How To Hang A Ladder On The Wall [Expert Storage Tips & Tricks]

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Even if you only use ladders a few times a year, they are an essential piece of equipment to have. A ladder comes in handy on many occasions, including when you need to reach a lofty place or clean out the gutters. However, ladders occupy a lot of space. Therefore, you must minimize this wastage of space through simple methods such as hanging your ladder on the wall. So, how do you hang a ladder from the ceiling? It is quite simple. The following storage tips and tricks will help you safely store your ladder and answer various questions concerning ladder storage.

What are some of the most common types of ladders?

Since many kinds of ladders are available in the market, it is essential to understand their differences. The type of ladder you pick depends on what you intend to use it for and its storage requirements. In most instances, ladders are made with a particular use in mind, and deviating from them can lead to injuries. The following are some of the ladders you will find on the market:

Extension ladders

Extension ladders do not bend and are exceptionally long. Double bars connected by rungs in the middle are the epitome of what you envision a ladder to be. They are longer than their initial length since you can adjust them as their name implies. They comprise of a base that you plant on the floor and a fly that can extend outwards. To remain upright, extension ladders must lean against a wall.

Step ladders

Step ladders used for industrial activities are large, while those used in a home are small. They are considered self-supporting since they can remain upright without leaning against anything. While you can climb on both sides of some step ladders, others have rungs only on a single side. They are suitable for reaching spots where it is impossible to lean on a ladder.

Platform ladders

Platform ladders are double-sided and form the shape of an A without the top half. They are self-supporting, and their rungs are broader than those on other types of ladders. The wide rungs are meant to hold items such as containers of paint and so much more. The platform can be several feet long because it extends to the other side of the ladder.

What are some of the best ways to hang ladders on the wall?

Storing ladders on your floor can narrow down your space and even lead to injuries. You don’t need to keep your ladders on the floor because of the many smart solutions to your ladder storage problems. You can drill a hook into your wall and hang your ladder on it. This will make your wall appear decorative and preserve your floor space. There are two ways to hang your ladder on the wall; vertically or horizontally.

Vertical hanging

You only need a single ladder storage hook to hang your ladder vertically on the wall. It needs relatively less space. However, it is crucial to ensure that the hook is sturdy enough to bear the ladder’s weight.

Horizontal  hanging

Before opting for horizontal ladder storage, you should consider the following:

  • You require two hooks or more
  • It occupies more space on your wall

The hooks you use in horizontal hanging do not have to be much heavier since the ladder’s weight is evenly distributed on the hooks. For instance, if a hook’s weight limit is 50 lbs, and you use two of them, they can hold a 90 lbs ladder.

What do you use to hang a ladder on the wall?

There are various accessories that you can use to enhance your ladder storage. The following tools will help you hang a ladder on a wall:


Using wall hooks is a great solution when hanging a ladder on your wall. It is highly recommended to choose short hooks or gravity hooks for your light ladders. Heavy-duty ladder hooks are suitable for heavy ladders. If you are hanging your ladder vertically, vertical hooks will do the job. A folding ladder rack is the best option if you hang a ladder vertically.

A drill

To hang a ladder on the wall, you need to drill several holes. You will then insert the screws holding the hooks in the holes. Ensure you use a high-quality drilling machine to guarantee safety.

A stud finder

A stud finder is a device that locates the studs used during the construction of your house. Studs are solid pieces of timber capable of holding heavy objects, including shelves and ladders. If you have heavy items such as ladders into regular drywall instead of a wall stud, the item’s weight can unhook and send them crashing to the floor. It would be best if you had a stud finder to locate them as they are covered by drywall.

A pencil

You require a pencil to mark the studs you have selected to drill into. The studs must be properly spaced for guaranteed even and optimal support for your ladder.

How do you secure a ladder to the wall?

To secure your ladder to the wall, you can drill additional two or three brackets through the studs below the top rail. However, it would help if you flipped the brackets upside-down such that the protruding part is on top. If your hooks have two holes, you can drive a screw through each opening for a better hold. If you are working with a concrete wall, you should consider installing wall plugs. Wall plugs grip the screws better on hard surfaces than drilling hooks into regular concrete walls.

How to hang a decorative ladder on the wall vertically

Ladders are great decorative pieces for your space. Follow these guidelines to help you vertically hang your decorative ladder on the wall.

Acquire a shelf, hanging, or blanket ladder

Purchase a wooden ladder with two rails meant for hanging off a wall’s side or accessing high bookshelves.

Measure the ladder to ensure it fits the intended space

Lay the ladder vertically along the wall you want to install it. You can use a measuring tape to determine your ladder’s length if the fit seems too tight. Then measure the space on your wall to determine if it is sufficient for your ladder.

Locate, label, and drill into the studs

Use a stud finder to locate studs in your wall. Label them using a pencil and drill the hook into the wall.

Place your ladder vertically on the hook

To hang your decorative ladder vertically on the wall, you need to put its side rails together and lock them in place if the ladder has a side latch. With the ladder’s seat at the top, hold it upright and hang the seat on top of the hook.


Ladders are expensive pieces of equipment and require proper handling and storage. When not in use, you need to take all the necessary precautions for maximum safety and security. Learning how to hang a ladder on the wall is vital in avoiding damage or harm caused by improperly hanging ladders. If you have a longer ladder, it is best to use more hooks and other appropriate tools. If you can’t handle the task all by yourself, you can enlist the services of professionals to guarantee quality.

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