How Tall Ladder Do I Need? Exact Information

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Once I bought a ladder without considering the height and I ended up choosing the wrong one. The ladder couldn’t help me to reach the desired height. As a result, it was totally worthless.

That’s why it’s really important to measure the height before buying a particular ladder. So, how tall a ladder do I need?

Well, the perfect height of a ladder mainly depends on the purpose for which you are going to buy it. For example, if you are looking for a ladder for reaching the shelves of your kitchen, then you won’t need a 27 feet giant ladder. So, you see, the answer lies mainly in your needs.

For this reason, we will talk about a variety of ladders along with the ladder height and maximum reach throughout the whole article.

So, let’s start exploring…

Ladder Height and Maximum Reach:

Well, before exploring “how tall ladder do I need”, you should know the height you want to reach. Because with the help of a particular ladder, you can reach only a particular height. So, now in this section, we will represent the chart of the height and maximum reach of some common ladders.

Step Ladder:

Ladder Height in FeetMaximum Reach in Feet

 Note: Considering human height (average) 5.5 feet

Extension Ladder:

Ladder Height in FeetMaximum Reach in Feet

Note: Considering human height (average) 5.5 feet

How to select a ladder of an exact height?

Well, it is really a tough job to select a ladder of an exact height if you have no idea about the purpose of the particular ladder you are going to buy. So, it’s the first job to identify the task.

And the next step is, you need to know, the maximum height you want to reach. After that, you need to select a ladder of a particular height according to the requirement. Let’s have a look at some ladders along with the ladder sizes-

Height of a Standard Ladder:

You can use the standard ladder if you need to climb to any place that contains support connected to it. Suppose, you want to reach high above any wall or climb on some tree, or other operation, then you may need this standard ladder. But this ladder needs support for holding it.

Basically, the standard ladder comes with a maximum height of 16 feet. But, you may also see 30 feet standard ladder height in some work sites.

Height of a Step Ladder:

If you don’t need any ladder that requires support then it’s one of them. You can use this ladder without any additional support. With the help of a step ladder, you can hang pictures on the wall, clean the ceiling fan, or do any other household work.

Usually, if you need to reach at most 12 feet height, then you should buy at least, 8 feet tall step ladder. And, if you want to reach a height of 16 feet, then buy a 12 feet ladder.

So, basically, the height of maximum reach is the addition of the normal height of the ladder along with 4 feet.

Height of an Extension Ladder:

The Extension ladders come with extra frames of a ladder attached to the standard ladders. You can simply slide open these frames and reach the extra height.

If you want to paint the wall of your house, or clean windows as well as reach any unusual high place, then this ladder is the best choice.

Well, if you want to reach 23 feet of height, then you need to buy an extension ladder of 24 feet. Basically, the highest height you can reach is equal to the extension ladder’s entire height minus one foot.

Height of a Platform Ladder:

It is mainly a step ladder that contains a platform at the top. Because of the platform, you can keep the tools on it and stand comfortably without holding the tools. Using this ladder, you can easily reach at most 3 feet higher than the step ladder (similar height).

Height of a Multipurpose Ladder:

Multipurpose ladders are mainly used for a number of purposes. You just need to adjust the ladder in multiple shapes for getting your particular work done. The amazing thing is, you can use this ladder as an extension ladder, step ladder, and so on.

Also, this ladder doesn’t require any external support for using it. With the help of a 24 feet tall ladder, you can reach a maximum height of 25 feet so easily. Thus, the height (maximum) you can safely reach is equal to the height of the ladder plus one foot.

Height of a Telescopic Ladder:

The telescopic ladder is basically a portable ladder that can be used both outdoors and indoors. You can easily retract as well as extend this ladder any time you want.

However, this ladder includes a huge variety of sizes. And, the ladder becomes heavier as it grows in height. Well, the telescopic ladder may be extended to any height unless it attains its utmost height. Usually, 14.5 feet is known as the utmost height of the telescopic ladder.

Final words:

Well, this is all about our article on “how tall ladder do I need”. Hopefully, after reading the whole article, you’ve got your answer. As there is a variety of ladders along with different sizes, we couldn’t answer your question in a single line.

But we hope that you have found the perfect ladder of a perfect size for your particular job. And, if you are still confused, then read the article carefully, measure the height you require, and buy a particular ladder accordingly.

Be selective and have good luck!

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