Most Popular 12 Trusted Ladder Brands Worldwide

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Having the best quality ladder makes everything accessible to you and easy to store when it is not needed. Quality ladder brands come with a high price tag attached to them. The number of ladder users has increased over time; many ladder manufacturing companies have also emerged. It is essential to research the ladder manufacturing companies and the quality of their brands. 

This article aims to enlighten you on the ladder of brands available, their advantages, disadvantages, and verified customer reviews. You will also get to understand the cost of the ladder brands.

This article will present the best ladder brands trusted by ladder users. Let us dive into the article to discover more:

Most Popular 12 Trusted Ladder Brands List:

  • Werner Ladder
  • Baileys Ladder
  • Gorilla Ladder
  • Louisville Ladder
  • Babcock Ladder
  • Ladamax Ladder
  • Little Giant  Ladder
  • Green bull Ladder
  • Kellers Ladder
  • Gorilla Ladder
  • Indalax ladder
  • Cotterman Ladder

Ladder Brand overview:

Werner Ladder

Werner is the current leading brand in the world. It has over 60 decades of experience in manufacturing various climbing products. They engineer their equipment for safety at every height, Productivity, and maximum durability.

Werner always stays at the top of the pack; They continuously invest in the latest technology and designs. They test all their products extensively before releasing them to the market. Warner ladders are long-lasting and have earned the trust of ladder users over the years.

Werner ladders have a wide range of products for working at heights that can withstand even the most demanding jobs. Their product portfolio includes – step stools, attic ladders,  scaffolding, and Extension ladders. You can use it indoors and outdoors.

Werner products not only meet the user’s expectations but exceed them.

Baileys ladder

It is based in Australia. It has had a reputation for producing high-quality ladders for six decades. They are famous for extension ladders which are portable and ergonomic.

They are the top-selling brands in Australia.

Gorilla Ladder

The company is located in Victoria, Australia, has over ten years of experience in the ladder manufacturing industry, and has a reputation for high-quality ladders at meager prices. Their extension ladders are made of fiberglass, which is popular since they are lightweight and robust.

Louisville Ladders

It was founded in 1946 by a company, Grupo Cuprum, based in Mexico.Professional channel Ladder of choice. Louisville ladders are designed with customers in mind. Its ladder brand is durable, high quality, and meets all safety standards. Come in impressive sizes and are lightweight. The ladders are made of fiberglass and aluminum.

Their product range includes extension ladders, step ladders, and step ladders.

Babcock Ladder

Babcock ladder brand is reputed for producing premium wood ladders that are secure. The ladders are manufactured in New York. They have top-notch construction and meet all the customer needs. They have many ladder designs to choose from

 their broad product range, including step ladders, arctic ladders, and extension ladders.

Ladamax Ladder

The company started operations in 1998 by the former Bailey managing director of Glen Bailey. The company has grown tremendously to be among the famous brands worldwide. The ladder brand is high quality and dynamic for outdoor and indoor use.

Little Giant Ladder

It was founded by Harold Wing and had over 30 years of experience. The ladder brand produces high-quality ladders from aluminum and fiberglass. The ladder brand meets all the ANSI and OSHA standards. They are in the first position in terms of versatility and stability. They have a wall pad that rotates to protect it from the risk of scratching. In 2019 they scooped the best overall position in OSHA certification standard. Little giant ladders are premium products, so be ready to spend an extra coin.

Green bull Ladder

A partner of Werner brand since 2008.A wide range of excellent products manufactured by warner ladders company. They strive to ensure customer satisfaction, and you can hardly go wrong with their products.

They take the first position in the professional contractor’s category. They are excellent when it comes to heavy-duty construction. Their material of ladder construction is aluminum and fiberglass.

Kellers Ladder

Keller ladders are part of the Werner ladders company, which has vast experience of decades in this industry. It has an increasing reputation for high-quality products suitable for contractors and homeowners for light-duty work.

Their product range; extension ladders, step ladders, and step stools 

Gorilla Ladder

They are manufactured in Australia. The ladder brand is known for its best quality and affordable price. Popular with both residential and commercial customers.

They are easily portable due to their being lightweight and stable. The best-selling product is the extension ladder made of fiberglass.

Indalex Ladder

The Indalex ladder brand is also from Australia. It produces high-quality and durable ladders that are dependable. They believe in the process of continuous improvement. Their products have exceeded international standards. You can be sure of not replacing your ladder any time soon if you purchase Indalex products.

Cotterman Ladder

Cotterman was established in 1925 and has been in the ladder market since then. Their product portfolio includes rolling warehouse ladder, fixed steel ladder, tilt, and rolling warehouse ladder. They strive to satisfy the customer’s needs and expectations.

What brand ladder is best?

In terms of quality, the Little Giants take the 1st position

The Gorilla ladders are the most customer-friendly for their lower cost of buying.

Babcock ladder is the best when it comes to wood ladders.

Overall, the Werner ladders take the first spot if you combine quality and price.

Is Werner a good ladder brand?

Werner is a good brand from the list above. It takes the second position in quality following Little Giants, and its prices are customer friendly.


For construction work or to reach high places, you need the best ladder in quality, stability, and safety to get the job done. The list has the twelve ladder manufacturers with the best reputation in the country.

When it’s time to go shopping, look out for the best ladder brand, and you will not regret it.

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