How To Use Little Giant Ladder On Stairs

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Do you often need to be involved in your house improvement tasks? Well, then a ladder must be a piece of essential household equipment in your daily life. Because a ladder can help you reach higher spots, whether it’s to install lighting, climb ceilings, or decorate walls.

However, you can find many types of ladders in the market. And different ladders serve different purposes. All you have to do is look for the one that is suitable for your task.

Anyway, when it comes to utilizing a ladder on stairs, there are a few issues to consider. Ladders are typically meant to be used on a flat surface. Therefore, it’s tricky to reach the high points from uneven ground.

On the contrary, the little giant ladder can resolve this case. But how to use the little giant ladder on stairs? Let’s read the article to know in detail.

How to use little giant ladder on stairs

With proper knowledge, anyone can use the little giant ladder on the stairs.

Let’s have knowledge of different aspects of little giant ladders first.

What is the little giant ladder?

What Is The Little Giant Ladder

The little giant ladder is a versatile ladder that can be transformed into different structures. Such structures are extension ladders, A-shaped ladders, step ladders, or scaffolding ladders.

This ladder’s design is highly durable, light, and adaptable. These features allow it to be securely installed on leaning staircases as well as other platforms.

However, you need to select a height that will allow you to reach the ceiling or wall from your stairwell. Because the extension and height of this ladder can be easily adjusted. Furthermore, you must read and understand the user guide before attempting to use this ladder.

The good thing about this ladder is, that you can reliably and securely do your job with this one. And you may rest assured that you’ll never fall from the little giant ladder. Because it never slides, flips, or tilts over while in use.

Guideline of using the little giant ladder on stairs

How To Use Little Giant Ladder On Stairs

Let’s follow the step-by-step guidance of using the little giant ladder on the stairs.

  1. The ladder must be manually opened into the typical A-shape, which requires pressing the Orange Knobs. These knobs are located on both sides of the top section of the ladder and are easily accessible.
  2. You’ll need to press the knobs with both hands at the same time. As a result, it causes the hinge locks to unseal as well as clamp shut inside.
  3. The height of this compact ladder will have to be extended. And you’ll need to unfasten the side locks in order to do so. You can find two clearly visible Orange Slide Locks which resemble wide handles. These are supposed to be drawn outwards, towards your body.
  4. The ladder must be physically stretched to its full height and then sequentially locked. On both sides of the ladder, you’ll find little hatch lock apertures or holes that are evenly spaced and marked.
  5. Begin by extending one side of the ladder to the height you require. Secure the side hatch by pushing the handle inside, and locking it with any of the side holes when you reach the required height. After that, the slant you’re operating on will be wider than the other one.
  6. Using the second slant of the ladder, repeat the same operation. Just ensure that this slant has a lower height to generate an inclination. This incline will assist you in maintaining a stable position on your stairs.

A ladder aide is another tool that can be used to incorporate the little giant ladder on stairs. When operating on stairs, a ladder aide serves as an easily adaptable micro-platform that keeps both legs of your ladder aligned.

Precautions to follow

  • Checking and double-checking the slide locks is a piece of vital safety advice for all ladder owners, especially while functioning on stairs.
  • You should always examine the locks before putting the ladder on the flat surface.
  • And try to lean the sides of the ladder against the wall. This will provide you with extra support as well as secure your safety.
  • Once you’re on the staircase, make sure there’s enough space around the bottom of your ladder. It shouldn’t be too adjacent to any edges.
  • You should also make sure that the ladder is put straight on the floor, rather than on a moving mat or rug.
  • Furthermore, remember to put on the proper shoes to acquire a better grip.


Finally, we are at the end of this article. We have learned what a little giant stairs ladder is and how to use a little giant ladder on stairs. However, this multipurpose ladder serves a great deal to all the professionals as well as households with its exceptional features.

Therefore, you also need to take good care of this ladder for long-lasting performance. And make sure to follow the safety tips for working securely.

Hopefully, you found this article useful.

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