The 5 Best Telescoping Ladders For RV

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While exploring scenic destinations, you will require a ladder for your RV. The tool will allow you to reach high spots, but you must pick one that suits all your situations.

That’s the basis for this Best Telescoping Ladder for RV guide. Here you will get a retractable that fits in any space in your RV. Our list of telescopic ladders for RV gives you the ideal tools to adjust the size technically and steps and maneuver around different heights in your various adventures.

This guide helps you to pick the ideal telescopic ladder, how the unit functions, and its safety in RVs and camping. We also have a section for other concerns that you may have regarding RV ladders. Stay here!

Our Top Pick Or Recommended Product 

Our top recommended product from out list is Handvoll Telescoping Ladders for Home 12.5ft Aluminum Extension Folding Ladder  

Besides an excellent price for this valuable ladder, Handvoll comes with a retracting mechanism that is simple to use, ferry, and store on your RV. The ladder is highly durable and made of a premium aluminum alloy material. After adventures, you can use the tool for other household climbing tasks. 

Top 5 Best Extension Telescoping Ladder For RV

1. Ohuhu Upgraded Aluminum Telescoping Extension Ladder  

Key features

  • 60% retraction
  • Collapsible
  • Carriage strap
  • 12.5 feet length
  • 250lbs workload
  • Air resistance
  • One button retraction
  • Non-slip end cap
  • Aluminum alloy material


  • High-quality RV ladder that comes with reinforced solidity.
  • Extra versatile.
  • The extendable design saves RV space.
  • No wobbles and bends.
  • Easy to use mechanisms.
  • Exceptional price for a quality ladder.
  • Lightweight.


  • With only a capacity of 250lbs, this ladder is not suitable for heavy-duty construction works that require mounting large loads.

Product Description

To kick off the list, we have this one-button retractable and extendable ladder by Ohuhu. The unit is aluminum silver and weighs about 11.5 kgs or 25.35316lbs. Its design passes the ANSI-ASC test and meets the USA national safety standards for portable ladders.

In addition to safety, this Ohuhu RV traveling ladder is easy to use and requires a single flip of a button to retract it to its casing. The mechanism slides the ladder into a full-size or compact position. Its retraction is 60%, which fits perfectly with its metallic casing tubes for easy carriage or storage in squeezy RV spaces. When not in use, use the carriage strap to hang the ladder on your RV hook, car trunk, or garage at home.

You will perform various tasks with this compact folding ladder. Thanks to its maximal versatility: aside from RV needs, you can use it at home to reach heights more than 12 ft or 3.8 meters.

So, whether you need a small lift or a high one, you have all that taken care of by this expandable ladder. You can climb your loft space, paint ceilings and walls, and even prune your fruit trees. It does not rust and will fit all situations, indoors or outdoors. 

2. Handvoll Aluminum Telescoping Ladders for Rv

Key Features

  • 12.5 ft length
  • 23.2lbs weight
  • ⅓ full-length retraction
  • Aluminum allows
  • 330.7lbs load capacity
  • Expandable
  • Collapsible
  • Non-slip cap end
  • Stabilizer bar


  • Retracting mechanism is simple to use and easy to ferry and store.
  • Incredible price that matches the ladder’s durability
  • High-quality Aluminum alloy material.
  • It comes with anti-slide feet to prevent falls.
  • Perfect design that space saves in RVs.
  • Extra versatile.
  • Lightweight.


  • Narrower rungs than standard ladders.

Product Description

Next is this highly-crafted telescoping ladder, whose load capacity is 300lbs. That’s a perfect scope for lifting a large load while on travels. The maximum stretch is 12.5 ft but will provide a full retraction of ⅓ of its height. This superior 6063 thick aluminum alloy comes with a manageable weight of 24.2lbs, so it will not add significant weight to your RV.

Climbing with this ladder is all confidence as it comes with a high load capacity of 330lbs. That’s equivalent to 150kgs. With four non-skid feet and a strengthening bar at the base, you have a safety ladder that fits all occasions.

If you are scared of pinching your fingers, no worries, as each step comes with two height locks that operate individually without hurting you. The grip is stable, plus you have tough locks on adjacent stairs to prevent friction.

It is an extendable ladder. Its 12.5 ft full size also retracts to 3.5 ft, which is a third of the ladder’s length. A 3.5 ft length can fit perfectly in a small space, under your sofa-bed, or any place in your RV. At its maximum height, you can conveniently reach your RV roof, tree tops, or even use the ladder at home for various chores. 

3. Bowoshen RV Extension Aluminum Telescoping Ladder

Key Features

  • 14.5 ft length
  • 330lb weight capacity
  • 3-ft retraction
  • Non-slip rubber cushion
  • Aluminum/rubber material
  • 26.5lbs weight
  • 15 steps
  • A-frame configuration


  • Lightweight but durable.
  • Retracting design that makes it easy to carry and store an RV.
  • The A-frame configuration gives the ladder stability even when accessing higher heights.
  • A versatile ladder for use in camping and home chores.
  • Best customer service department.


  • Top heavy and wobbly ladder.

Product Description

Are you looking for an extendable toolkit that folds to the minimum height? Get this game changer whose 330lbs capacity will hold you and your load effectively. It is longer than the previous two telescopic ladders we have covered above. The toolkit measures 14.5 ft and is a bit heavier, weighing 26.5lbs. However, compared with standard ladders, this is a lightweight and an ideal ladder for RV needs.

DIY RV ladder also can extend and retract to a maximum of 14.5ft and 3 ft, respectively. Adjusting its height is easy. Expanding requires you to start with the top most rung and extend each at a time. A snap confirms that the locks are precisely in place, and the rung increments are 11.8 inches. You can extend the ladder up to 15 steps.  

Retracting is equally easy as you will begin from the base. Unlock each step while taking care of your fingers not to get a pinch. Be careful as your fingers can slip between the rungs during retraction.

You have the safe and most compact aluminum telescopic extension ladder. Its two detachable hooks securely fix the steps in place. Plus, you have height-locking latches for secure fixing. The ladder has anti-slip rubber tips on the base to prevent sliding. All its safety features have safety approved by EN131.

4. ALPURLAD Lightweight Telescoping RV Ladder

Key Features

  • 12.5 feet length
  • 21 pounds weight
  • Aluminum plastic
  • Gift tool waist bag
  • Anti-slip pedal
  • Non-marking aluminum tube


  • Sturdy and stable telescoping ladder.
  • Easy to set up and use.
  • Retracts to a small size, thus saving on the already limited RV space.
  • Lightweight.
  • Four length options.
  • Arpad has excellent customer service.


  • The ladder packaging may not come with the advertised free belt.

Product Description

This ladder by Alpurlad offers you a premium quality RV toolkit with 12.5 feet and a third retraction capacity. Its thickness is 1.3mm and comes in non-marking aluminum tubing. Overall, the thickness ensures safety, stability, and long life.

The tube is also non-corrosive, thus ideal for all weathering. This ladder overlaps at 6.7″, each portion measuring 17cm high. Its overlap is 3.5cm taller than most telescoping ladders. The long overlap is an assurance of stability. 

These plastic sections come with high tenacity and heavy-duty nylon material that withstands extreme temperatures.

Another unique feature about the Alpurlad ladder is the nin-slip pedal that prevents sliding. All the steps have a non-skid surface so that your feet grip when climbing up and down the ladder.

Use the gift tool bag to conveniently carry nails, screws, tapes, rivers, etc., while doing your tasks. It’s easy to strap the piece on your waist as it is adjustable.

On the ladder, pedals have two locks with a one-key contraption mechanism. The design is long-lasting, offers safe climbing, and comes with a lifetime assurance. The featured icons on both sides of the pedal cannot wear out as they are laser-printed, thus permanent.

The most outstanding trait of this ladder is the expandable design up to 12.5 inches. If you want a lengthy one, you can get the 16.5 ft or the 18.5 feet Alpurlad. There is also a shorter option whose length is 10.5 ft, but the prices vary with ladder dimensions. Of course, all the Alpurlad ladders are the best for RVs because they fold up to a quarter of their full size.

This telescoping ladder will serve you efficiently if you need a versatile ladder for RV travels and other household tasks. Besides, carriage and storage for this ladder are easy. Its 21lbs weight will also not add many pounds or inconvenience in your RV or camping ground.

5. Oarlike 12.5 FT Lightweight Aluminum Extension Telescoping Ladder

Key Features

  • 22lbs weight
  • Aluminum material
  • 330lbs load capacity
  • extendable
  • 12.5ft length
  • Non-slip rubber pad


  • The rubber padding prevents slipping.
  • Lightweight.
  • Easy storage due to its foldable design.
  • Versatile.

Durable and stable.

  • Excellent ergonomics.


  • It may not bear a 330lb load capacity.

Product Description

 For any tasks, including RV and homestead chores, you need a sturdy, stable and adjustable ladder that can fit any position. Portability is also a factor while traveling. That’s what the Oarlike ladder is like; it works in all situations.  

It is a retracting ladder whose fill length is 12.5 ft. The same model offers you a more extended option whose length is 15.5 ft, so you can pick one to suit your RV and household needs.

It’s incredible how this ladder will collapse up to 2.8 feet, a tiny size that fits in a bag or on the bunk of your car. You can also stash it under a table in your Recreational Vehicle.

No worries that the toolkit will add significant weight to your RV. The little guy weighs only 10 kgs or 24lbs and comes with a handle to carry or hook it over. 

The lightweight doesn’t sacrifice stability and sturdiness. This ladder is safe to hold up to 330lbs. But be sure not to exceed the weight capacity. It attaches to the base firmly, thanks to its non-slip rubber pad. Oarlike double molded and extra wide feet give the ladder firm support for safe mounting.

In addition to stability and safety, this ladder comes with an intelligent locking design that springs in place to secure the ladder. It is user-friendly and requires easy individual steps to retract or extend it without pinching your fingers.

After your RV adventures, use the ladder to reach high roofs, walls, and trees and do other indoor and outdoor tasks. With the anodized coating, cleaning the ladder is a breeze and does not rust. 

Buyers Guide For RV Telescoping Ladder

Buying a telescopic ladder for your RV may not be as easy as many perceive. The reason is you do not have enough storage space. Your RV accommodates all the requirements for your safari, and a ladder may take the back position on your list, though it’s a great toolkit. The ladder in your garage is not ideal because of its size and possible unfordable mechanism. That said, you will need a size that fits in a small space yet aids you in reaching heights in your travels. What would you consider?


A size that fits your needs is all you need in a ladder. Not too lengthy, not too short. Telescoping ladders can be as long as 30 ft, but do you need that length in your RV? Indeed, that’s too long. The ideal length would be 10 to 18 ft; the top consideration will be extension and retraction. If the size is long but collapsible to 2-3fts, that’s a perfect pick. But you have to consider other factors.

Durability And Stability

These two factors come along closely. They describe a heavy-duty RV ladder that holds any participant’s weight and load. A stable ladder that is not durable and vice versa is not worth your money. Most RV ladders are durable and long-lasting and made of aluminum or alloy. The ideal ladder should have a rubber grip to prevent sliding on the surface for extra stability at the base.


When purchasing your RV ladder, you must consider the unit weight and the load capacity. The best ladder for your RV is not heavyweight, but that doesn’t mean flimsy units. It shouldn’t add a significant load to your vehicle. The ladder should be able to hold your weight and the load you may be carrying. The load capacities vary by model, so pick one lightweight with a higher weight capacity.  


Though most RV ladders are not commercial units, you may need them on your homestead to do tasks like painting, repairs, and many more. Buy a ladder that can retract or extend to different heights and help you do various chores.


It is not a must that you overspend on an RV ladder. Sometimes, the price doesn’t reflect quality. Some brands of telescopic ladders are pretty priced, durable, versatile, and stable. Pick wisely.

How Do You Mount A Ladder On An RV?

Adding a ladder to your RV allows you to load and easily organize your luggage in high storage compartments. Mounting the ladder will require extra keenness to avoid losing grip and accidents. Here are the steps that will ensure you fix your ladder firmly on your recreational vehicle;

You will require:

  • A hand drill
  • Hardware
  • Silicon
  • Screwdriver


  • Place the toolkit appropriately and mark the points on your ladder frame where you will drill the fixing holes. Mostly, your RV ladder will sit on the rear of your RV for convenience and safety. But you can adjust the position depending on your preference or the manufacturer’s directions.
  • Use the hand drill to poke two 1-inch-deep holes in the top part of your ladder frame. Ensure that the holes are where your ladder touches the edge.  
  • Apply the silicon under the mounting straps to firmly hold the ladder to the RV surface and seal the holes from air and moisture. The sealant protects your ladder from corrosion.
  • Fix the toolkit with screws/nuts through the coated mounting straps. Fasten the remaining screws/nuts and rub off the excess silicone sealant.
  • Leave the sealant to dry and firmly seal the RV surface and the ladder.
  • Affirm the ladder attaches firmly to your RV surface to avoid accidents.

Are RV Ladders Safe?

One of the worst accidents that happen to RVers is tripping off the vehicle loft. The reason is the failure to affix the toolkit firmly to the RV surface.

RV ladders are safe if you follow the installation process, which will take you a few minutes with the right tool. The ladders have unique rubber cushions that prevent slipping and are strong enough to hold specific weight capacities. So, when buying a ladder, ensure it has the proper load capability and sturdy material to affirm the claim.

Do RV Telescopic Ladders Have To Be Fully Extended?

Extending an RV telescopic ladder depends on the height that you want to reach. For example, if you clean the windows or the RV roof, you may need to extend your ladder to the appropriate height. A standard RV is about 13.6 ft high. That will require a ladder with an extendable capacity of up to 12.5 – 13 feet to attach perfectly to your RV. If the ladder is more extended, say 16 feet, you do not have to extend it fully.

Quick Question and Answer About RV Telescoping Ladder

Are Telescopic Ladders Safe For My RV?

Most telescoping ladders are made of aluminum because it’s lightweight and robust. The versatility and portability of telescoping ladders make them perfect for RVs with limited space and weight limits.

What is the ideal size for an RV ladder?

The dimensions of an RV ladder should not be significant to eat over your limited space. The length too should meet your needs like reaching the storage boxes and the roof. Mostly, you will get mini ones that are 10-ft long and larger ones that are 18 feet long.

The length matters minimally as long as it is the perfect ladder for RV access to the roof and other spaces; Collapsible enough to shrink to 2 to 4 ft long, and long enough to reach a standard RV’s 13.6 ft height.

Is There A Lightweight Ladder For RV?

Ideally, the best ladders for RV needs should be lightweight. Considering the amount of luggage your vehicle holds, the toolkit should fit perfectly without adding excess weight. A ladder that weighs below 25lbs is lightweight and perfect for your RV.


Having the best telescoping ladder for RV provides you with safe access to high places that you cannot reach while standing or on a step stool. The toolkit helps you to mount loads on storage boxes on your caravan vehicle.

Our guide has shared with you five ladders that can make your access to the roof a breeze. You will no longer worry about the safety of these tool sets because we took you through the installation process. Be sure to adhere to your manufacturer’s guide as each brand differs. Stay safe on your adventures.

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