How To Choose A Loft Ladder, According to an Expert

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It can be challenging to select the best type of loft ladder. Facts to consider when purchasing loft ladders for small spaces such as the functionalities, height of the floor to the loft hatch, and size of the entrance of your loft. This article will show you a wide range of loft ladders and a breakdown of each.

Purchasing a loft ladder enables you to safely and conveniently access the loft space. The ladder you buy will depend on the intended use, stretch, and preference. There is a variety of loft ladders available. But which one will best serve your needs?

How to Choose the Right Loft Ladder

The use of the ladder is the first thing to consider. It would be best to have a simple folding ladder for occasional help transporting light loads. For regular usage, you need a loft ladder that is easy to operate. It s critical that you choose a loft ladder that can bear the weight you put on it. Determine the heaviest weight you will exert on it by taking your weight plus the mass of the expected load you will carry to the loft and ensure the ladder meets the desired specifications.

Take thorough measurements below the hatch, the clearance above, and the height of the hatch to the floor. The kind of loft ladder you choose depends on the availability of space.

Types of Loft Ladder:

  • Telescopic loft Ladder
  • Folding Loft Ladder
  • Electric Loft Ladder
  • Concertina Loft Ladder
  • Spiral Staircase Ladder

1. Telescopic loft Ladder

The best way to save space can fit in most hatches, even the smallest. Telescopic Loft Ladder’s benefit is its simple design and low price.

2. Folding Loft Ladder

They are the most popular and are used to access the loft due to their simplicity. The ladder folds up and is left in the hatch when closed. The most commonly used for these types is the timber folding loft ladder since they cannot bend easily to get damaged compared to their aluminum counterparts.

3. Electric Loft Ladder

They come in two different forms; fully automatic and semi-automatic their working mechanism is identical to that of a folding loft ladder, although they use a remote controller.

4. Concertina Loft Ladder

They are constructed with metal ideal with limited loft space. The ladder is stored in the loft, requiring more loft floor space for storage.

 5. Spiral Staircase Ladder

The spiral stairs can be constructed using timber or metal attached to a steel center post, and on the outer edge of the spiral, a railing is attached.

Things to consider before choosing a loft ladder

Here are three things to consider for deciding which loft ladder to purchase.

Size of the loft size

The first step is to get the measurements of your loft space to determine the size of the ladder required. It is available in various sizes and dimensions, so it is vital to get the dimensions right.

The first thing you need to do is measure your loft space to see what ladder size is required. You will find that there are many different loft ladder dimensions to choose from, so it is vital to get the right size of the loft ladder to fit your loft within your budget.

Ease of installation

The design of the loft ladder determines the ease of installation. If the plan is correct, it is easier and faster to install.

Easy installation saves time and labour costs.


Again, this is seemingly obvious, but it is something that is often overlooked. All products come with different safety here are some safety features that you should consider.

  • Locking system
  • Slip-resistant treads
  • Handrails

Ladder Dimensions:


Measure the gap between the loft floor and the floor below it (where the ladder will stand when fully stretched ), including the floorboards, joists, and ceiling thickness. It would be best to have this measurement to buy a concertina, sliding, or telescopic ladder.


This measurement applies to the loft ladders folding type. You measure from the floor of your ceiling to the landing.


For Telescopic, Sliding, and Concertina loft ladders – Measure the maximum width and length of the trapdoor. To increase the size of your hatch, consider the joists, cables, and other obstructions. For loft ladders that come with a frame and hatch – Take the measurements of the maximum width and length of the trapdoor. Loft ladders for small spaces come in specific sizes and cannot be changed to fit the existing hatch. The distance of these types of loft ladders is over 1m long.


It’s essential to measure the loft space. The measurements will give a clear understanding of the dimension of the loft ladder.


It is the hole that you cut to install the loft ladders. It would be best to consider obstructions such as cabling and water supply lines.

For the small opening in the ceiling, get the length width measurement and calculate the opening size. It gives you a clear indication of the right loft ladder required in your home.


Measure the length at the back of the hatch and clearance arch in the loft. It’s critical to have enough space to store the ladder in the attic. The measurement of the opening arch is to determine the space available for the ladder sections to swing.


The loft ladders are made of several materials. The most common ones are; Wood, Lightweight aluminium, mild steel, and stainless steel.


It’s essential to take the measurements of the loft ladder. A mistake when taking the measure will result in a long or short loft ladder that will not serve the purpose. The construction material is also an essential factor to consider depending on the loft ladder and space available. You should consider the three things in the article before making the final decision to buy or not.

A wide range of loft ladders for small spaces is available to fit your needs. It’s time to enjoy your loft space with the best loft ladder.

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