Little Giant Megalite 17 Ladder Review

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When it comes to ladders, you cannot just have one at your disposal. There are so many types of work that require different types of ladders.

However, multi-position ladders could be the answer to that concern. These ladders are exceptionally useful because they provide utmost versatility and can be used in any field of work you can think of.

If you are willing to get such a ladder but don’t know what constitutes a good one, we can help you with our Little Giant Megalite 17 ladder review that discusses in detail one of the best ladders money can get!

Benefits of a Multi-Position Ladder

There are many different types of ladders on the market, but nothing performs quite elegantly like a multi-position ladder.

With a multi-position ladder, you get a plethora of benefits that you wouldn’t get otherwise with an ordinary ladder.


Multi-position ladders are usually constructed with some of the best materials possible. The reason is that people will use them in numerous types of work.

Manufacturers keep versatility in mind, and because of that, durability is a key factor when it comes to these ladders. Often, you will find multi-position ladders with an aluminum steel construction or some other sturdy metal construction.

Some of the ladders will be hefty in weight to provide utmost durability, and others will be lightweight to provide accessible transportation.

Hence, you are always benefitting from the material of the multi-position ladder.


Since these ladders are versatile in their utility, they need to be incredibly safe and secure to use. Manufacturers will often offer extra features like speed locks, armored feet, flared legs, etc.

All of these features enhance the safety aspect of these ladders and ensure that you don’t accidentally hurt yourself while working on the ladder.


Finally, we get to the crux of the matter, which is the versatility of these ladders. In terms of overall utility, nothing can beat multi-position ladders.

With a ladder-like this, you won’t have to purchase multiple ladders since only one can give you exceptional utility in all of the tasks you want to perform.

For example, if you wanted to reach higher places, but you didn’t have a long ladder, you could just break the multi-position ladder in two and extend it all the way to the place you want to reach.

This is just one example out of many where the multi-position ladder reigns supreme in its versatility.

Little Giant Megalite 17 Ladder Review

The versatility of a multi-position ladder is undeniable since you get the best of all worlds in a single package. You don’t really have to worry about getting another ladder to work on your roof or scaffolding with this ladder.

If you are interested in getting such a ladder, we recommend the Megalite 17 by Little Giant. Now, multi-position ladders aren’t anything new, but this ladder provides extra features that are unparalleled amongst the competition.

For starters, this ladder has an aluminum construction that is lightweight in its footprint. Don’t think that this ladder is flimsy because of its aluminum construction, as it can tolerate more load than the average ladder.

Since this is a multi-position ladder, you get a number of different settings that you can adjust however you want. Features like hinges and telescoped legs allow you to set up the ladder however you wish.

For example, the ladder has a hinge lock system that allows you to keep the ladder’s extension at bay and prevents any unnecessary movement. The riveted feet provide ample traction and keep the ladder from accidentally sliding or skidding on its surface.

This example is just one in many that beautifully exemplifies just how versatile the ladder can be. However, if you are worried about the safety aspect of this ladder, know that this ladder can support up to 300 lbs of weight at a single time.

Means either you could work on the ladder or get someone else on the ladder and work together. In either case, the ladder would provide the utmost safety and security every time.

Overall, this is a ladder that you will not regret getting because of its reliable build quality and versatile utility in a number of work fields.


  • Lightweight aluminum construction
  • Multi-positional capabilities
  • Can be adjusted however you like
  • 300 lbs maximum load capacity
  • Transportation wheels
  • Can be used at a 90-degree angle


LegsTelescoped design
Maximum Reach Height18 feet 11 inches
Maximum Load Support300 lbs
Extra FeaturesSpeed-locking system, Hinge-locks, Platform at work

What Makes a Good Ladder? – A Buyer’s Guide

There are some aspects that decide whether a ladder is good or not. If you are looking for a ladder for your work, you must keep these aspects in mind because they will allow you to get the best ladder possible.


The material of a ladder is of utmost importance since it decides whether or not it will last long enough for your work.

Often, you will find ladders with an aluminum construction since it is cheaper to produce ladders with that material. Now, we are not saying that using aluminum in a ladder is bad since it provides a bunch of benefits like a lightweight footprint, clean feel, etc.

There are many ladders that use a mixture of both aluminum and some other material like industry-grade steel to provide the best of both worlds.

If you are looking for a ladder, try to make sure the ladder can take a beating without easily breaking in the process. Alloy metal is another good option you can consider since it makes the ladder lightweight enough to be carried by one person.


The legs of a ladder are another essential aspect since they are the ones supporting your weight when you’re working on the ladder.

Manufacturers will offer features like riveted legs or armored feet to provide you with maximal security and safety on the ladder. All of these features are great and all, but they are nothing if you do not know which feature serves what purpose.

So, before you inevitably purchase a ladder, make sure that the legs are secure and do not randomly skid across the surface. This is a serious issue since you can severely injure yourself from falling from the ladder.

Get a ladder with legs that don’t budge even when you perform the heaviest tasks on it.

Load Capacity

All the features in the world won’t save you from accidentally breaking your ladder in two due to your weight. Hence, it is crucial that you get a ladder that can support your entire weight without making any unnecessary movement.

Most ladders can support the average weight of any person, but it is an entirely different case if you want to work together with someone else.

Multi-position ladders offer double steps that allow you to work together with another person, so these ladders usually can support someone else.

Even if you work alone, your best bet would be to get a multi-position ladder because of its huge load capacity.

How heavy is the Little Giant MegaLite ladder?

Many factors can affect how heavy a ladder is, and the Little Giant MegaLite ladder is no exception. For one thing, the ladder’s weight can vary depending on the material it’s made of. For example, an aluminum ladder will be a lot lighter than a ladder made of steel. However, you can generally expect a ladder-like this to weigh anywhere from 30 to 40 pounds.

Another factor that can affect the weight of a ladder is the size. For example, the Little Giant MegaLite ladder is available in a 15-foot or a 180 inches model.

So, how heavy is the Little Giant MegaLite ladder if it’s 180 inches? As for its specifications, it weighs 31 pounds, to be exact.

How tall is a little giant MegaLite ladder?

As mentioned already, the little giant MegaLite ladder is currently available in an 18 feet model. Although when fully extended, it can reach up to 18 feet 11 inches. So it’s almost 19 feet in length.

How do you use the little giant MegaLite ladder?

The Little Giant MegaLite ladder is one of the market’s most versatile and useful ladders. It can be used as an A-frame ladder, extension ladder, or stepladder, making it perfect for various tasks. Here are some tips on how to use your Little Giant MegaLite ladder:

  • When using the A-frame ladder, make sure to extend it to its full height and lock the joints in place. It will give you the stability you need to safely complete your task.
  • If you need a little extra height when using the ladder as an extension ladder, you can add the Little Giant MegaLite Extension Kit. This will give you an additional 2 feet of height, making it perfect for reaching high places.
  • When using the ladder as a stepladder, open the A-frame and spread the legs wide for stability. You can also use the included work tray to keep your tools and materials close at hand.

Why Go For This Ladder?

No matter what task you need to complete, the Little Giant MegaLite ladder is up to the challenge. With its versatile design and sturdy construction, it’s sure to be a valuable addition to your home or work arsenal.

here are some other reasons to get this excellent ladder

  • The Little Giant MegaLite ladder is one of the most versatile ladders on the market. It can be used as an A-frame ladder, extension ladder, staircase ladder, or as two scaffold bases.
  • It is also one of the lightest ladders, making it easy to transport and set up.
  • Little Giant Megalite 17 ladder can be used for a variety of tasks, both inside and outside the home.
  • It can be set up quickly and easily due to its simple yet effective design.
  • This ladder is built with safety in mind, and its wide base provides a stable platform for working.
  • Its price is unbeatable for all the features and benefits it offers.

How much is a little giant megalite 17 ladder weight?

The little giant megalite 17 ladder weighs 31 pounds, which is quite lightweight for its 15 feet frame. But as it is made of aluminum, it weighs significantly less when compared to its stainless steel counterparts. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I extend the Megalite 17 ladder to its maximum height?

Extending the ladder to its maximum height is a fairly simple process. All you need to do is unlock the hinge locks, bend one staircase to the top, and lock the hinges again. The hinge locks ensure that the extension is in place and doesn’t shift due to unnecessary movement.

With a design like this, you get an easy to use a ladder that doesn’t require any extra tools

Can I use this ladder as a step ladder?

You can easily use this ladder as a step ladder with the included platform you get in the box. The platform has a design that allows it to be attached with any of the steps so that you can use it as a step ladder at any time.

What accessories can I use on this ladder?

Since this is a multi-position ladder, you get a plethora of options regarding accessories. You could use a ladder stabilizer, extra feet, and more with this ladder because of its versatile design.

Final Words

Overall, the Megalite 17 ladder is a dependable ladder you can use because of its versatility and durable design. If you’re looking for a ladder that is exceptionally capable of handling any task you throw at it, this is the one to get.

We hope that our Little Giant Megalite 17 ladder review has helped you learn more about the ladder and make an educated choice in getting one!

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