect your ladders from rainwater and strong sunlight. Aluminum ladders can rust when exposed to moisture for a longer time. UV rays tend to weaken aluminum ladders.

How Do You Store An Extension Ladder Outside?

You know extension ladders are large so storage can be an issue; if you don’t have enough space in your garage, you can consider outside ladder storage ideas. Although outdoor ladder storage is never the best, you can buy an extension ladder storage cover.

This cover will shade your ladder from the hot sun and rainwater. Hot UV rays weaken a ladder, and moisture can cause corrosion. This applies if your ladder is made of aluminum.

Whether using an extension or step ladder, storing a fiberglass ladder outside is never an issue. The reason is that fiberglass can persevere under hot sunlight and doesn’t rust when exposed to rainwater. But still, it can weaken with time.

How Much Space Do You Need To Store A Ladder?

The space you need to store your ladder will depend on the kind of ladder you have. There are giant ladders that require lots of space. Still, there are foldable ones that require a small space. Still, you think of utilizing the available space. You can have hooks on the wall like to hang your ladder vertically, which takes a small area.


If you have an aluminum ladder, proper storage is essential to enhance its durability. But can you store aluminium ladders outside? Yes, you can. Remember aluminum ladder safety is a must, so you must find ways to cover them when outside. You can build a shade to protect them from hot sun and rainwater.

Nevertheless, it is advantageous to store your ladders inside your garage. You can use ladder hooks to hang them or install a rack on the ceiling to keep your ladders safe.  

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