How To Use An Extension Ladder To Get On A Roof?

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Are you worried about the most suitable ladder to reach a roof? You shouldn’t, as you can purchase an extension ladder. This type of ladder is perfect as you can extend it to your preferred height. Besides, extension ladders come with a generous load capacity.

But how to use an extension ladder to get on a roof should never be taken lightly. Why? Falling from such a ladder is easy, causing severe injuries. And so, you need to go through this informative article to learn more about how to use an extension ladder to work on your roof safely.

How to use an extension ladder to get on a roof?

Whether you want to repair the roof or clean gutters, an extension ladder is the right choice. Indeed, this tool can help you reach the height you can’t use a regular ladder. Though a ladder is a common tool, still, it possesses some dangers. You can slip and fall back, or the ladder can collapse, causing injuries.

So, you need to be keen on how to use an extension ladder to get on a roof. It would help if you used your ladder correctly to avoid the dangers of careless handling of extension ladders. So, what is the best way to use an extension ladder to reach your rooftop?

1. Choose the most suitable extension ladder

Purchasing the right extension ladder is vital to safely reach the roof. So, you can be sure of how high your roof is. Again, you must be sure of your weight and the kind of room you are operating in. Because some ladder materials are good conductors of electricity, confirm if your room has some live electrical wires.

Ensure your preferred extension ladder can comfortably help you reach the room. You don’t have to pick a ladder that will force you to struggle. And because of this, you need to be sure of the length you are climbing.

Additionally, your extension ladder must be able to support your weight and another tool you are carrying along. There are some heavy-duty type IAA ladders with a load capacity of 375 lbs. The type IA has a load capacity of 300 lbs. still; you can consider the type I ladder that can accommodate 250 lbs.

Also, the footing of the ladder should be solid to provide stability. If you are on uneven ground, you can consider ladder levers. Moreover, if you work in an environment with live electric wires, avoid aluminum extension ladders as they conduct electricity so quickly.

Lastly, never use a ladder before inspecting it. Check for dents and cracks as you confirm the locking mechanisms. This is the only way to be safe when working on your roof.

2. Use your ladder correctly

When climbing the ladder, you must face it. Avoid distractions and grab the ladder as you ascend. Keep your feet and hands on the ladder to be the center of gravity. You should never allow nervousness to take you. If you have working tools, it is good to consider a tool vest or a tool belt.

Before ascending or even descending, confirm if the ladder is stable. You can place your weight on the first step to check the stability. Understand your extension ladder before you use it.

3. Setting the extension ladder well is vital

After buying your preferred extension ladder to reach your roof, it’s time to set it properly. You can lean your ladders against anything as it may not end well. Ensure the wall is safe, and the leaning ratio should be 4:1.

If you want to confirm if your ladder is at a proper angle, touch the base and stand with the tips of your toes. If you can touch the rung after extending your arm, your ladder is stable and safe to climb. Also, you can consider a ladder stabilizer to tie your ladder.

Be keen on the surface you are setting the ladder. If you are on a soft surface, dig the feet and tip down to the ground. If you are on a hard surface, ensure the swiveling feet stay flat to secure your ladder. But, never forget to check if the ladder is OSHA compliant.

Can you use an extension ladder as a roof ladder?

Definitely yes. An extension ladder is perfect if you want to reach the roof like a professional roofer. Still, you can have one to use around your home. The good thing with an extension ladder is that you can extend it to your preferred height. Buy one according to the height of your roof.

How should you raise an extension ladder upright for work on a roof?

A sturdy extension ladder is a must to work on the roof perfectly. And for you to work comfortably, you need to raise the ladder upright. How do you achieve this? Place the bottom of your extension ladder against a stationary object or the structure’s base.

Then, pull the ladder upwards to raise it to a vertical position. You can pull it maximally to reach the roof without hassles. When the ladder is fully elect, you can transfer it to your working position. You can keep the ladder upright by holding it firmly.


An extension ladder can do you good if you are a professional roofer. Still, you can consider this ladder-type if you want to work on your roof. Either way, you should be careful when using a ladder as you can slip off, or the ladder can fall to cause severe injuries.

Follow the basic safety rules to avoid ladder injuries. Trust this article as it has enough information on how to use an extension ladder on a roof. Always buy the most appropriate ladder. Again, it would help if you inspected your ladder before using it.

Positioning your ladder safely and ensuring the footing is stable is vital if you want to complete your task without a ladder accident.

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