Gorilla Ladder vs Little Giant: Which Is Right for You?

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If you enjoy doing home improvement projects, one of the most important tools to get is a ladder. The right ladder will help you reach high places safely. Today, there is a ladder for every need. Choosing the wrong ladder types could be more than an inconvenience. It could compromise your safety. If you are confused between little giant vs gorilla ladders, here are a few things to keep in mind.

What Is Gorilla Ladder?

gorilla ladder

Gorilla ladder is a top retailer and manufacturer of ladders, work platforms, ladder accessories, and step stools. The brand is known for its sturdy and high-quality products. They come in the following categories:

  • Multi-position
  • Aluminum Super Light
  • Household
  • Heavy Duty Steel
  • Platform
  • Dual Platform

The ladders in all of these categories are unique and suitable for different uses. The Aluminum Super Light category offers you a blend of versatility and stability. Heavy Duty Steel is appropriate for use on non-slip surfaces. It is made with superior steel material and is rated well for high-duty use. Ladders in this category have storage space for tools.

Dual platform hybrid ladders are flexible. They have step stools, and work platforms, and are generally lightweight in nature. The ladders are all about usability. Platforms are perfect for use at home as they have multiple height options.

Multi-position ladders are highly versatile. They convert into stairway step ladders, 90-degree ladders, extension ladders, or double-sided twin step ladders. These ladder types can do just about anything. Household ladders are strong, easy to use, and lightweight. They can handle all of your projects.

What is Little Giant Ladder?

Little Giant Ladder

Little Giant Ladders are manufactured by Wing Enterprises. The American manufacturer was founded in the 1970s and is known for its safety ladders. Its products include:

  • Step stools
  • Multi-position
  • Extension
  • Safety cages
  • Extension
  • Stepladders

The company has 12 Multi-Position ladder families:

  • Dark Horse 2.0
  • Conquest
  • Megalite
  • Velocity
  • Epic
  • Dark Horse
  • Multi
  • LT
  • Leveler
  • Revolution
  • Super Duty
  • Defender

Combination ladders come in three configurations: Sentinel, King Kombo, and King Kombo 2.0. Little Giant has eight stepladder configurations:

  • Xtra-Lite plus
  • Mightylite
  • Airwing
  • Flip-n-Lite
  • Skyscraper
  • DS-XL Double-sided
  • Microburst
  • Select Step

The safety cages come in three configurations: Cage Compact, Cage Adjustable, and Difference between gorilla ladder vs little giant Safety Cage 2.0.

Difference Between Gorilla Ladder vs Little Giant

Even though Little Giant and Gorilla Ladders have plenty of similarities, they aren’t the same. Here are a few of their main differences.

Cost Comparison

Gorilla Ladders are durable, high-quality, and affordable.  You can find them at Home Depot and other popular stores. The cost of multi-position ladders ranges from $140 to $350. Dual Platform ladders cost $59 to $100. Platform ladders cost $49 to $145 and Heavy Duty Steel ladders cost $13 to $92.

With Little Giant ladders, the cost depends on your preferred model and its specifications.  For example, King Combo costs $169 to $288 while The Dark Horse 2.0 model costs $279 to $379.

For both ladders, the price may depend on the store where you buy them. Generally, Gorilla ladders are a lot more affordable than Little Giant.

Warranty Comparison

Gorilla Ladders come with a Lifetime Limited Warranty. Note that this warranty only applies to the original owner. In addition, it doesn’t cover damages that could arise from improper cleaning or use.

Little Giant ladders have varying warranties for different models. For the models Epic, Revolution, Velocity, Xtra-Lite Plus, and Jumbo Step, you get a Limited Lifetime warranty. The model’s King Kombo, Dark Horse, Dark Horse 2.0, Conquest, Airwing, Sentinel, Safety Step, Flip-N-Lite, Cage Compact, Mightylite, Cage Adjustable, and Sumostance have a one-year warranty. The Skyscraper model has a five-year warranty.

Specification Comparison

Gorilla Ladders’ Multi-Position ladders are easy to adjust.  You can set them to your preferred height. The rail/speed locks offer an additional level of stability. They reduce your rail’s movement while you use your ladder.

The ladder features large MPX hinges that reduce swaying and flexing as you climb. They are durable and the hinges improve motion and stability. The slip-resistant pads rotate easily the ladders have armored feet. The pads offer an extra level of impact resistance and durability.

In addition, the platforms and ladders have solid construction. You can choose between aluminum ladders and fiberglass ladders depending on your usage. The ladders also have self-locking safety latches. Their platforms are sturdy and they have non-slip steps for a solid stance.

Their platform and ladders have slim profiles for easy stowing. They offer extra comfort when climbing and carrying. They also have a built-in utility tray where you can put your tools and supplies within reach.

Little Giant ladders have patented metal rock and rapid locks. They make it easy to adjust the rails to your preferred height securely. In addition, they have a tip and glide wheels to move the ladder easily. Their ladders have a tray or cargo hold to hold your necessary equipment.

Height Comparison

Gorilla ladders come in different heights and sizes. Multi-position options come in the following size variations: 26ft, 23ft, 22ft, 19ft, 18ft, 15ft, and 14ft.  They all have a loading capacity of 375lbs.

Household ladders come in Steps 1 to 3 designs. Heavy Duty Steel and Aluminum Super Light feature Steps 2 and 3 designs.  Their Dual platform is available in 4.5ft or 5.5ft. the size and height also depend

With Little Giant models, the height and size depend on the model and category. The Velocity model has four max reach options: 25ft 10in, 14ft 3 in, 25ft 10in, 18ft 1in, and 22ft.

King Kombo is available in 13ft 1in, 17ft 2in, and 15ft 3in. The Sentinel model has the max reach options of 15ft 1inch, and 13ft 2in. The Dark Horse model comes in 22ft, 14ft 3 in, and 18ft 1in. In the Revolution Model, there are three max reach options: 25ft 6in, 17ft 1in, and 22ft 3in.

The Step Stool ladders come in two designs: Safety Step and Jumbo Step. The models are available in 9ft 5 in, 8ft, and 8ft 8in.

Both Flip-n-Lite and Xtra-Lite Plus models come in 10ft 3 in, 8ft 4in, and 9ft 4in. The Mightylite model has 8ft 4.5 in, 10ft 3.5in, 9ft 4in, and 12ft 2in.   

How to Choose Between Types of Ladders

Choosing the right ladder type requires that you understand your needs. If you are a homeowner interested in completing DIY projects, a regular step stool is ideal. It can help you change light bulbs, reach high shelves, or replace your curtains. For the pro, there are plenty of options including extension, multi-purpose, and step options.

Extension ladders are known for their flexibility. They are easily adjustable to any height and come in different variations. While step stools are basic, they are sturdy and ideal for use at home.

When choosing between different types of ladders, consider their height, style, performance, and material. Just because a ladder is appropriate for one application doesn’t mean it will work for another one.

Which One is Better?

Both Little Giant and Gorilla Ladder are fantastic options. However, the best choice depends on your specific needs. If you are on a tight budget, for example, Gorilla ladders are better options.

If you only need to handle ordinary tasks, Gorilla models should be great. They are ideal for painting your walls, changing bulbs, and other household tasks. However, Little Giant models are more suitable for their adaptability and flexibility.  They have fantastic performance in a variety of projects.

Generally, Little Giant Ladders require less effort in maintenance than Gorilla ladders. While they need some attention to stay in top shape, it’s nothing special.

Frequently Asked Question

Are Little Giant and Gorilla Ladders the same?

Even though Little Giant and Gorilla Ladders have plenty of similarities, they are different countries. Their products appeal to the needs of different groups.

Are Gorilla step ladders good?

Gorilla step ladders are great. They are lightweight enough to move around easily and very sturdy. The large top step doubles as a folding/locking mechanism.

Are Little Giant ladders worth the money?

Little Giant ladder has an amazing reputation. Their ladders are first-class quality, safe, and dependable. Even though they may cost more than regular ladders, they are worth the money. The variety of models makes them appropriate for different uses

Are Little Giant Ladders rust-proof?

Little Giant Ladders are rust-proof and ideal for use outside. They also come with a warranty. The ladders stay in great condition for a long time and you might not need to replace them soon.
However, you should avoid leaving the ladder out in the sun. Exposure to heat can make the fibers of your ladder less durable. Overexposure to the winds could also damage the rungs, rails, and other locking mechanisms.


Both Little Giant and Gorilla Ladders offer fantastic quality, safety, and durability.  The ladder brands are reliable and they come in a variety of model and size variations. Therefore, comparing Gorilla Ladder vs Little Giant options can be more complicated than it seems.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly ladder, you should consider going with Gorilla Ladders. If, however, you need a wider range of size and model variations, Little Giant Ladders are more appropriate.

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