What Is the Difference Between Type 1A And 1AA Ladders?

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Do you know you need to confirm the ladder grade (duty ratings) when purchasing a ladder? This gives you an idea of the weight your preferred ladder can accommodate. Of course, this it’s a must consideration apart from ladder type and material used.

The duty ratings usually comprise your weight, the weight of the tools you carry along, and clothing weight. There are five ladder grade categories, but here we are elaborating type 1A and type 1AA ladder. And so, what is the difference between 1A and 1AA ladder? Take your time to review this article with every detail concerning these two types of ladder grades.

Comparison Table of Type 1A vs. 1AA Ladders

Type 1A LaddersType 1AA Ladders
The load capacity of 300 poundsThe load capacity of 375 pounds
Ideal for heavy-duty tasksBest for extra heavy-duty tasks
Made of aluminumMade of thick aluminum material with extra bracing
OSHA certifiedOSHA certified
Long-lastingDurable with much strength

What Does Type 1A Ladder Mean?

Type 1A ladder means the ladder can be trusted for heavy-duty tasks. For sure, it’s a ladder you can use without worrying about your weight and what you are carrying along. These types of ladders can hold up to 300 pounds.

Type 1A ladders are solid and sturdy to accommodate this kind of weight. The materials to produce this type of ladder must be steel and aluminum. Steel is a heavy material used for bulky but very stable ladders. And due to this, these ladders are known to be incredibly durable and can comfortably maintain the 300 pounds workload.

Ladders come in different designs, but primarily little giant ladders are in the type 1A category. The reason is that little giant ladders are known to be strong and sturdy for all sorts of tasks. They are ladders you can consider for indoor and 0outdoor use. If you are looking for a versatile ladder for commercial use, then type 1A is the way to go.

But with this 1aa ladder rating, you can pick this ladder to be used in your construction site. Still, you can consider one for trimming your fence or doing other outdoor tasks within your home. This is a ladder you can climb without worries about the working equipment you are carrying long. It’s the best for heavy people who can’t use weak ladders.

What Does Type 1AA Ladder Mean?

Type 1AA means a ladder that is preserved for extra heavy duty. This industrial ladder can accommodate a load capacity of 375 lbs and more. It first landed in the market around 2001. Though type 1A is heavy, type 1AA beats all as it is made from strong and thicker aluminum with great bracing to achieve this load capacity of 375 lbs.

You know industries need a strong and stable ladder that can accommodate the heavy working tools and equipment. Without a doubt, type 1AA is an excellent ladder for industrial use. Other type 1AA ladders are made from steel- a strong and heavy material for heavy-duty ladders. With this ladder, your weight doesn’t matter as you can comfortably ascend and descend without shaking up the ladder’s stability.

But still, you can purchase a type 1aa ladder for home use if you are focusing on stability and durability. Sometimes you may need an outdoor ladder to trim the fence or when painting some parts of your house.

This is a place where the builders need to reach some tools. Still, scaffolding is standard in construction sites when painting to reach every corner of the building. The good thing with these types of ladders is the comfort it gives you when climbing and the guarantee of safety. Don’t forget to acquire one for your construction project.

According to the ladder rating charts, type 1AA tops due to its load capacity (375 lbs). It’s a pro ladder if your work is demanding an incredibly tough ladder. Again, it meets the OSHA requirements.

What Is The Difference Between Type 1A And 1AA Ladders?

Type 1A and type 1AA are different, but the good thing is they are all for heavy-duty tasks. And so, what is the difference between 1A and 1AA Ladder? Let’s first discuss the type 1AA ladder.  Type 1AA ladder tops as it comes with a load capacity of 375 lbs and even more. You can trust this ladder for industrial use. Still, you can buy it for your construction site. The reason is, that it’s for extra heavy-duty tasks.

Though not the best for home use, you can still go for this ladder if you love the heavy ones. Again, the type 1AA ladder is made from thick aluminum material with extra bracing to ensure stability when accommodating 375 lbs. Additionally; it’s a rigid ladder for your weight and anything you carry along.

More of this, the type 1AA ladder is durable with much strength. So, you can get a little giant ladder that is under type 1AA ladders.

On the other side, the type 1A ladder meets the OSHA 300 lb and has existed since 1972. It has a heavy-duty rating, which is why it can also be ideal for industrial use. Also, you can buy it for your construction project. Still, it’s a good ladder for home use if the DIY projects demand a heavy ladder.

These type 1A ladders are made from solid and heavy materials, which is why they can sustain this load capacity of 300 lbs. they are a great ladder that gives you maximum stability. Besides, they are long-lasting. Climbing this kind of ladder gives you a safety thought. Again, it’s an excellent ladder for home use when reaching the ceiling, changing light bulbs, and trimming the fence.

To sum up, this type of ladder OSHA has approved to be used in different industries, construction, and home.


There are several things that you must consider when buying a ladder. This is due to the many types of ladders. Apart from ladder type, size, and height, it is wise to consider the load ratings. In this article, we are discussing type 1A and type 1AA.

And if you are thinking, “what is the difference between type 1A and 1AA Ladder?” we hope this article has every detail you need. We have discussed each ladder while elaborating on the difference between type 1A and type 1AA.

They are both amazing ladders with heavy-duty ratings. Type 1A can hold up to 300 lb while type 1AA can accommodate 375 lbs. they are all great.

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