How Much Does A Ladder Cost?

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Ladders come in a variety of types and sizes. And the price of a particular ladder varies due to some factors. So, before asking the price of the ladders, you have to decide which ladder you are going to buy for your job. And, after that, you should know how much does a ladder cost.

Well, basically, the household ladders of good quality cost nearly $100 to $300. But it may vary due to the types, materials, as well as designs. So, first of all, you should know the type and materials properly. Otherwise, you may end up buying an affordable ladder at a very expensive price.

So, have a look at our article to get a clear idea about the price of every ladder. First, let’s check out the table comprising the price of different types of ladders.

How much does a ladder cost?

Ladder TypeLadder SizePrice Range
Extension Ladder20 ft$200 – $400
Extension Ladder12 ft – 15 ft$100 – $300
Step Ladder12 ft$100 – $200
Step Ladder<12 ft$50 – $100
40 ft Ladder40 ft$700

How Much Does Extension Ladder Cost: A Complete Guideline

The extension ladders are of different sizes, like 20-Ft extension ladders, 40-Ft extension ladders, 12-15 Ft extension ladders, and so on. Well, the prices also differ with the sizes and materials.

Basically, the price of a 20-Foot extension ladder is around 200 dollars to 400 dollars. These ladders include the telescoping extension as well as a conventional ladder.

On the other hand, the ladders which are 12 ft and 15 ft come at a reasonable price. They only cost around 100 dollars to 300 dollars and you have to buy them from different online platforms. But the ladders are only used for different projects and are not suitable for heavy-duty purposes.

The Cost Of A Step Ladder

You may know that step ladders come with a number of reach and type. So, the price of these ladders basically depends on these factors. As a result, you won’t find any average price. But the step ladder of 12 ft is the most common among them and these ladders cost nearly $100 to $200.

On the other hand, the step ladders which are used for reaching the top of the bookshelves of the library are mainly of lower height. And, they are mainly made of aluminum, wood, or plastic. Usually, they cost $50 to $100. You can buy both of the ladders on Amazon at a reasonable price.

The Cost Of A 40-FT Ladder

The 40-Ft ladders are mainly used in the case of heavy-duty purposes. So, it’s better to buy these ladders from specialized sellers rather than Amazon or E-bay.

Usually, most of the 40-foot ladders in the mortar and brick hardware stores, and online cost 700 dollars. They are basically I-A-type ladders and are used for heavy-duty projects.

The Cost Of Ladder Rentals

Do you want a ladder for only one or two times use? Well,  in such a case, if you decide to buy a Type I AAA or Type I A ladder, then it will be a waste of money. Because you can rent a heavy-duty ladder at a very cheap price. There are a number of hardware stores that provide ladders for rent to clients.

Most of the time, the price of these ladder rentals depends on the different lengths that you are going to rent.

Basically, the 10 Ft ladder costs from 5 dollars to 10 dollars. Also, there are some additional charges, which will be applied for longer ladders and the duration of the rent is calculated on an hourly basis.

Why are ladders so expensive?

ladders so expensive

Ladders are the most important tool for our day-to-day life. But how much does a ladder cost? And why are they so expensive?

Well, we have already discussed the answer to the first question. Now, let’s move to the second one. The ladders come with a number of prices according to their size, type, material, and durability. You can find ladders for both $50 and $1200. But, here the main difference is their quality.

The expensive qualitative ladders are made of qualitative metal and wood that are also expensive. So, if you want a durable and risk-free high-quality ladder, you should buy the expensive one.

But if you are deciding to buy a cheap one, then you may not get optimum security and balance. So, you have to buy that ladder at your own risk. Now, it’s up to you, which ladder you are going to buy.

Where can I find the used ladders at a cheap price?

When you want to buy a qualitative ladder at a lower price, then it’s a good option to buy used ladders. You can find such ladders on Facebook Marketplace. Basically, it’s a new feature that helps people to buy as well as sell new and used items.

But in such a case, you need to verify the quality of the ladder and check it properly. Don’t worry, the sellers of the Marketplace are so helpful as well as responsive. Also, you can bargain for a particular ladder. You can even buy a multi-position ladder at a reasonable price in the Facebook Marketplace.

Final words:

Well, we have come to the end of our article on “How much does a ladder cost?”. Here we have briefly discussed the answer to this question. Hopefully, you have found the particular ladder to buy for your job including the price.

But if you don’t need a ladder for a long period, then it’s okay. You don’t need to buy them. Just get a rental ladder. It will help you with your work and also save you enough money at the same time.

Let us tell you one thing, you can buy a particular ladder at both cheap as well as expensive prices. But never sacrifice your safety because of the price of a ladder. So, choose and buy the ladder for your job carefully and be safe.

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