Little Giant vs Werner: Who is better than whom?

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We all know how challenging it can be to reach higher heights without the help of a ladder. So, purchasing one can be such an advantage. This is a must-have tool for DIY projects within your home. Still, you can purchase a ladder for commercial use. 

In this article, we are comparing little giant vs werner ladders. They are celebrated brands in the market that come with different features. Keep scrolling for more information on these two ladder brands’ features, advantages, and disadvantages. Through this post, you will get to make the right choice depending on your needs.

Little Giant and Werner Ladder Comparison Table

#Little Giant LadderWerner Ladder
1The load capacity of 300 pounds300 lbs weight rating
2A stable and durable ladderSturdy and stable
3Rungs secured by locksEdge bracing system technology
4Highly versatileMultipurpose
5Up to 24 configurationsTwin step ladder
6Light in weightIt’s a bit heavy

Little Giant vs Werner: Choosing The Right Ladder

Though owning a ladder is important, buying a good brand is advisable. Here comes little giant and werner for their popularity in manufacturing ladders. Little giant ladders are known to be versatile and also affordable.

Additionally, they are made from stronger material with rounded steps that enhance this ladder’s stability. Also, the little giant is a ladder you can extend to your preferred height as it has rungs secured by locks. And due to this, you will have all the comfort when climbing this little giant. The only downside of this ladder is the size and weight. They are big in size and bulky, but sturdiness is an assurance.

On the other hand, werner ladders use the latest technology to ensure their ladders come with the best design to enhance longevity and even convenience. They also embrace the Werner performance system that enables customers to pick their ladder to learn more about safety.

Werner is another brand that ensures safety. Though they are not stronger than the little giant, these ladders use EDGE professional bracing system that works as a reinforcement to ensure safety. But when comparing the little giant ladder vs werner mt 22 ladder, you will note they have the same locking mechanism. These ladders also have the same load capacity of 300 pounds.

#Little Giant Ladder Overview:

Little Giant Ladder

Little giant ladders are perfect tools for cleaning higher heights, changing light bulbs, reaching the ceiling, reaching high-placed items, and more. They are of high quality and last for a long. The material used to produce these ladders is quality, which is a bit expensive. It’s one of the most tools if you have a construction project.

Features of Little Giant

Let’s explore the features of this fantastic little giant.

Presence of rungs secured by locks: It is more comfortable and safe to climb this little giant due to the hinge locks that fasten the joints. You can easily configure your ladder to any position you wish. And that is why you can position this ladder as a step ladder for self-support. Still, you can move the hinge locks to a straight ladder to reach the ceiling and roof.

Little giant levelers: This is what can help you to position your ladder on unleveled ground. You may want to place it like the stairs or sloppy area. It would help if you had this ladder to work effectively. It’s an excellent ladder when changing light bulbs, fixing chandeliers, and placing items on the loft around your ceiling.

Versatility: Consider this multipurpose ladder. The reason is that you can turn this ladder into a multi-position ladder to use it as a step or straight ladder. Still, you scaffold using this little giant. You can imagine the joy and comfort of moving along the platform than moving the whole ladder.

The load capacity of 300 pounds: Little giant is a ladder you can trust regarding weight capacity. With a load capacity of 300 pounds, you can comfortably climb this ladder with other working tools.

Advantages of Little Giant Ladder

The advantages of the little giant ladder are;

  • They are versatile ladders.
  • It’s a multipurpose ladder, as you can configure it into a step ladder, straight ladder, extension ladder, or trestles.
  • Little giant ladders are strong to accommodate a load capacity of 300 pounds.
  • They are stable and durable ladders.
  • You can fold this ladder to ease transportation and even storage.
  • The rungs got non-slip ribbing to provide stability with no worries of slipping off.
  • It’s the best ladder for scaffolding.


  • When using the little giant ladder, ensure you wear dry clothes as you can easily slip off. The reason is. These ladders are waterproof.

Why is Little Giant the Right Ladder?

The little giant ladder is the right one if you need one to clean kitchen shelves and cabinets, change light bulbs, trim the fence, and reach the ceiling and rooftops. Still, you can consider one for commercial use.

The benefits of owning a little giant ladder are that it’s highly versatile, and you can configure it to any position. You can use it as a step ladder or extension ladder, depending on the height you want to reach.

Again, the little giant is a strong and sturdy ladder that will never give you doubts about falling back. Also, they are durable as they are made from strong and quality materials. The stability comes from 4 pins that are on every joint.

The design also gives one comfort when climbing. Though a bit expensive, you will love the quality and versatility of this ladder.

Are Little Giant Ladders Safe?

Yes, they are safe. Most are made of aluminum, a trusted material for strong and safe ladders. Rungs are secured in locks to ensure the ladder is held tightly. Again, you can be sure of the safety of this ladder as it comes with a load capacity of 300 pounds.

This is a ladder you can climb with your working equipment without worries. The steps are wide enough for easy climbing.

Who manufactures Little Giant?

Little giant is manufactured by Brennan Equipment & Mfg.Inc – a company, celebrated for ladders. It is one of the largest companies in the USA, operating under Wing Enterprises. The headquarters of this company is in Springville, Utah.

Harold Ray Wing founded this company which got an idea in Germany and came up with the little giant ladder design.

Are All Little Giant Ladders Made in China?

Little giant ladders are not made in china but in the USA. The little giant ladder is a company that is shining in the USA. Founded by Harold Ray Wind, this is the largest company known to manufacture ladders. You can visit its headquarters in Springville, Utah.

#Werner Ladder Overview:

Werner Ladder

You can go for werner if you are looking for a ladder. It’s a reputable company producing step stools, step ladders, scaffolds, and attic ladders. This company puts more effort into safe equipment like anchors, lanyards, and harnesses.

You can use a ladder to change light bulbs, pick items in higher areas, and clean kitchen shelves and cabinets. This can be the best ladder for you if you value safety more than anything else. But this doesn’t mean little giant ladders are not safe. Still, you can go for werner if you are working under a tight budget as they are cheaper than a little giant. Let’s get to the features.

Features of Werner Ladders

Offers versatility: Werner manufactures a variety of ladders that can be used in different ways. You can get a step ladder or even a step stool. Still, they do produce scaffolds to create a working platform. This makes work easier in any home or construction area.

Heavy: Some benefits come with heaviness. First, you will be sure of sturdiness. Again, stability is assured. Most werner ladders are made of steel, a heavy material, which is why bulky ladders are produced.

Edge bracing system: This is a safety mechanism with werner ladders. It acts as a ladder reinforcement for the ladder’s safety. It makes ladders safer, stable, and durable.

Advantages of Werner Ladders

  • They are user-friendly, and they won’t stress you around if it’s your first time.
  • They are sturdy and can last for many years.
  • Werner uses the latest technology to come up with the best ladder designs for easy usage.
  • These ladders got an edge bracing system that acts as a ladders reinforcement to ensure safety.


  • They are heavy as they are made from heavy materials such as steel-which interferes with portability.
  • You can’t configure a werner ladder to any form like the little giant.

Is Werner a Good Brand?

Of course, yes, werner is a good brand if you are planning to buy a ladder. This is where you can get the safest ladders. Its ladders are quality and can last for several years when taken good care of. Apart from ladders, they produce safety equipment like anchors, lanyards, and harnesses to prevent falling.

The technology used by werner is what ensures the good shape of these ladders. This ensures longevity while assuring convenience. This brand is working at its best to keep up with the many competitors. Mostly, they use the Werner Performance system, whereby you can use the ladder to educate yourself n safety.

Does Werner Make Good Ladder?

Have been using a werner ladder, and I can testify that werner is a good brand. Still, after reading reviews from different people on Amazon, werner doesn’t seem to produce bad ladders. The ladders are quite good and the safest.


A ladder is an essential tool around homes and any other working area. It is such a necessity when it comes to reaching items set n higher heights. Several brands are available in the market, including little giant and werner ladder.

They are all great ladders as they possess great features that enhance durability, safety, and reliability. After comparing little giant vs werner, little giant takes the lead. They are more durable, strong, and offer excellent stability. It’s a ladder you can trust for your DIY projects.

Still, you can go for werner as this company has invested in safety. Though werner ladders are stable but they can’t outshine the little giant. The only thing is that little giant is a bit expensive compared to werner. Hopefully, this informative article will help you make the right choice.

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