Murphy Ladder Vs Little Giant: Key Features With Pros And Cons

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Today, the market is flooded with all sorts of ladders. This is because they are great tools for reaching higher heights. You can consider going for a murphy ladder or little giant- a great companion during DIY projects. They are all useful in different ways depending on one’s needs.

Murphy ladders are celebrated due to their lightweight and their multi-position capabilities. You can use this ladder to reach rooftops and wall lines. 

On the other hand, little giant ladders are best for outdoor tasks as they have wheels that enhance mobility. So as Murphy, it’s also a multi-position ladder. Keep reading this Murphy ladder Vs Little Giant article to differentiate these two ladders.

Are Murphy ladders and little giant the same?

No, they are not the same though they serve the same purpose. They are ideal tools for reaching beyond heights. Murphy ladders are light in weight with a higher weight load capacity of 375 lbs. Again, the feet are covered with plastic to prevent marring. But they are not more durable compared to little giant ladders.

On the other hand, little giant ladders are more durable. This ladder can be used as a step ladder or straight ladder, and it can be designed in a scaffolding mode. But, they are heavy so transportations can be a hassle. Still, they can’t fit in a small space

Which is better, Murphy ladder vs Little Giant?

These ladders are different due to the many distinguishing features. Comparing murphy ladder vs little giant, they both have possible impressive features. Your choice will depend on how you are going to use the ladder. But the truth is, the murphy ladder has the most appealing functional and structural features.

You can get a step ladder and extension ladder from a murphy ladder, which makes it suitable for all sorts of tasks. But if you find the little giant ladder to impress you, you can go for it as it’s a good choice for outdoor tasks around your home.

What is the Murphy ladder?

A murphy ladder is a versatile, multi-position tool that enables you to navigate around corners when performing DIY projects. Also, it’s a ladder with compact in design, dependable, and easy to carry around. Again, it’s a quality ladder made of aluminum material. Moreover, its multi-position capabilities make it fit to reach any height you wish. The cost ranges between $149 to $280.

Murphy Ladder Features 

The features of a ladder determine if it will serve your purpose. So, it is wise to be keen on them. Let’s explore the features of a murphy ladder.

  • Non-marring feet: Climbing a murphy ladder should never worry you due to the plastic-covered feet. With such, your ladder can’t slip off. Again, non-marring feet prevent scratching the floor. Scratches on the floor can never bring an appealing appearance.
  • 375 pounds load capacity: Check out this safe ladder that can hold up to 375 pounds. This weight limit guarantees you stability when climbing with other working tools. Indeed it’s a safe ladder.
  • Weighs 25 LBS with folding capability: A Murphy ladder is light enough to be carried around stairs or corners. So, working around your compound or construction site is made easy. Not forgetting its folding mechanism to a compact design for convenient storage. This makes it occupy the least space. 
  • Pinch-free design: The ladder is compact to enable folding during storing or transportation. When folding this tool, you will never hurt your fingers as the design is pinch-free.

Murphy ladder specifications

  • The weight capacity is 375 pounds
  • It comes with 8 rungs
  • Its maximum height is 14 feet
  • It is made of aluminum material
  • The ladder weighs 25 pounds

Advantages of Murphy Ladder

You will never regret purchasing a murphy ladder as it comes with many advantages. Besides, it’s an ideal tool for homes, construction sites, and other work areas.

  • Outstanding load capacity: When buying this ladder, you should not fret as it can hold 375 pounds. So, climb with courage without worrying about your weight. Still, you can climb with some working tool when painting or moving another ladder to the garage.
  • Multi-position ladder: Meet this 3-in-1 multi-position ladder that can be used in three versions. This is the best ladder for a construction project or if you are operating a factory. Indeed, it makes work easier, and the height is good for any work. You can adjust it into a step ladder to be self-supporting if you do not have something to lean against. You can have it as a straight ladder to reach higher heights like cleaning or changing a roof. Also, it’s an easy-to-use ladder. 
  • Easy to carry and occupies little space: Compared to other ladders, this is a reliable ladder with a compact design. You can opt for it if you have limited storage space. It folds from both sides for easy transportation and storage. 
  • No marring: With a murphy ladder, you are sure of protection against marring. This is what outshines this tool from other types of ladders. The ladder feet are covered with plastic which protects this ladder and remains in its quality for several years. No kind of scratches on the floor and prevents dents from damaging the ladder. Perform your indoor takes comfortably. 
  • Light in weight: You will never struggle when moving this ladder from one location to another. Its lightweight feature makes everything easy after use, as you can pick it to your garage. Don’t worry about setting it up and taking it down. You can take minutes to assemble and disassemble it.
  • Five years warranty and easy to set up: You should have a second thought when buying this ladder as the warranty goes for five years. You can return this tool for replacement if you are not satisfied. Moreover, the setup process is simple, and it’s also easy to take it down. So taking small tasks around your home should never be a worry with this ladder.

Disadvantages of Murphy Ladder

  • Every ladder got its disadvantages. Let’s check the downside of the murphy ladder.
  • The ladder can’t remain in a folded position for long when in an open place.
  • This ladder may not fit in the small backside of your car during transportation.

How Tall Does A Murphy Ladder Get?

When it is in a single ladder position, the height is at 9 feet to enable you to reach 12 feet. And when it’s serving as a stepladder, it’s 4.5 feet to reach 9.5 feet. This contributes to the common murphy ladder commercial use.

What Does A Murphy Ladder Weigh?

A murphy ladder weighs 25 lbs. you see; it’s light enough to enhance maneuverability.

What Is The Little Giant Ladder?

Little Giant is a celebrated kind of ladder known to be the safest, and strongest to offer a variety of functions. Also, it can be set in 24 positions to offer climbing solutions. Again, you can position it on a 90-degree ladder to reach places you want, making it one of the ladders types of positions ladder you can consider.

Little Giant Features

If you need a little giant ladder, check out the below features. This will help you gain information to see if it will fulfill your climbing needs.

  • Ratcheting levelers: These help you position the ladder despite the locations. You may be on even ground, like around slopes or stairs; this ladder can position itself perfectly for efficient working.
  • Presence of hinge lock and rapid lock: By using the hinge lock and rapid lock, you can adjust the ladder while fastening the joints. Check out the locks to configure this ladder into different positions. You can open it into a stepladder to have its own support. Again, moving the hinge locks, you can put it into a straight ladder. Due to this, you can use it to fix light bulbs, decorate your home, change gutters, and more.
  • 300 pounds load capacity: A ladder must be able to hold a certain weight. The little giant ladder can accommodate 300 pounds without shaking its stability. So, when climbing up, you should never be worried.
  • Multi-position ladder: Like a gorilla multi-position ladder, you can use this little giant as a straight ladder or stepladder or innovate it to have a scaffolding base for efficient usage on the stairs or slopes. But you must but the trestles. This is the right ladder as it has tip and glide wheels when it comes to mobility.

Little Giant Specifications

  • Weighs 44 lbs
  • Load capacity is 300 pounds
  • Storage height is 5′ 7″
  • Straight ladder height ranges from 11 to 22 feet
  • A-frame height ranges from 5 to 9 feet
  • 33 configuration positions
  • ANSI duty rating is type 1A
  • Made of aluminum

Advantages of Little Giant

  • Multi-position ladder: This little giant can be configured into several designs like other ladders. You can adjust it into a stepladder. This model provides a working height of 3′ 11″. Though it’s hard to get to the ladder level, this ladder mode is more stable as it’s self-supporting. 

Again, you can turn this little giant into straight ladder mode. This enables you to reach higher points. You can use the ratchet levelers to have a convenient level of surface. Finally, you can position it into a scaffolding mode. This is like having an additional bracket where you will be able to distinguish the inner and outer frames.

  • Easy maneuverability: Though it’s a heavy ladder that inconveniences mobility, this is the right ladder for outdoor use. Why? The current ones come with wheels for easy movements around hard and smooth surfaces. You do not have to lift it when working over short distances with this ladder. You only need to tilt it to any position you want.
  • Long lifespan: The ladder is unique and durable so that you can use it for many years. Again, it’s a reliable tool made of aluminum and can survive in some extreme working environments. This little giant multi-position aluminum ladder is more durable than murphy ladders.

Disadvantages of Little Giant

  • Weighs 44 pounds- you see, it’s a bit heavy for one to carry around.
  • Occupies a large space, and that is why it can be a hassle to transport it in a small vehicle.

How Tall Does A Little Giant Ladder Get?

This multi-position ladder can be adjusted into a stepladder, straight ladder, or turn it into scaffolding mode. So, when it is a stepladder, the height can be between 5 to9 feet. When it’s in straight mode, the height can reach 22 feet. 

How Much Does The Little Giant Ladder Cost?

There are many little giant ladders in the market. And so, the price will be determined by the material used to make the ladder. You can get a good one for 100 dollars. But if you need a quality and classy one, be ready to spend more. But it is always advisable to go for what you can afford.

What Type Of Ladder Is A Little Giant?

The little giant ladder is a multi-position ladder. Using the dual-pin hinge and locks, you can have a step ladder with a height of 3′ 11″. A step ladder supports itself, so; you’ll not worry about where to lean it.

Still, you can extend this ladder to have a long straight ladder to reach higher heights. Still, scaffolding is possible with a little giant ladder, but you must buy trestle brackets.


The ladder industry is growing, so you can get various ladders. From this article, you can note that murphy and little giant ladders possess great features. You can use any to reach a height you can’t when standing. And so, go through the features of each to know what fits you best. 

Whether you need a murphy ladder or a little giant, it is more satisfying to have a ladder that will fulfill your needs. For lightweight, you can go for a murphy ladder. When it comes to stability, a little giant will do you good. Make a good comparison of Murphy ladder vs Little Giant and you will make a sound decision!

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