What Size Ladder For 3 Story House?

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Do you often need to involve working in elevated heights of your house or in your workplace? Well, then you must use a ladder to carry out those tasks.

However, it’s critical to choose the proper ladder for the work whether you’re painting, fixing light bulbs, or scaling roofs. It’s not just about height when choosing a ladder, it’s also about convenience, protection, longevity, and application.

So, the question may arise, what size ladder for 3 story house to choose from? And how might you get the most value from your ladder while ensuring convenience and safety?

To find the answer, let’s get through the article till the end to know in detail. Hence, let’s get started.

What Size Ladder For 3 Story House:

What Size Ladder For 3 Story House

It can be challenging to choose the correct ladder size for a three-story house. But all you have to do is, become familiar with the various sizes, forms, levels, and heights of ladders that are currently available on the market. Let’s learn in detail.

Height of the three-story house

The first factor to take into account is the building’s height. Every structure is diverse in height and size. Because some homes have lower ceilings, making the overall height of the building is reduced. Some homes have a wider area between the floor and the roof, resulting in substantially taller roofs and a shift in total length.

Because of the variances in requirements for residential, industrial, and commercial structures, different three-story buildings have different heights.

Nowadays, most residential buildings have 9-foot high rooms, while some structures may have 8-foot-tall rooms. When floor thickness is taken into consideration, which is normally 1 foot, forms each floor around 10 feet high.

So, the height of a three-story building is roughly 31 to 32 feet.

However, as most of the ladder size ranges between 2-40 feet high, so your desired ladder size will fall somewhere in the middle. The elevation and size of a two-story building are typically twenty to twenty-five feet.

Likewise, the altitude and size of a three-story house are predicted to be 30 to 35 feet. That means, your ladder has to be a minimum of 3 feet taller than the building’s height.

Types of ladder

You can find various types of ladders that fulfill different types of purposes. But not all the ladders can be used for the task of the 3-storied buildings. When you utilize a different sort of ladder, the height levels can vary as well.

For example, the stepladder is the most common and known ladder for any household. But its height ranges only between 4-20 feet long.

On the other hand, the straight ladders which are very convenient for roofing, or gutter cleaning range from 4-30 feet high. And known as a self-supporting ladder, the platform ladder is also a commonly used ladder. It’s used in landscaping, arranging displays, and installing hardware. Nonetheless, its height ranges only from 2 feet to 18 feet in length.

So, one thing that should be clarified right away is that no single ladder, step ladder, articulating ladder, or platform ladder can be used in terms of a 3 story house.

ANSI allows a maximum height of 30 feet for the single and articulating ladder, and 20 feet height for the platform and step ladder. As a result, the extension ladder comes in handy in this case which is also considered a 3 story ladder.

The length of its two-section ladder can be adjusted from 32 to 60 feet. Whereas, the length of its three-section ladder can be adjusted from 60 to 72 feet.

Size of ladder

As an extension ladder is ideal for a three-storied building, we should understand its height and how it’s measured. The formula for calculating the length of the ladder you’ll require is as follows:

Ladder height = maximum reach + reach/6 (rounded to the nearest whole number) +1

Here, the maximum reach represents the maximum height that you will need to work safely. Also, the second bit of the equation applies the 4:1 rule, with 75° as the slope angle.

However, while calculating the final height, you’ll have to consider the required overlap for extension ladders.

Let’s look at the chart given below to understand the overlap control for extension ladders.

Ladder size (feet)Overlap (feet)
Types I and IATypes II and III
32 and below33
Over 32 to 3644
Over 36 to 4855
Over 48 to 726

Therefore, for extension ladders coming with 45/40/36 feet height, the maximum required reach is 40/35/31 feet. On the other hand, for an extension trestle having a height of 18/20 feet, the maximum required reach is 34/38 feet.

Types of task

The size of your ladder will also be determined by the kind of work you’ll be doing. The tasks which involve the top of the floor for gutter cleaning, painting, or repairing a roof, will necessitate the use of a ladder that extends to the maximum height of the floor.

However, the operations like window cleaning, or bulb fitting will not need extended ladders. Because at this height, you will find required support with the ladders having a height of 3 feet or above.

Top 3 ladders for 3 story house

To ease your confusion, we have recommended the top 3 ladders available in the market for the 3 story house. Let’s learn about them briefly.

1. Werner D1540-2 Ladder

Made for extreme and large-scale usage, the Werner D1540-2 is a popular choice for professionals as well as for households. Built from sturdy aluminum material, this ladder is sure to run in the long way. So, it’s not only durable but also convenient. You can reliably and safely work with this one.



The ladder’s Shu-Lok feature enables the shoes to be positioned flat against the floor or in the spike configuration to grip onto the ground. As a result, regardless of what type of surface you use to work on, the ladder will remain stable and will not shake or collapse.


As the base and fly section of this ladder can be parted, it permits the sections to be employed independently.

Easy to use

The thick guiding bracket of the ladder completely encircles and engages the girth of the fly section’s side rail. Therefore, there is no risk of loosening or over-extending.

2. Louisville Ladder AE2240

The Louisville AE2240 ladder is built focusing on the safety of the user. Its heavy-duty steel shoes guarantee the stability of the ladder. Also, the ladder is kept in place by the highly grooved sole. So, maximum and convenient support can be expected from this ladder.

And the interlocking rails hold them in place and prevent them from becoming loose over time. Therefore, you can continue climbing without any worry of twisting.



The QuickLatch system of the ladder holds the fly and base section together. As a result, with only 1 finger in a single motion, the operator can lock the base and fly segments in the flexed position.


The ladder is rated for Type IA duty. This indicates that it is particularly heavy-duty and capable of carrying a total weight of 300 pounds.

Highly secured

The ladder is built to meet or surpass all ANSI, CSI, and OSHA requirements and safety criteria. And this makes it completely secure to use without the risk of breaking or incidents that may be blamed on the ladder’s poor quality.

3. Louisville Ladder FE3236

This Louisville ladder is a solid, long-lasting, and dependable partner for any type of job. It’s designed to provide not only comfort but also convenience to the user. Aside from the D-rungs’ optimum design for pleasant standing, the rungs’ serrated material offers enough traction to avoid sliding.

And this is one of the finest ladders to use, with safety regulations that surpass ANSI 14.4 and CSA grade 1 regulations.



This ladder is designed with a mar-resistant cover at the upper end of the rails. As a result, it doesn’t cause any damage if it’s placed against any wall or other structure.

Secured footing

The ladder’s D-shaped stairs are designed to ensure secure footing when utilizing the ladder. They give strong footing and do not exhaust your feet, allowing you to wear them for lengthy periods of time.

Reliable locking mechanism

This ladder introduces MaxLock with Quicklatch. It is known as the best industry standard. It allows the ladder to remain in its exact extended spot without any unnecessary movements. Therefore, there is no risk of any accidents.


Finally, we have learned many sizes and types of different ladders. Now you should understand which ladder is best suited for a 3 story building.

I hope you found your answer on what size ladder for a 3 story house is required.

Due to the sheer kind and height constraints, it’s tricky to find the right one as you won’t have many options. However, within those certain options, you’ll be confined by the need to follow safety precautions. As a result, making a wise decision may become more challenging.

Therefore, we have recommended the best ladders available in the market which you’ll surely love. Hopefully, this article will help you make the right decision.

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