How To Build Bunk Bed Ladder For RV – A Simple DIY Project

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Do you want to make a custom ladder for your RV? If yes, it is your good day. Because you will know all the important details about making a bunk bed ladder here.

In this discussion, you will know about the materials and building procedure. The simplest procedure will be given so that you can make your own RV Bunk Ladder and save the cost of buying one.

Now let’s not waste any time and move to the main subject of the day: how to build a bunk bed ladder for an RV. The time is here for you to shine and make your best RV bunk ladder today.

Simple guidelines: How to build bunk bed ladder for RV

In recent times, to be honest, there are many ways to build a camper bunk bed ladder for your RV. But, you will know the two easiest ways to build your DIY RV bunk ladder. So, take a look at learning the simple and easy way for your bunk ladder.

Wooden ladder for your bunk bed in RV

A Wooden bunk bed ladder is one of the common ladders that people normally use in their RV. Making a wooden ladder is very easy, you can make it if you just try.

First, take two 2X4 size pieces of side support wood. Measure the height of the bunk bed from the ground. Now, it is time for cutting the wood. Cut the length you need for your ladder.

After cutting, use sandpaper to smooth the edges otherwise you can get hurt from the rough edges. You can also cut the top of the ladder so that you can fit it with the bunk bed perfectly.

Now, move to the rungs of the ladder. Fix the number of rungs you will need for your ladder. Try to maintain a suitable gap between the rungs so that you can climb safely. If the rungs gaps are too much it can create problems later while you are driving the RV.

The next step is to add the rungs to the ladder. Mark the place where you will add the rungs. Then just simply tighten the rungs with screws. Try to select a large screw or nails for more safety.

You have to cut the ends of the ladder so that you can fix the ladder position perfectly in your RV. The last step is to sand the whole ladder and apply primer.

This process will make your ladder long-lasting. If you can also color the ladder if you want to match it with your RV decor.

Rope bunk ladder

If you don’t have much time, but you urgently need a bunk bed ladder then this is the perfect option for you.

For making a rope bunk bed ladder, you will need a rope ladder. You can normally find this type of rope in any shop. Usually, rope ladders are long so it will be easy for you to customize the height.

Measure the height when you get the rope. Then calculate the height between the bunk bed and floor. You just need to shape the rope ladder the size you want.

Untie the wood plunk from the ladder one by one so that you can get your expected height. You can also adjust the gap between one wood plunk to another.

After this step, just hook the screws in the position of the bed where you want to add the ladder. It is time to set up the ladder in position.

A rope bunk ladder is also called a folding RV bunk ladder. As you can fold it and keep it on the bunk bed. It will save your space.

One additional thing you can do for your rope bunk ladder. Choose some comfortable padding for the bunk bed ladder, this way you will not get hurt from the wood plunk of the ladder.

Should you buy a bunk ladder or build one?

The choice is up to you. But the procedure is more cost-effective than buying one.

You can also customize the length if you build one yourself. When buying from a shop or online, there is a chance that the ladder won’t fit in your place.

So, making one is the best option because it will be easier to fit as you have measured everything before and also cheap.

Is it time-consuming?

Yes. It is kind of time-consuming.

Yet this task is very simple. You can enjoy the building process. Not only will it make your crafting skill better, but it will also be worth your time.

So, whatever time you are given to build a ladder, the experience is actually worth it.

Which one is better? Vertical or angle one?

A vertical one is simpler to make. But it is not that safe like angle ones.

Most of the time your kid will use the bunk bed ladder to climb up. While driving the car, is very risky.

So, Angle bunk ladders are way better than vertical ones. It is also better if you maintain the angle to 15 degrees. It is the standard measurement but you can also make the ladder with your preferred angle.

Is varnish necessary?

If you want to protect your ladder from water, rain, etc you can varnish it.

Because varnish will protect the wood of the ladder. Otherwise, insects can also hamper the wood. So, it is better to varnish.

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Now, come to the million-dollar question. Do you think you can follow the instructions and build your bunk bed ladders? Trust your capability, you can and you will make your own.

Just follow the steps from this on how to build a bunk bed ladder for RV guidelines and make a wooden or rope bunk ladder of your preference.

You have gotten all the important things about the bunk bed ladder. Now, it is time for doing. So, don’t wait for professional help. Try your best to complete it and be sure to be careful while working. Don’t get hurt, please.

Good luck with your DIY project.

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