How Long Do Fiberglass Ladders Last? Detailed Discussion

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A ladder can be a great companion for any homeowner due to the numerous DIY projects. Still, you can have one for commercial use. Ladders are made of fiberglass, aluminum, wood, and steel materials. Here come fiberglass ladders.

But how long do fiberglass ladders last? This question must be ringing in your mind if you are planning to buy a fiberglass ladder. It would help if you were worried as these ladders are strong and light in weight to make work easier. Taking good care of your ladder is the only option if you want it to serve for many years.

This article will discuss fiberglass ladders and if they can be of any benefit.

What Is The Lifespan Of A Fiberglass Ladder?

There is no OSHA ladder expiry date so long as you take good care of your ladder. Fiberglass ladders are known to have a longer lifespan. You can’t compare them with wood and aluminum ladders which tend to rust when exposed to moisture.

Moreover, fiberglass ladders can persevere when exposed to hot sun or rainwater. But, don’t always expose your ladder to UV rays or moisture, as it can become weak with time. This can compromise safety when using this type of ladder.

A fiberglass ladder that has not been taken care of can last between one to three years. But if you want to extend the durability of your fiberglass ladder, you can consider;

  • Washing it before and after using it is vital. This ensures the ladder doesn’t have oil or mud around the surface.
  • Still, waxing is another option. Waxing absorbs moisture to prevent it from penetrating the ladder. And because strong UV rays can penetrate through the wax, you can coat your ladder with polyurethane or acrylic lacquer.
  • Don’t drop the tool with force if you want to increase your ladder’s durability, as it can get damaged. More, such dropping can deform it or loosen the steps or rungs.  
  • Inspect your ladder before using it so that you can fix anything in a mess. This is to avoid more damages that can’t be rectified easily.
  • Store your ladder in a safe place out of rainwater and sunlight if you want it to survive for many years. You can have a shade over your ladders if you store them outside.

How Long Do Fiberglass Ladders Last?

How Long Do Fiberglass Ladders Last

Before purchasing a fiberglass ladder, you may be like, how long do fiberglass ladders last? These ladders are durable, and they can serve for several years. The reason is that they are resistant to corrosion and rust. But proper maintenance is vital.

Moreover, many people opt for fiberglass ladders because they don’t conduct electricity. So, it’s a ladder you can use anywhere without worries.

Additionally, it is good to buy your ladder from a certified supplier. Through this, you can be sure of purchasing a long-lasting tool. So, for your ladder to last for long, you need to;

  • Clean your fiberglass ladder before and after use. After cleaning, wipe it with a dry cloth.
  • Consider the right storage option. You should not drop your ladder on the ground on top of other equipment. You can consider hanging it using a hook on the wall like your garage. Again, you can install a rack in the garage to store your ladders. Never keep your fiberglass ladder outside as it can get weak due to strong sunlight. But if the need arises, you can have shade over them.
  • Don’t exceed the recommended weight load. This can deform your ladder, forcing you to have a replacement.
  • When transporting your ladder, ensure you have folded it well to fit in your car. Also, avoid placing other tools on top of your ladder.

Do Fiberglass Ladders Deteriorate?

Yes, they do deteriorate due to the carelessness of the owner. Exposing your fiberglass ladder to strong sunlight can make it weak, hence reducing its lifespan. The safety of the ladder is compromised. So, it doesn’t matter how much you have spent on your fiberglass ladder; ensure you don’t store it in an open space exposing it to UV rays.

If your garage space is limited, you can safely build a shade outside to store your ladders. But the best place to keep your ladders is in the garage, either on the ceiling or handing it the wall line using hooks. Further, your ladder can continue deteriorating if you load it with more capacity than the recommended one.

Does The Sun Damage Fiberglass Ladders?

The sun can damage your fiberglass ladder due to UV radiation. This can deteriorate the surface. It doesn’t matter how expensive your ladder is, but you must consider coating it with polyurethane or acrylic lacquer. This prevents the UV rays from penetrating the fiberglass ladder.

Besides, it would help if you accompanied this with regular waxing. Again, cleaning your ladder after use can increase its lifespan. This increases its lifespan, and you’ll not spend much. Caring for and maintaining your tools come with lots of benefits.

Is Fiberglass Lighter Than Aluminum?

No, aluminum is lighter compared to fiberglass. However, moving your aluminum ladder from one place to another is easy. The good thing with fiberglass ladders is that is more strong and sturdier than aluminum ladders.

This is because they are a bit heavier, which is why their footing is more rigid. Thus, fiberglass ladders are safer to climb compared to aluminum ones.

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Have you ever confirmed how fiberglass ladders last? Obvious, fiberglass is a quality metal for superior ladders. Fiberglass ladders are sturdy, rigid, and stronger than aluminum. Only that they are a bit heavier, but safety is guaranteed.

Checking on the many benefits of fiberglass ladders, you can pick one for changing light bulbs, cleaning gutters, trimming the fence, cleaning kitchen cabinets, etc. But remember to comply with all the safety measures to avoid falling. Taking care of your fiberglass ladder is a must if you want to increase its lifespan. Make it your choice!

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