How to Reach 20 Foot Ceiling Quickly and Safely?

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Most people prefer a higher ceiling for them to have flashy chandeliers. Some can even go up to 20 feet. But how to reach 20 foot ceiling can be a real hassle without the right tools. And due to this, an extension or articulating ladder can be the right choice.

This type of ladder will help you reach higher heights when replacing light bulbs, painting your ceiling, removing cobwebs, and fixing chandeliers. Indeed, this is the best way to feel safe when reaching your 20 foot ceiling.

In this article, we are discussing how to reach a high ceiling and the advantages of using ladders. Keep scrolling!

Advantages of Using Ladders

Ladders have been of great benefit to homeowners and commercial users. Let’s explore the advantages of using ladders.

  • Safe tool: Ladders are safe when climbing higher heights. They can strongly accommodate your weight and any tool you carry along. Again, most of these ladders got non-slip feet for rigid footing, so you should never fret when up there performing some duties.
  • They are versatile: You can use a ladder in many ways, like changing light bulbs, hanging chandeliers, repairing the ceiling, painting, and more. Also, it’s a preferred tool around construction sites.
  • Portable and light: The other advantage of ladders is light, meaning portability. With a ladder, you can move with it to any place to perform some tasks.
  • Flexibility: Due to the many types of ladders, you can get one to perform all sorts of tasks. Like for extension ladder, you can use it to reach any height you wish. Most can fold to save space during storage and transportation.

How to Reach 20-Foot Ceiling

With a 20-foot ceiling, you may be worried about how you can reach such a height. You want to hang some decorations, paint the ceiling, change bulbs, repair the ceiling, and more. It may seem uphill, but you can perform any DIY project you wish with a ladder, lift, and scaffolding. Get down to learn how these several methods can help when reaching a high ceiling.

Use of ladders

Ladders are an ideal tool when reaching higher heights. But it would help if you had a quality ladder to reach the 20-foot ceiling. Such ladders are perfect as they can hold your weight as you climb up the ceiling. So you should be worried about stability.

Don’t be worried about how to reach the 20-foot ceiling, as you can purchase an extension ladder. You can extend this ladder to any height while leaning against the wall.

Still, you can have an articulating ladder that can fold into any position to help you reach your preferred height. But when purchasing a high ceiling ladder, there are some you need to consider, like;

  • Type of ladder: Some ladders are specifically made for high ceilings like the extension and articulating ladders. So, be on this to have a ladder that will be of benefit. Remember to confirm the material used. Ladders are made of different materials ranging from aluminum, fiberglass, wood, and steel. If you need a lightweight and durable ladder, you can consider one made of fiberglass or aluminum.
  • Weight: Ladders come with the recommended load capacity. Confirm this so that you can have a ladder that can hold you and the load at hand.
  • The height: Confirm the highest height the extension ladder can reach. And because you have a 20 feet ceiling, have one that can go above that.


Though ladders are great when reaching a high ceiling, there are some mid-points you can’t comfortably reach. Scaffolding is the most suitable when operating on large stairwells. Scaffolding is when you take two ladders and arrange metal planks between them.

Indeed, scaffolding for high ceilings can be made easy. This provides a strong surface when working on your ceiling. You can cover a large area when scaffolding to reach 20 feet ceiling.

Use of scissor lifts

A scissor lift can serve you well if you want to reach higher heights. Though it’s mostly used on construction sites, it’s safe and enclosed equipment you can consider to reach 20 feet ceiling. They are easy to operate and so you can either consider an electric, hydraulic, diesel rough terrain, or pneumatic one.

Cherry pickers

As the name suggests, you may think this equipment is for picking cherries, but it’s a versatile tool. You can use it for high ceilings. It’s a piece of unique equipment with an extended hydraulic arm with a cradle at the end. You can extend the arm forward and upward to reach any height you want. Cherry pickers are multipurpose when reaching heights you can’t get when standing.

Make up your mind by checking on the above ways you can opt for when reaching your 20 ft ceiling.

What Size Ladder Do I Need For 20 Ft Ceiling?

When choosing a ladder for your 20 ft ceiling, it is wise to be keen. You may have a ladder that will force you to reach a certain height. It would help if you had a 16-foot extension ladder to reach a 20-foot ceiling. Their real height ranges from 20 to 40 feet. Standing on such a ladder guarantees reaching your ceiling without struggles. Step ladders are never ideal when it comes to reaching the ceiling.


There are so many activities and tasks around homes. If you are a homeowner, you can attest to the many DIY projects like trimming the fence, cleaning shelves and cabinets, repairing the ceiling, painting, etc.

Reaching the ceiling and wall line can be stressful without a proper tool. So, in this article, we have elaborated on how to reach a 20-foot ceiling without struggles. An extension ladder is the cheapest tool you can consider to reach a high ceiling. Still, scaffolding and a lift are other options, though expensive.

Besides, you can consider any of the ways depending on the tasks. Safety measures should always be in mind.

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