The Best Loft Ladders for Small Spaces in 2022 | Top 5 Picks

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Does your loft ladder in the house make noises to the point you fear it might come loose one of these days?

These ladders require a certain amount of space around the structure. If the confined area is your main concern, all the more reason to look forward to this article. 

Hence, I took the liberty to introduce you to the best loft ladders for small spaces with easy access. I mean, no one wants that terrible slip and fall accident due to negligence, right?

I have got you covered with an awesome comparison chart for a quick assessment and honest reviews. If you scroll down a bit more, there will be a buying guide to factor in while finalizing your decision!

Let’s begin.

Loft Ladders Comparison Chart:

Product NameLouisville Ladder, AL228PFAKRO LMS 66866 Attic LadderLouisville Ladder, L224PFAKRO LST 66875 Scissor Attic LadderWerner W2210 Wood Folding Attic Ladder
Opening Size (l x w)63 x 22.5 In.47 x 25 In.60 x 22.5 In.31 x 22 In.54 x 22.5 In.
Weight63.8 lbs.62 lbs.57 lbs.84 lbs.61 lbs.
Load Capacity350 lbs.350 lbs.250 lbs.300 lbs.250 lbs.
Ceiling Height10 to 12 ft.7 to 8.10 ft.8.9 to 10 In.7 to 9.6 ft.8.9 to 10.4 In.
Landing Space84 In.56 In.70 In.57.5 In.64 In.
Ladder StyleFoldingFoldingFoldingScissors, FoldingFolding

What is a Loft Ladder?

A loft ladder is an alternate way of accessing the loft or attic of the house. Nowadays many people use this compact loft ladder instead of the permanent staircase. It is specially designed for utilizing tight space.

Loft Ladders for Small Spaces

There are different types of loft ladders such as aluminum loft ladders, metal ladders, wooden loft ladders, steel ladders, etc. Loft ladders are suitable for both indoor and commercial usage. The installation process of this ladder is easy as well.

Loft ladders are easy to climb. Some loft ladders come with a handrail which gives protection. It is recommended to use a loft ladder if you have children in the house.

Why Choose a Loft Ladders for Small Spaces?

Loft ladders are a great way to safely access your loft. If you don’t have any additional space for fixed attic staircases, you should choose a loft ladder. There are different loft ladder ideas. Most of them are retractable ladders. It saves a lot of storage space in your home.

Loft ladders are safe and simple to use.  It is attached to the heavy loft hatch. The wall-mounted loft ladder is stably attached to the hatch door. It gives maximum support and reduces the risks of falling.

Loft ladders are also cost-effective. It provides speedy access into the loft which saves your time.

Different Types of Loft Ladders for Small Spaces

There are different types of loft ladders available in the market. Some common types of space-saving loft ladders are described below.

1. Folding ladders

Folding ladders are easy to operate. This ladder is useful for small spaces as you can get decreased size after folding the ladder. It is suitable for both indoors and outdoor.

The folding ladder can be used for multiple purposes. It can be folded into two or three segments. A timber folding ladder is one of the most common folding ladders. This type of ladder is more flexible and robust.

2. Telescopic loft ladders

A telescopic loft ladder is very convenient for congested spaces. This ladder needs to be released from a rack whenever it is required. It is adjustable. The material of this ladder is aluminum. The feet of this ladder are covered with rubber which makes it non-slippery.

3. Sliding loft ladders

The sliding loft ladder is quite safe and doesn’t occupy any extra space in the loft. This ladder is made of lightweight aluminum.

This ladder comes with a robust handrail. The gliding operation of this ladder is smooth. This ladder is a little bit pricey.

4. Electric loft ladders

There are two categories of electric loft ladders. They are semi-automatic and fully electronic.  The operation of this ladder is similar to the folding ladder. But the system is automatic. You can control the ladder by pressing a button.

5 Best Loft Ladders for Small Spaces

I hope you took your time understanding the guide before the preliminary step towards this review section. Or do you have basic knowledge of the ladder mechanism? Hop right on!

1. Louisville Aluminum Attic Ladder, AL228P


Load Capacity350 lbs.
Rung TypeStandard
Weight63.8 lbs.
Ceiling Height Minimum (ft.)10
Ceiling Height Maximum (ft.)12
Rough Opening (In.)63 x 22.5
Landing Space (In.)84
Rail Size (In.)3.125


The Louisville Ladder is known for manufacturing some of the best loft ladders for small spaces. Therefore, I had to check it out for my dust-covered attic, as well.

Basically, I planned to shove all the unnecessary but hard-to-throw-away boxes filled with items up there. So the weight capacity was a crucial factor for this capability.

The ability to hold 350 lbs. – including my weight – alongside the aluminum sturdiness features the perfect combo. Plus, there are handrails to avoid slipping in case you encounter a ghost or two.

Kidding aside, the R3 insulated door with hook and pole makes it super convenient to open the hatch, pull down the ladder, and venture into the quietest area of the house. Thus, it has been the best loft stairs for small spaces. The opening is roughly 63 x 22.5 inches, an ideal dimension for most lofts/attics.

Now, if you focus on the ladder itself, you will notice it contains some heavy-duty hinges, easy hang strap function, and adjustable feet. Yes, these feet with non-slip shoes will extend up to 12 ft.

All in all, the compact structure allows the product to be installed without a fuss! Did I tell you even those steps are designed to ensure you do not slip and fall when trying to lift hefty boxes?

2. FAKRO LMS 66866 Insulated Steel Attic Ladder


Load Capacity350 lbs.
Rung TypeStandard
MaterialPowder coated metal
Weight62 lbs.
Ceiling Height Minimum (ft.)7
Ceiling Height Maximum (ft.)8.10
Rough Opening (In.)47 x 25
Landing Space (In.)56


The second in line, in the opinion of many valuable customers and mine, is the FAKRO LMS 66866. Do you know why? It focuses on the compact area surrounding the attic/loft of your house. So, no doubt, it is one of the best loft ladders for tight spaces.

Hence, it is another best space-saving loft ladder that has won over plenty of hearts to deserve the loving praises found in various shopping sites.

Let’s start with the hatch, an insulated wooden door frame of R 5.2 value. All you have to do is follow the instructions to install this wood ladder accordingly. Everything is assembled in the package! The wooden staircase will make your work easy.

Next is the mighty ladder itself, which I believe is one of the robust ones I have come across so far. It comprises powder-coated metal to prevent rust, non-slip steps, tremendous load capacity, and high-grade hinges with smooth folding/pull-down maneuver.

The swinging clearance does not take up much space, allowing the loft ladder to be set up in a small attic room as well along with quick clearance space. While the maximum height level entails about 8ft., it lacks a handrail.

There is hardly any chance of falling off the steps even if Stephen King’s notorious horror characters decide to play peek-a-boo with you. You can use the steps above as support without even dropping the boxes/ bags.

The ladder shoes prevent side-to-side motion, something many manufacturers fail to achieve. In short, you are looking at a flawless loft ladder for your small place right here!

3. Louisville Wooden Attic Ladder, S224P


Load Capacity250 lbs.
Rung TypeStandard
Weight57 lbs.
Ceiling Height Minimum (ft.)8.9
Ceiling Height Maximum (ft.)10
Rough Opening (In.)60 x 22.5
Landing Space (In.)70
Rail Size (In.)0.75 x 3.375


How could I part with Louisville after only one product introduction? My brother needed a small space ladder that is priced reasonably and robust as mine. But he wanted small wooden loft ladders to go with his floor/ceiling layout.

I suggested the L224P loft ladder from the same brand, being the good sibling and all.

We installed it together through the loft ladder kit, and the ease of setting it up made me realize this has to go into the list. With a moderate rough opening and a maximum of 10 inches of height, it is a resilient wooden ladder one cannot ignore.

If you have a similar taste in such products in addition to seeking superior stability, look no further. It can support 250 lbs. including yourself. The steps feature a grooved design to provide optimal traction.

I mean, you never know when one might have to run down the steps after hearing spine-chilling wind blows in a windowless attic! Besides, such safety measures are important for children who love turning the attic into a private game room (my 11-year-old nephew!).

Anyhow, the EZ hang strips are super easy to work with, whereas the hinges provide ultra-smooth unfolding. This wood ladder is also an excellent loft ladder that does not wobble as you climb up. Think of it like another staircase for a compact zone.

I certainly recommend it!

4. FAKRO LST 66823 Insulated Steel Scissor Attic Ladder


Load Capacity300 lbs.
Rung TypeStandard
Weight84 lbs.
Ceiling Height Minimum (ft.)7
Ceiling Height Maximum (ft.)9.6
Rough Opening (In.)31 x 22
Landing Space (In.)57.5


This type of unit is known as the concertina loft ladder, the ultimate solution to congested attic/loft opening areas. If you are okay with spending a little out of your comfort zone, the FAKRO LST 66875 can fit in without any issue.

You have to make sure the rough opening is accurately positioned before picking this unit, though. This compact loft ladder strives for precise fitment, without which it may turn into a burdensome weight instead of a solution.

Now, what makes a loft ladder ideal? Perhaps you should look into the door frame, to begin with. It includes an insulated wooden hatch frame of R5.2 value. The white color adds a sense of tranquility in contrast to the black metallic scissor design.

Then comes the ladder extension of these concertina ladders as you install the thing with a preset structure. While the manufacturer claims the model to withstand about 350 lbs., I suggest keeping it to 300 lbs. for safety.

The ceiling-to-floor height consists of a maximum of 9.6ft., which is understandable if you consider the overall unique unfolding style.

And do you know the best part about the S-shaped strings, unlike the traditional loft ladders I mentioned earlier? These strings are excellent means of handrail support. So, undoubtedly, you can call it one of the best loft ladders with a handrail.

So, you will have the railing backing you every step of the way! My favorite feature is the way it glides up and down once you open the hatch. Carry the memory boxes up in your attic with confidence, I say.

5. Werner W2210 Wood Folding Attic Ladder


Load Capacity250 lbs.
Rung TypeStandard
Weight61 lbs.
Ceiling Height Minimum (ft.)8.9
Ceiling Height Maximum (ft.)10.4
Rough Opening (In.)54 x 22.5
Landing Space (In.)64
Rail Size (In.)0.75 x 3.5


There is nothing much to disclose about this unit except that it is solid! Have you been searching for a model to replace beat-up, about to expire for life aluminum loft ladders?

I have nothing against such metal materials for ladders. In fact, I encourage the durability of aluminum ladders over anything else, but this wooden product of mid-ranged rough opening is equally qualified to handle hefty movements.

The loading capability reaches 250 lbs. – a powerful feat when attempting back and forth climbing with heavy items/boxes. Thanks to the rodding mechanism, each step you take will be free of sagging and springiness.

It also adds stability, strength, and resilience against wobbling. Even if you are totally a rookie at installing the unit, the fully assembled setup will relieve you from fear of failure.

The feeling exists; I am the sole proof!    

Furthermore, the high-end door offers desirable painting or staining choices. You did not think to mount it right after purchase, did you? Color the frame, and bring an aesthetical appearance to match the surrounding!

The hinges continue to be rigid and safe, whereas the pull strings allow anyone to have easy access. A reliable handrail will help you balance yourself on the non-slip steps too.

Its maximum 10.4 ft. height range of these space-saving loft ladders is actually accommodating to most housing structures. 

Should you opt for it? Heck, yes!

Before You Buy What to Look for

I’m going to save you from the boring dos and don’ts here. However, personal experiences are valuable lessons for all. Let me pass it on to you without further delay.

Measure the Hatch Opening!

The world of loft ladders is not that wide if you consider the rough opening available on your ceiling.

Constricted spaces are the true enemy of a perfect loft ladder! Maybe you are in love with a brand model, but it does not offer the right opening size.

Well, you should have checked the size first! This was my first mistake as a noob. As silly as it sounds, assuming the opening dimensions and the factual measurement are two different roads.

I suggest you pick the latter and face that ceiling opening with measuring kits. Carefully check the length and width, which will help narrow down to selected products. You can do it!

Do Not Forget the Height

How far is the distance between the ceiling and floor? Will you be able to fit any ladder based on only the opening? No, an estimation ceiling to floor measurement will tackle non-fitting hassles – trust me on that.

If the ladder comes with adjustable feet, those few missing inches you overlooked will not even be of any big deal. 

Ladder Style

So, the popular styles consist of folding and sliding loft ladders. There is a reason I picked the folding design above all else.

According to many loft ladder fitment conquerors, it is the most convenient for balance, durability, installation, and stowing position that does not wear down the life expectancy.

What’s a Swing Clearance?

I love going to the park and sitting on the swings; this is not about that, though. However, it provides a pendulum effect in length during the back and forth motion.

Similarly, the folding ladders will require swing clearance where the arc fold is at 90-degree in parallel to the floor.

Do you have that much space around in the area?

Landing Space

Once the ladder is fully extended to the floor, do you see the space behind it? In other words, the distance from the loft ceiling to the floor (vertical) and the end of the opening to the closest obstruction (horizontal) is the landing space.

You better measure it right to avoid ceiling to ladder jamming issues.

Material & Weight Capacity

I am a blind follower of anything that is aluminum. Besides, wooden ladders are also aesthetically marvelous.

Any durable loft ladder, wooden or metal, must not weigh more than the ceiling is capable of holding. It should also deliver long-lasting effects even after years of use.

As long as the quality is top-notch, both aluminum and wooden loft ladders are ideal for small space lofts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do loft ladders come in different sizes?

Oh yes! The ceiling-to-floor term is not the same in all houses and apartments, obviously. As a result, expect various heights to work with before picking out the right one for your loft.

Is it easy to fit a loft ladder?

Most small loft ladders that you can purchase come with essential kits for easy installation. So, it is quite simple just to follow the instruction and carry out the steps with a clear mind.

Do loft hatches come in different sizes?

The sizes, designs, and materials may vary depending on the housing layout. While there might be a standard rough opening (28.5 x 22 In.), various other opening structures allow compact or big loft ladders to fit in.

Just compare the measurements with the available hatch opening in the ceiling to the product frame before purchasing.

Final Words

There you go! These are the 5 best loft ladders for small spaces. I hope you had a blast exploring.

Even I should look into the list myself to replace that ancient ladder at grandpa’s house. I am done jumping out of my skin every time that old thing screams in protest!

Good luck to you too.

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